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This is how our TEFL graduates feel they have gained from their course, and how they plan to put into action what they learned:

T.S. - South Africa said:
This course has truly been a very interesting and educational learning experience for me. I have gained invaluable knowledge that I know is going to help me become an excellent teacher. This course is made up of so many vital components, that it is particularly difficult to pinpoint the ones that have influenced me the most. However, I can say the issue of continually motivating students has really made me think long and hard about different ways and activities I can do this in the classroom. I realize how extremely important it is to keep my students motivated and engaged in my lessons at all times, and I know this is no easy feat. It is up to me to use the skills and knowledge I have gained from the course, to put this into action. Encouragement and praise is a key point in ensuring my students see the benefit of studying english as a foreign language. I plan to use all the knowledge I have gained in various ways. I want to create a classroom environment that is warm and welcoming to my students while creating a relationship of respect between myself and my students. I want them to see me as a role model- someone they can learn from, and someone they feel comfortable and confidant to communicate with. It is essential to me that my students see the benefit in studying english as a foreign language, and they continually look forward to their lessons. I am thrilled at the prospect of being able to use the knowledge I have gained from doing this course in order to educate others.