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This unit gave a good overview of the different study groups a teacher can encounter. It's important that teachers understand they different types of learners they have infront of them from beginners
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Meadow Vale
The unit helps me with information required to first determine the level of a student upon enrollment, his/her progress and to prepare such a student for a final external assessment if required, this
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Meadowbrook Farm
This Unit was pretty huge and difficult. It goes through some of the most difficult topics that an english learner have to face to have a great knowledge of this language. Modal verbs's usage is somet
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Meadowview Estates
There are many different ways to evaluate your students. Tutorials are important at the end of a lesson to review what has been done that day with the entire class. Evaluation by students is also vita
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During the whole lesson, I was thinking how would I put my vocabulary lesson plan together. I would use the Straight Arrow ESA structure. In the Engage stage, I will use the Pictures of animals that t
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This unit discusses pronunciation and intonation in the English language, including the rise and fall of a voice during a spoken sentence, what words and syllables to stress or not stress within a se
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Choosing study material is more complex than it looks like. There are many factor to consider when selecting the lesson material and course books such as price, availability, methodology, difficulty,
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Unit 17, Equipment and teaching aids. This Unit was very useful as it shows us the different tools we can find in a classroom, how we can use them to make the best out of them. As teachers we might no
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There are many differing opinions about the best or most effective teaching methods. This unit provided an interesting exposure to some of these methods and ultimately focussed on the ESA methodology.
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The modal verbs include can, must, may, might, will, would, should. They are used with other verbs to express ability, obligation, possibility, and so on. A phrasal verb is a phrase that indicates an
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This unit provides an overall look at the different roles a teacher will play in the classroom and why they are important. Personally this is what captures my attention most as I am learning to be a t
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Mockingbird Valley
Modals can convey different meanings depending on the words used for example should or may. Both are ways of saying if you should complete an action but depending on the context one may be preferred
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Introducing new vocabulary to students in the engage phase could be done in a fun and creative way. Each new word is a new "tool" that the student can use later on for communication. The same applies
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Unit 20 is troubleshooting. I learned the advantage of teaching existing group that they are easy to manage because because they are already comfortable with each other. I learned also that effective
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I totally agreed with that the Future Tense is the hardest verb tense to learn. I have two reasons that influences to think this way. They are: 1. The Future tense has present tense wrap around it. 2.
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Unit 14 is on use of coursebooks and materials.It gave the pros and cons of using coursebooks and benefits of using created materials. Using coursebooks are a good base for lessons but creating your
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The attitude that a teacher brings into a class is probably the single most important element of a successful teaching period. It's important to "read your audience" and be sensitive to whether or not
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Having a look at how a teacher uses course books, what are their advantages and how you go about creating material to supplement the course book is ver useful. It is also always extremely helpful to e
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Mortons Gap
As a teacher, one should be clear of the age group and personalities of students in order to be able to observe their needs. This will allow appropriate communication and understanding when interactin
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Mount Olivet
Following teaching receptive skills,this unit talks about teaching productive skills,which are used for communication.Production skills include :speaking and writing .Even though each skill is of the
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Mount Vernon
I have learnt that it is crucial to monitor the stages in the students' learning, with ideas from the ESA- Engage, Study, and Activate. There are three major types of ESA types, namely the Straight Ar
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Mount Washington
Evaluations and examinations play a large and, atleast in my mind, feared role im the the education system as they in essence rank students from the strongest to the weakest and as such can cause sham
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Mt. Sterling
One of the tasking issue in Language generally and English in particular is pronunciation. Though important, it has always been neglected by many studying the language as second language, especially s
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I learn that establishing between the student in the case of a new group and also between teachers and class aslo findout about students help teachers to prepare for future lessons and in each new tea
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Unit 16 deals with Conditional and Reported speech.These are important structures for students because their learning will show a better use and managment of englsih, and this is our ultimate goal , t
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I totally understand that teachers are really important people for students. It doesn't matter how old are the students. In my opinion, one of the most important characteristic of good teachers is th
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Murray Hill
This units gives a brief understanding on how a class should he managed it talks about specific kind of behavior towards the students during the lesson. This unit gives a guideline for a teacher to fo
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In this unit we learn about how our choice of course materials affect the learning process. As teachers we should use our judgement to provide materials that are varied, up to date and level appropria
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New Castle
Teaching business English can be an intimidating experience at first because the students are probably from a professional background and have high social status. In situation like this, we should mai
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New Haven
The coursebook seems like an excellent material to use but it seems there is a strong temptation to become overly dependent on it. That being said, I've learned through this unit that there must be a
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Pronunciation is a topic that is often neglected in the TEFL. Even some native speakers may have difficulty picking up on the subtleties of of this subject. Then, there are regional differences that c
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It's a wonderful and terrifying thing to come to the end of the grammar modules in this course. I fully agree with doing further study and reading to increase this knowledge in the future. this unit i
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Norbourne Estates
Pronunciation and phonology are the most challenging teaching topics for me. After reading this unit I get overall knowledge about various kind of accents and how to stress syllables. I also know that
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North Middletown
There are many ways to measure students' knowledge and progress in a foreign language. Honestly, I have never been a fan of tests, but they are useful at the beginning of the year or when you really w
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This unit is the most challenging so far. There are many terms to remember and it quite hard to differentiate. I need longer time to process all of the information and practice it myself. However, In
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There are four basic skills: reading, listening, speaking and writing. Reading and listening are called “receptive skills”. The students passively receive and process the information through these
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In this unit, I have learned about modals, passive voice and phrasal verbs. First is Modals. The 'modals' are can, could, would, should, shall, will, need, have to, need not, have got to and ought to.
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Oak Grove
This unit is process of understanding the relationship and individuality of students and teachers. It is of certainty that if the teacher is vibrant and highly motivated, the class being taught will r
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I learn that diffent teaching aids can be used to make lessons more interesting effective and less diffent schoola have different resources available to teacherss such as white/black board found in th
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Old Brownsboro Place
As a teacher it is important to be able to assess student's levels in all four areas. Among many reasons, in order to make sure students in groups are at similar levels and that the content being used
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Unit thirteen covered the phonetic alphabet in detail and broke down the system so it could be best understood. Its uses were discussed, and features of speech such as stress and intonation were touch
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Olive Hill
Testing is useful for a variety of reasons. Placement tests are an efficient way to put the right students in the correct class. Diagnostic tests can allow the teacher to know strengths and weakness
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Orchard Grass Hills
In this unit i learned the importance of being prepared for teaching any age, from children to adults. this can vary, but teachers must adapt themselves to their students needs, without giving too muc
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i think phonology is something not very welcomed by the students to study or by the teachers to teach be cause, as we all know it is not that easy to understand or to teach . But for some of them incl
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Unit 19 reviewed different types of classes and what strategies for teaching them them. The unit discussed teaching beginners, individual students, children, business english, and monolingual or multi
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The future tenses can get a little complicated. There are 7 main tenses that TEFL uses: 1)The future simple = I will go to school tomorrow. 2)The future continuous = I will be going to school at 7 A.
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This unit covered auxiliary verbs and how they are used. The chart provided a very clear description of each very and can be useful in a classroom setting. Active versus passive voice was also outlin
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I learnt about various future tenses which are: 1. The future simple 2. The future continuous 3. The future perfect 4. The future perfect continuous 5. Going to future 6. The present simple 7. The
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Productive skills (writing and speaking). Learners doing these skills to produce language. When students have already learnt and practiced receptive skills (listening and reading), they can continue t
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This unit is about troubleshooting common problem situations. Some example of common problem situations are first lesson, large classes, reluctant student and difficulties with listening texts. From t
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