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With this next module returning to the tenses, I am starting to recognise patterns emerging that are similar to the present tense forms. Again I feel the focus on being able to recognise, differentiat
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The five main conditionals are zero, first, second, third, and mixed. Students often find it difficult to understand the subtle difference between the first and second conditionals. A work sheet invol
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Junction City
Wow! I can see how this would be a difficult concept for non-native English speakers...it was difficult for me! Again, the assessment asks some confusing questions...the format of this assessment shou
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Unit 15 is about evaluating and testing students that is essential for language learners to examine their knowledge. I have known some types of tests which I have also passed during my bachelor and I
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In this Unit, the four present tenses are Discussed, analysed and demonstrated. They are the Present Simple, the Present continuous, the present perfect and the present perfect continuous. Each tense
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Kenton Vale
It's the first unit, talking about teachers and learners. To start with ,I think knowing the roles of teacher is really important. A teacher is not only a manager, but also an organizer, an assessor,
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This unit focused on teaching methods, techniques, and theories. First, it provided information and examples of teaching methods used by teachers. For example, the grammar-translation method requires
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Unit 15 we went through Evaluation and testing. We can evaluate students with: Tutorials and tests which fall in different categories: Placement test, Progress tests, Diagnosis tests, Practice tests.
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Lesson One was everything I expected it to be and more. Right off the bat, the reader is given a template of what characteristics a good teacher should exemplify. The lesson then makes it clear th
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Equipment and teaching aids. This unit has provided a lot of useful information for teachers. Many different teaching equipment and aids can be used to make lessons more effective because they can bec
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La Grange
The use of the technology in the classroom can be beneficial for the students and it gives them a sense of inclusion of what nowadays is in a constant debate. As teacher, we cannot turn a blind eye t
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Unit 15 first focused on authentic and created materials in a classroom. An example of an authentic material is a newspaper that a native speaker might read. An example of a created material is a gap
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Conditionals are sentences containing "if," and they refer to past, present, and future possible situations. Zero conditional = if/when + present tense, present tense When you put food in the refrige
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Lakeside Park
There are really a ton of teaching materials made available out there. Often for hardware, we have to invest a certain amount of money but for the teaching materials are often free of charge in you do
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Lakeview Heights
This unit clear shows the difference between a well organized lesson and something hurriedly put together. The results can be seen in the execution of the lesson. In the first lesson it was unlikely t
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This unit helped me to review some grammar contents that we do not usually teach deeply. In the case of the phrasal verbs. I think it's the topic that is more difficult to explain and teach due to man
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Langdon Place
Having in mind the clear use of the modal verbs can be useful when explaining the contents of a lessons, such as teaching the differences and similarities between the many verbs. Granting them certain
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There are several theories/methods of teaching to language learners. The end goal of each method is to transmit an understanding of the language, along with the ability to use it effectively. The "ESA
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Unit 20, the final unit, was on problems teachers might encounter when beginning a new class.It told us that at the beginning of a new class, we should build a rapport with our students,find out about
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In grammar, future tenses rules are easy to apply. Also the future is one of the most complex grammar part for students in English learning process. The simple future tense is used to talk about an ev
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Lebanon Junction
Modal auxiliary verbs can control the formality and meaning of the main verb. They control the power exercised by the speaker as well. They also reveal different levels of knowledge and questioning. D
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Unit 3 Theories, Methods and Techniques as taught me quite a bit about properly using class time as well as a couple other notable ideas. The Engage, Study, Activate model of how the class should be o
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The verb tenses of English can be separated into 12 different tenses, present simple, present continuous, present perfect, and present perfect continuous being the four aspects of the present verb ten
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Every class is group of individuals who have different levels of understanding, inherent language skills, and natural confidence. Some students will naturally learn quicker than others. When a class i
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This unit focused on the idea of classroom management, and how different environmental and teaching factors should be arranged in the class. The unit was about organizing and managing classroom arrang
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It is the last unit about grammar in this course. The final chord is a lesson about modal, phrasal verbs and passive voice. Information in this lesson is given in a simple way of observation . For ex
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The evaluation and assessments are tools which help to measure the strengths and weaknesses of students. There are three ways to asses the student's language level: evaluation by the students, tutoria
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This unit focusing on teaching equipment and aids that can be used to make lessons more interesting. There are some types of equipment that can be seen in regular classrooms including the board, inter
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This unit looked at the different tests teachers can use to check their students level of English; at the beginning of the course and during the course. It also looked at the external tests that stud
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Unit 17 is about teaching equipments and aids which are used at every modern school to make lessons more interesting and effective. I have known many types of equipments that teachers can use in class
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We can go back to the ESA teaching format to convey vocabulary, grammar, and language functions. When teaching vocabulary we can engage in our students by showing pictures, giving contrasting examples
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Receptive language skills (reading and listening) are important because without them a person would not be able to receive information about the world in which they are operating. A teacher should sel
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This Unit was challenging and while I appreciate the importance of being able to use stresses to convey meaning and emotion in sentences and conversations, I think that altered pronunciation from an a
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This units is about grammar-parts of speech. The unit shows how words are categorized and how we can put words together to form sentences. I learned that there are certain rules when it comes to some
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There are many different ways to pair the class while doing work. These consist of: whole-class grouping, individual work, pair-work, and group work. Whole class grouping creates a sense of purpose wi
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The unit covered different forms of past tenses. The past tenses that were covered are; past simple, past continuous, past perfect and past perfect continuous. I have learnt how to distinguish between
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Past perfect is the "past of the past," and when used properly can be an effective way of laying out the sequence of past events. Past continuous refers to an action that began and was completed in th
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This unit helped to define the relationship between conditionals and reported speech, while providing the form and usage for each of the conditionals shown. I found that this unit helped me significan
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Unit 13 reviewed teaching pronunciation and phonology. Since it is the most neglected part of teaching English this lesson was rather difficult for me especially understanding phonetic script was like
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This unit is named Modals and Passive Voice. It explains modal auxiliary verbs that express the speaker's feelings or attitude. Nine true auxiliary verbs in the English language are the words will, sh
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There are some types of classes in teaching special groups include; teaching beginners, teaching individual students, teaching children, and teaching business English or English for Special Purposes (
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Teaching facilities are very important to aid teachers’ explanation and enhance students’ understanding and subsequently their performance. This teaching equipment are not readily available in mos
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Manor Creek
When it comes to pronunciation and phonology I can understand why a teacher would find it hard to teach because there are not may exact rules that can tell how it should always sound. Plus for natural
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This unit has taught me more about the importance of teaching the different skills involved with the receptive skills of reading and listening. I had known about the skimming and detailed reading of t
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In this unit we take a look at modal auxiliary verbs, the passive voice, phrasal verbs, and relative clauses. The unit covers the form and usage of these grammar points while providing teaching ideas
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Maryhill Estates
This unit is about present tense.It talks about present simple,present continous,present perfect and present perfect continous.When we teach or learn tenses,four aspects should be covered,i.e.form,usa
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This unit covers the various equipment used in the classroom and other teaching aids that may help a teacher in the creation of lesson plans or in conducting lessons. From the traditional black/white
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This unit is about evaluating students through different methods such as tests, tutorials, and self-evaluation. There are different types of tests a teacher can employ, according to circumstance: plac
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This unit has helped me identify what makes a good learner and good teacher. I now know the difference between adult and young learners and what motivates students to learn English. I understand the d
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This unit deals with the receptive skills of reading and listening. Both skills are equally important in learning a new language. For both reading and listening there are two main reasons for doing so
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