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There are four main special groups one may eventually teach: individuals, children, beginners, and business people. Each, with the exception of the child learner, will need to begin by taking a skill level test and needs analysis. Individuals will have more personalized lessons to their needs but they will still need to have their lessons balanced by the teacher with what they want and what the teacher knows they need. The biggest problems (workload, location, and personal schedule) should be discussed and worked out at the beginning. Make sure to exchange phone numbers as cancellation is common. Homework is important and we should balance the lesson with it to keep them thinking in English and providing a challenge imbetween lessons. There are many different levels of beginners, so balancing the different levels will be essential. Pair the weaker students with the stronger ones so that each can help the other. The stronger student will be less likely to get bored and the weaker will get less stressed and self-conscious by their peer than they would by the teacher. Regardless, have clear and realistic aims for each lesson. Don't rush through your lesson and be sure to have lots of visuals in your explanation and presentation, while having plenty of choral repetition and group and pair work. Ask lots of questions and encourage only the use of English in the classroom. The business student will be tricky as they will not only be varied in skill, but also, most likely, tired from the work day, less motivated than most other student groups we may teach, and the dynamic may contain people from different hierarchal positions in the company. Each of these must be taken into consideration when preparing a lesson. Children are a unique case in the teaching experience. Where most classes require a slower pace with a delicate amount of attention from the teacher, children require constant stimulus to remain focused and require constant validation and acknowledgement. We must keep the lessons and classroom environment fun by brightening up the room and being animated and not taking ourselves too seriously (though we must maintain control in the beginning and gradually loosen up) and never play favorites or threaten. We must be consistent in everything, especially attendance. Each group will have special needs. It is our job to assess these needs and meet them accordingly, while making sure to balance each lesson with the fundamentals required to become a proficient English user.