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This is how our TEFL graduates feel they have gained from their course, and how they plan to put into action what they learned:

A.O. - Canada said:
I have learned a lot of material throughout this course in regards to what needs to be taught in an english lesson. This includes vocabulary and a lot of different grammar techniques. However, What I really appreciated was learning about class management, such as how to handle difficult students. I was interested in how to motivate the class. I realized how important an engage phase is. I feel like after taking this course it brought me back to memories when I was in the classroom and had that feeling of anxiety. This includes feelings where you are not quite sure who everyone is and if you are capable of completing the material or homework given by your teacher. I also enjoyed watching the video that displayed the two teaching scenarios. It really painted an image in my mind of what the class would look like and the type of material there is to work with. It also displays how the students are really affected by the personality and the enthusiasm that the teacher can show. I would definitely put what I learned about introductions and warmer games into action when I begin to teach. I figure a class cannot learn material to their full potential without feeling comfortable around their classmates and teacher. Another thing I have gained from this course is the fact that every student is different. When you are planning a lesson it is important to realize that each student learns material in a different way. Some students are more visual, some are more audio oriented. I would apply all of this new information into creating the most effective lesson plans possible. I would also anticipate any concerns or problems that may arise throughout the class before I begin a lesson. This way you can be prepared for anything and not waste time creating new material in the middle of it.