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Seneca Gardens
Unit 16 deals with conditional and reported speech. Conditional speech refers to sentences that include ïf" which refer to past, present or future possibilities and the unit deals with the five main
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The topic that actually stands out to me during this unit was the potential problems of Teaching Listening. The problems of Listening are: the flow of information, Speed of speech, and Accent. Mostly
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One of the most famous lines teachers would say to us growing up is, "can you? or may you?" when we would ask a question using "can." After this lesson, I now know the difference between the two words
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Unit 16. Conditionals and reported speech. Conditionals are sentences containing “if” which refer to past, present and future possibilities. There are two clauses, the “if” clause and the main
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There are multiple methods of expressing the future tense of a verb, and there are subtle shades of meaning in these different forms of future tense. I think it would be best to begin teaching student
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Unit 15 discussed various framework of how evaluating students level and their progress. Also the different testing institution where they could have get external examinations as well. This chapter pr
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Silver Grove
Teachers need to evaluate their students’ English to determine whether the students are making any progress in their learning. A teacher also needs to evaluate students at the beginning of a course
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This unit included information about bringing technology into the classroom such as CDs, DVDs, video cameras etc. They can be used for different purposes. For example, an OHP helps the instructor spen
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This was a very interesting comparative unit. I found it very useful to look at the the different examples of how the teacher effectively and ineffectively managed his class. I am growing increasingly
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I think it is good idea for a TEFL teacher to research and get to know the culture before going. For example, my first teaching job was in New Mexico. I taught math and religion to the Navajo tribe. D
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Unit 2 Parts of Speech, was a rather challenging unit to study. I had to devise new rehearsal methods to undertake the task of remembering this material. I have found that by creating audio recordings
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Smiths Grove
This unit goes through grammar in reference to modal verbs, phrasal verbs, and active versus passive voice. These are complicated topics for a non-native English speaker, so the suggestions that speak
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Coursebooks, authentic materials, and created materials can all be used in the classroom. It is up to the teacher to decide which materials to use while conveying information. Although coursebooks are
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Unit 19 is about teaching special groups such as beginners, business english groups, one-to-one lessons, juniors, multilingual and monolingual groups. From this unit I have learnt many things that wou
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South Carrollton
Course material plays a large role in capturing the attention, both short term and long term, of the students. I believe that in order to have a large success rate in the classroom a teacher should in
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South Park View
This chapter was full of a lot of useful information that is often missed in many teachings or lectures. I had never actually learned the phonemic symbols, which are vital to know in order to teach pr
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South Shore
There are varying levels of students that I will be teaching English to. Based upon their levels and knowledge of English, the lessons can be catered to the students' specific needs. In terms of teach
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In this unit I learned that effective classroom management involves using your own style of teaching through finding your own style. An effective teacher can be flexible, relaxed, and friendly while m
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I have learnt about the different types of present tenses. The types that I have covered are: present simple, present continuous, present perfect and present perfect continuous. For each of these I ha
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Spring Mill
This unit is a short but important one,talking about teaching receptive skills.It includes reading skill and listening skill.First of all ,the course talks about why we read.People read for fun or for
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Spring Valley
This unit is about teaching new language,diving into three parts,i.e. vocabulary,grammar and functions.If grammar is considered the branch of a tree,vocabulary and functions are the leaves to make it
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this unit is about future tenses and how to categorise their structures and different uses. There is also an overview about the tenses and how to implement teaching methods within class. The Tenses ar
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St. Charles
This unit is about teaching special groups,including teaching beginners ,teaching individual students,teaching business English ,teaching kids and teaching monoligual and the multilingual class.It is
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St. Mary
No one can take away the value of proper pronunciation, stress and intonation as these tools allow a person to speak, along with fluency and accuracy, as a native english speaker would. I, before read
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St. Matthews
This unit reflects upon the various ways of evaluation and testing as there are a number of methods to assess a student's language, though the method of evaluation should be decided carefully accordin
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St. Regis Park
In this unit i learned about the modal verbs, which was more of a review, but also a refresher because i had forgotten all about some of them. This was a very helpful unit, it refreshed my memory on t
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Stamping Ground
The unit is comprehensive on items that can be used as teaching aids, some are easily available while other are not, some can be acquired by the teacher while others can only be acquired by the school
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It’s important to know about all the equipment and teaching aids that are available to you in the classroom so that you can use them effectively when teaching your students and prepare them well in
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Placement testing is essential at the beginning in order to properly place the student in appropriate class. As a teacher, I think that regular progress tests could be useful to keep track of the stud
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Strathmoor Manor
The past tense looks simple but it is one of the most complicated tenses to used or understand due to its wide range of usage. Before now I couldn’t differentiate between the past perfect continuous
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Strathmoor Village
This unit is about teaching pronunciation and phonology. Phonology is the study ,analysis,science and classification of the physical properties of sounds.It's hard yet basic for them.We can use visua
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There are different types of beginner students, and the methods used to teach them can very depending on the group. When teaching beginners it is important to give clear and simple instructions. It is
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Unit 12 reviews how to teach students the productive skills- writing and speaking. First strategies for teaching accuracy and fluency are discussed. For example debates can be used for fluency based a
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Taylor Mill
This was without a doubt the most difficult section so far. Some of these test questions lack some context that makes them hard to know if you are answering correctly. Having said that, there is som
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I learned in this unit that there are many methodologies that a teacher can employ in teaching english to students. Perhaps the most common is direct comparison and translation from the students' nati
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Ten Broeck
Interesting unit! Again,I find the assessment to be a bit confusion but I think I am starting to get in the groove of what type of questions are asked. I loved the Nuclear Room activity and think olde
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The knowledge of the usage of course book and lesson material are as important as teaching the subject, if not more important. The unit did well in educating on how well to appropriately use those mat
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In this unit we are looking at ways of evaluating the students' progress as well as common exam types and how to prepare the students for said exams. Giving consistent feedback throughout a course is
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In this unit we take a look at the various special groups that English teachers may find themselves teaching at some point in their careers. Those groups include: beginners, individual students, young
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In my experience, the reported speech and the conditionals represent the Achille's heel to some students, because of the changes of tenses that they imply. That's why I think it is absolutely necessar
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What I have learned from this unit is that we must be careful choosing tenses to make conditional clauses. It must be decided if the situation is present past or future. It is also important to decide
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This lesson was very effective in giving a clearer picture of exactly what it looks like to teach in a foreign classroom abroad. Furthermore, the fact that there were two videos gave a clear contrast
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As a brief reflection for this unit, I found that it comprehensively provided many of the various types of equipment that have been effectively used in a classroom to improve overall teaching effectiv
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This unit was helpful is showing the breakdown of different roles of a teacher. It is not only about knowing the content and standing in front of a room teaching. To be a good teacher a knowledge base
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This unit offers a direct reflection on the importance of class preparation, according to the class's context. As such, it was helpful to be able to see how certain solutions could come about from con
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Villa Hills
The unit deals first with sentences or statements of conditions, in these sentences or statements a certain condition has to be met before a certain thing is achieved; Conditional statements/sentences
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Vine Grove
There are many options for aiding learning in the classroom. Capturing your students' attention and delivering context are great ways to help student learning. Working with whiteboards effectively w
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Wallins Creek
This unit is about theories, methods and techniques. Among all the methodologies, this course mainly talks about Engage-study-activate(ESA).There could be many forms the ESA in actual teaching, we hav
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Its important for a teacher to be aware of the different styles and roles that they must shift between to communicate lessons effectively to students. I think the teacher needs to constantly be assess
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This unit reflects information about different books and materials, that can be used during the class and of course for class preparation. I learned the difference between authentic and created materi
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