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Theories methods techniques Nowadays everyone wants to speak English well. Even people don’t live in an English speaking environment they really want to learn English and practice in realistic situ
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Douglass Hills
This unit helps to understand the various methods and techniques to teach a successful class. It also tells us about the importance of the roles played during class, as in some situations students can
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In this unit “Teaching special groups” we have looked at the specialized groups. Firstly we have analyzed how to teach beginners: 1. The absolute beginner 2. The false beginner 3. The adult beginn
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When teaching a class, there will most likely be times when problems arise. Knowing how to deal with them efficiently will be a big part in gaining the students' trust. I actually have personally witn
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Druid Hills
Teachers are bound to have students with difficulties in one or more areas. How we start with a group of beginners, or deal with the possibility of students who start at, or learn at different speeds
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Dry Ridge
Unit 20 deals with Troubleshooting and highlights common problem situations that teachers can encounter in the classroom. It also provides ways of dealing with these situations effectively by providin
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This unit covered the teaching of classes with coursebooks. We touched on everything from the considerations made when choosing a book (such as price or methodology in use) to the way in which the boo
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There is an important part of the course about the methods and meaning of teaching new language (vocabulary, grammar and functions). There are some examples of using typical ESA methods for different
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Wow! I truly had no idea how much material is online for the ESL instructor. I have been following the field for some time now, and it seems there has been an explosion of material available for the E
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Unit 16 discussed the 5 main conditionals zero, first , second , third and mixed conditionals. Furthermore, the unit provided teaching ideas for teaching conditionals to students such as making split
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This Unit has two sections, looking at conditional sentences and also at direct and indirect speech. I found understanding conditionals slightly tricky and I can imagine that I would have to take car
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I learnt about the different methodologies a teacher can use in the classroom. I learnt about Engage, Study and Activate method. Engage involves getting the students to thin and talk in English as muc
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The unit explains which evaluation and tests need to be taken at what stage of the course. It is very important to understand these and how to implement them so that you fully understand the needs of
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Elkhorn City
As a teacher you need to adapt and try different activities when dealing with students at varying levels.It is important to build a rapport with them in order to set the tone especially with a new gro
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Using balance authentic materials and created materials are both needed on teaching and making all them durable would be much better to use next time. course books are useful but not not the informati
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It's interesting to see how newer technologies are making their way into the EFL classroom such as using cd players, videos/video cameras, interactive whiteboards, access to the internet in order to d
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There are many different aids that can be used in the classroom in order to make class more interesting. The board is great for writing, drawing, displaying posters/notes, and using as a projection su
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This Unit has a look at the basic grammar involved with structuring sentences. Identifying, classifying and understanding the different parts of speech and their functions is the first step to underst
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Our task as teachers is to make the lesson interesting and entertaining. Today, we have a lot of opportunities to do so. This unit tells us about teaching equipment and aids, which are an integral par
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I think it might a good idea to incorporate both authentic and created materials along with a coursebook into the class syllabus. A teacher could take the best parts of the coursebook and supplement t
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This unit has helped me to understand the important information that needs to be included in a lesson plan for a class. The order of a lesson is important to ensure that students are learning in a way
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This unit was very effective at dissecting the different parts of speech and really explaining how each part comes together to effectively form a sentence. After completing the unit, I feel I have a m
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This unit is about the books and materials teachers can use to supplement their teaching to the students. It talks about the benefits of course materials like books, and the disadvantages. The lesson
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I think coursebooks have their place in the esl classroom because they can cater to the syllabus and provide levels of progression as well as offer the student a reference if they need it. However tea
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Again getting students motivated to learn a new language relies heavily on the ESL teachers ability to properly deliver an interesting ESA class. One way to accomplish this is to make the class releva
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Unit 8 Future Tenses covers the seven most common future tenses in the English language. The most frequently used are the 'Be going + Infinitive' and the 'Present Continuous'. The 'Be going + Infiniti
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This unit has treasured information about modals and their use. They can be such problem for learners since they have minimum two meanings each but when an instructor makes them clear as given in this
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In this unit I learned there are some similarities between past and present tense. The four forms of past tense are past simple, past continuous, past perfect, and past perfect continuous. The differe
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In this unit I learned about teaching different kinds of special groups such as business English learners, beginner students, individual students, and teaching children. Teaching beginners can have so
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In this unit I learnt to organize elements of grammar that have so far been familiar to me through the natural flow of speech. This categorization will be useful in teaching non-native speakers who ar
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If I was a student in one of these videos. I hope I am in the 2nd lesson. The three reasons why I want to be in the 2nd lesson are: good rapport due to the teacher's attitude, he takes his time to tea
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Forest Hills
This is the last unit ,talking about troubleshooting.The first problem situation is the first lesson,it is vital for the teacher to establish the rapport instead of starting teaching right away.Second
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Fort Mitchell
Unit 15 deals with Evaluation and Testing. The importance and appropriateness of testing is dealt with and examples of various tests are provided. In addition, external tests are discussed with the de
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Fort Thomas
This units enlightens on the importance of writing a lesson plan as well as what is required in a proper lesson plan. I also gives us an idea on what to include in our lesson plans in terms of the app
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Fort Wright
This unit is about past tense.Four tenses,including past tense,past continous,past perfect and past perfect continous is dicussed.Once you get the hang of present tense,it's easy to grasp past tense t
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Fountain Run
This lesson was about some of the most difficult topics in the english grammar. In my personal experience, conditional and reported speech are two of the topics that students hate the most! All other
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Fox Chase
I find that the modal auxiliary verbs section is the most useful in the whole chapter as this is one of the simplest (to the native), essential, yet so many English language learners have a hard time
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In this unit the subject is course books and materials which some teachers are quite fond of while others may despise them. Some course books may be high quality and useful to some teachers, but it sh
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In this unit I saw the importance of defining the people who will attend to the class. This is revelant because the English needs to be adapted to the different groups that we can encounter in each cl
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I learn that progress tests should be used periodically to gauge what language has been remembered or acquired and what language has been forgotten,There tests are useful to let teachers and students
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It is important to evaluate the needs of your students as well as the level of their English speaking abilities before beginning to teach. It is also important to get to know what your students are lo
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In this unit I leaned about Conditionals and Reported Speach: Zero condition, First condition, Second condition, Third condition and mixed condition along with their forms and usages and Typical erro
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in this unit, I learnt about coursebooks and lesson materials. Coursebooks and lesson materials both have advantages and disadvantages. coursebooks and lesson materials complement each other. we shoul
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This unit covers the most common problems the teacher can experience in the classroom and tips on how to deal with them. Common problems and issues include establishing rapport with new students, work
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This unit is dedicated to the discussion of various teaching aids that can be of assistance to teachers such as whiteboards, overhead projectors, visual aids, worksheets and workcards, course books, r
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This unit is about evaluating your students and the different kinds of tests and exams and what they are designed for. It has been a useful teaching tool to have a look at a breakdown of what these di
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This lesson was two videos of a teacher giving the same lesson. In the first video, he did a bad job of pretty much everything, was unorganized, hard to understand, and didn't thoroughly explain the
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The tense system can be a difficult system to explain to students due to the students' native language possibly only having one tense or up to three tenses in the case of slavic languages. In this uni
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Unit 8 discussed future tenses and their sentence structures. It reviewed the future simple, future continues, future perfect, future perfect continues, present simple, present continue, and Be going+
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Glenview Hills
This unit gives a detailed description of equipment which may or may not be used in a EFL classroom. It also explains the best methods of using each piece of equipment so that the teacher and students
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