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When starting out in a new class, the most important thing is to start building rapport with students. If it is a new class for the students too, then some games where they can establish rapport with each other too is very helpful. It's also important to find out what the students' goals are in the class and then find out where their language levels are. This can be done with a questionnaire, a pass the ball game, or a needs analysis. Warmers are useful activities for teachers because they get students ready and more open to learning English on those days when they are tired or uninterested. Some examples are hangman, pictionary, and memory games. When students are at different language levels, there are a few different approaches to teaching. You can use different materials for the stronger and weaker students, use the same material but assign different tasks depending on abilities, do nothing, or pair strong and weak students. In the "do nothing" option, the idea is that the knowledge gap between students shouldn't grow anymore. However, the stronger students may get bored and the weaker students may give up altogether. The pair work option usually works really well, as long as the stronger student doesn't end up doing all of the work. Large classes can be hard to control. Here are some tips for dealing with large classes of students: - use worksheets - group work - always speak clearly and concisely - choral repetition - assign group leaders to hand out and collect work amongst students - use the different classroom dynamics to your advantage. It can make for a fun class There may be issues with students speaking in their native language. It is usually to help each other, but still should not be encouraged. Here are some tips: - Make sure the activities are understandable and at an appropriate level for students - Make sure explanations are clear to everyone in the class - Encourage English whenever appropriate - Only respond to students speaking English so as not to create laziness - Remind the students constantly to speak English