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Some of the methods used in EFL include the grammar-translation method, audio-lingualism, PPP, task-based learning, just to name a few. Each teaching method has its advantages and disadvantages, and often are used with learners of different age groups. One thing that remains true for all methods, however, is that EFL classes should have a certain amount of input from the teacher, and as much exposure to English as possible. At the same time, classes should be encouraging students to discover for themselves the rules of English, while maintaining a low level of stress and anxiety. ESA, or the Engage, Study, and Activate Method of learning, is a method that allows students to first be integrated in classroom activities, then presents a concept, and lastly allows students to practice the ideas learned in class. This method can be formed in many different stages, such as the straight arrow method which uses ESA steps in order, and the Boomerang method that starts with Elicitation, uses a form of activation, then goes on to Studying and another stage of Activation. The concepts regarding ESA also have different advantages and disadvantages according to their arrangement, but all three steps should be present for a balanced learning.