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Glenview Manor
Im most likely going to be teaching younger learners during the initial stages of my teaching career and to be honest I am rather terrified... the sheer amount of energy required to keep them entertai
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Goose Creek
In this course we are assisted with identifying some of the problem areas that an English teacher may come across in his/her career and possible solutions are being offered, obviously the unit is not
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This lesson deals with the seven different forms of the future tense. I hadn't really thought about how we regularly use the simple present and present continuous tenses to describe the future before
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Grand Rivers
In this unit I learnt about the activities I can do when I have a first class, and how to par students in order to tackle the many levels you can find in a classroom. Overall, in this training I revie
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This unit provided outlines of the various groups that might be inclined to learn English. The potential advantages and disadvantages of teaching individuals or groups, the best ways to present inform
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In this unit, I have learned about the conditionals of sentences using 'if' and 'when' with reference to past events. The conditionals I learnt about were: 1. Zero conditional 2. First conditional 3
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In this unit I learnt the different elements we can use in a class, specially for not depending on the textbooks all the time. There are plenty of interesting tools we can use for different activities
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Green Spring
This unit is about grammar:modals,phrasal verbs and passive voice.Modals can express many ideas including obligation,possibility and ability.It is important to uses ,present/future and past tense of t
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This unit is on conditionals and reported speech. Conditionals are sentences containing if, which refers to past, present, and future possibilities. I learned about the different parts of conditionals
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Conditionals and reported speech. Conditionals are sentences with 2 clauses, an “if” clause and a main clause, they are closely related. We can divide this sentences into different types. This Uni
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An important stage of teaching is the assessment of the language level of students. This unit provides us with information about different types of evaluating and testing students. From local which ar
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During this unit, I actually compared the similiarites and differences of TEFL and the 5E lesson, which I learned in college. Both of them are lesson plans, but the TEFL (ESL) is simple and easier to
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Unit 5 "Managing Classes" focuses on methods for organizing classes, maintaining discipline and establishing rapport with the students. I feel that the correct use of body language establishes rapport
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Going over this unit I learned that it’s important to adapt to the students that you are teaching. When teaching young children I find that the more fun you make it and the more encouragement you gi
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I think this unit is very important when teaching English Language Learners around the world. One of the biggest problems students have is parts of speech, sentence structure, and grammar rules. At ti
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This unit involves coming up with solutions for common problems that English teachers might face. In the first class its important for the teacher to make a good introduction which sets the tone for t
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These structures are a little bit difficult to explain to English learners, for me as a student was a bit hard to understand, but with a teacher that understands them correctly they can plan fun and
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Relevant to this unit, there was a significant deal of variety, in terms of the different types of class makeups that a teacher might be subjected to. I found that the information surrounding younger
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Unit 19 is about teaching special groups which are the beginners, teaching individual students teaching children, business english for specific purpose, the mono lingual and multi lingual class. I lea
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I think this unit was very interesting and a good topic to discuss. We don't usually analyze too much the coursebooks that we use in a class. For that it's important to have in mind all those points b
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This unit focused on four specific kinds of past tense systems. For the past simple form usually (-ed or d) is added. A irregular verb may also be changed for a past simple. For the past continues for
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Hebron Estates
Course materials are a necessity and course books are expected by many students. Starting out is an overview of created and authentic materials. In my opinion created materials are suitable for begi
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There are advantages and disadvantages to everything that a teacher does. Authentic materials are usually more motivating and engaging for the students; however, they will not be leveled for specific
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Heritage Creek
There are advantages and disadvantages to using different types of materials and books in the classroom. There are obvious advantages to using authentic or created materials as they are easily adaptab
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This unit defined the productive language skills of writing and speaking, the reasons that drive productive language (need or desire), and clearly defined fluency and accuracy. We learned when during
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Hickory Hill
There are various tools an ESL teacher can choose to work with. Some of them are more technologically advanced while other's are slowly diminishing due to these technological advancements. I learned t
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Highland Heights
I have learnt that it is important to introduce some warmers especially in the first lesson to break the ice (the engagement phase). Often times we need to let the students to build rapport and have s
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Hills and Dales
In this unit i learned about how to deal with certain problems that one might come across while teaching a class, which as a matter of fact has happened to me. Also i learned about the importance of f
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Rather than a teacher being a one-man army, the teacher can find help in teaching the students the language in the form of visual aids, dictionaries, and other equipment in the classroom. This unit he
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I learned more grammatical rules, how to use the intransitive verb and transitive verb how to use correctly the passive voice and the active voice. I learned phrasal verbs and the application in the s
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Some of the methods used in EFL include the grammar-translation method, audio-lingualism, PPP, task-based learning, just to name a few. Each teaching method has its advantages and disadvantages, and o
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Hollow Creek
Most of the time, the textbooks that the government gives to the schools is not well seen by many teacher of English. Some of the common excuses are that these books have not been graded for the level
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In this unit about lesson planning I learned that depending on the teacher there are different styles and approaches to creating lesson plans. Some teachers are of the school of thought that lesson pl
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This unit was on Modal Auxiliary Verbs, passive voice, relative clauses and phrasal verbs.It gave a chart on major (common) uses of modal verbs and example sentences put into different tenses.The unit
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Horse Cave
The choice of topic is very important because it would be counter-productive to teach a topic that the students are not interested in or consider a boring one. If students are interested in the topic,
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Houston Acres
In the second unit I've been exposed to the parts that make up speech in English and given rules and guidelines for identifying and categorizing them. I've revisited subjects I was hazy on like Gerund
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Hunters Hollow
It is important to introduce new vocabulary and grammar in a balanced and manageable way to students. An effective teacher will use different structures and activities that is suitable, appropriate an
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This unit covers the equipment and materials a teacher can use in the classroom in order to successfully deliver interesting and engaging lessons. It gives detailed information about the proper usage
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Hurstbourne Acres
This unit about troubleshooting provided insight in dealing with difficulties in different classroom scenarios. When I will approach a first lesson I have to establish if it is a new group or an exist
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The usage and patterns common to speaking or writing in the present tense were laid out, and students were given examples of how best to recognize and differentiate different forms of the present tens
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Unit 18 is about modal verbs, phrasal verbs and passive voice which are important part of English grammar. In this unit I have remembered basic rules of modal auxiliary verbs such as the way of using
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This chapter is called conditionals and reported speech. Conditionals are sentences containing if, or similar expressions such as when which refer to the past, present, and future possibilities. There
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Indian Hills
This unit is about future tense,which is one of the most comlpex areas in the English language.The most common 7 are as follows,i.e.The future simple,the future continous,the future perfect,the future
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When troubleshooting we as teachers must make the best out of sometimes challenging situations. It requires us to take a step back and look beyond the issue at hand and instead consider its source. Wi
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This unit covered coursebooks and lesson materials. There are two types of material, the first is authentic materials and the second is created material. Some examples of authentic materials are a new
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Unit 15 reviewed varies ways students english levels may be assessed and evaluated. A students language level can be assessed using tutorials, tests, and evaluations by the students. Some forms of tes
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Speaking and writing skills are extremely important in the mastery of English. I am once again very happy and interested to see the example ESA lesson and to learn from this example and start to think
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All the teachers can have a perfect time teaching students English with well written lesson plan. In advance a teacher should write a lesson plan, find some activities and worksheets that he/she can u
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I've been refreshed on the many parts of speech from sentence structure (subject, verb, object) to verb forms and the difference between prepositions and conjunctions. One thing I learned that I absol
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As a future teacher, I can imagine that classroom management is something that new teachers often struggle with. In a way, a classroom is like a test tube where you put in different elements, shake it
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