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Here Below you can check out the feedback (for one of our units) of one of the 16.000 students that last year took an online course with ITTT!

This unit gives an overview how to successfully manage, control and maintain a discipline in the class. For example it urgent to know what kind of gestures to use not to scare the students or lose their interest. Same comes with the eye contact and voice. For example: there is no point of losing a temper or raising a voice as it might scare the students or make them feel uncomfortable which leads to the lack of interest of language. To have a control over a class it is very important to know the names of all the students so teacher would not pay only attention to the ones the names she knows. Everybody need to be participating. To manage class successfully it is urgent to know when to get the whole group attention, when to make them work in pairs or individually. For example: Whole group is suitable when teacher needs to have attention of the whole class (explaining some language rules); Pair work is suitable to increase the talk time of students, they can share ideas and thoughts; Individual work gives a teacher a better opportunity for individual attention. To have a control over a classroom it is important to make sure you have arranged the most effective seating- depending on the size of a class. For example with a smaller class it is more effective to seat them in a circle/ horseshoe which will allow students to be more focused on the class (they feel more participating). As a teacher it is important to know when it is the right time to sit down (usually when students are doing individual tasks like reading); when to stand back towards a class (perfect timing when they are doing individual task as otherwise students most likely don't pay any attention to you). Teacher Talking Time in the class should be minimized - as the more teachers talk the less students are interested in the class. Instead of wasting time on talking teacher should come up with creative solutions (like pictures, videos, music, games) to increase student talk time - in the end it is important for them to talk and practice English. While giving out instructions to the class it is essential to make sure everybody listens and understands (keep using the same words for the same instructions so everybody will understand, use lower level of english, use visual clues so everybody will know). Last and the most important: I learnt how to prevent and respond to problem behaviour: you have to be well prepared for the class. Never lose your temper as a teacher. You show the same respect for students you expect to receive from them. All the threats you make you have to be able to carry out. Keep your lessons interesting. When the problem behaviour happens: act right away by focusing on the problem not on the student. Remain calm. If needed change the classroom dynamic.