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M.S. - Spain said:
MOTIVATIONIn this moment, there are hundreds of millions of students studying a foreign language all over the world. Without doubt, in all the countries of the world, from kindergarten to higher school, these students are receiving daily english, spanish, chinese, french or other language lessons. A naïve observer could think that in 2022 all of these students will be able to speak fluently a foreign language. However, most of the people, arguing a realistic foresight think that most of the students of the world are losing their time when they are receiving language lessons. The reason of this thought is easy to prove, above all in public schools. A high percentage of students have no any interest of foreign languages, because they have no plans or dreams to go abroad or to enter in communication with foreigners consistently. They don´t have a desire to learn a foreign language because there is not a purpose to face this no sense. As language teachers, what can we do to make sense our job? In this essay, I want to remark three different aspects about motivation in language teaching, and offer very simple suggestions to encourage our students to learn english: a) All motivation is internal. b) Motivation is the purpose to reach a goal. C) The goal is getting pass our comfort zone. At the end, I will write my own conclusions. ALL MOTIVATION IS INTERNAL. The motivation that drives a student to learn english comes from within the individual´s interior. Motivation is the result of a choice facing the possibilities that life offers to each one. That choice is where most people´s motivation stems from. Every possibility, every choice contains pains and gains. When a student makes the choice to study english, is because he/she thinks there are more gains than pains in this decision. The problem arrives when they have to study english just because english is part of the curriculum. One way to motivate the students to learn english is to show them the satisfactions and experiences related with the use of english. Personal stories can be narrated as samples. A good teacher can help to maintain and increase motivation, remembering and enlightening the gains of this personal choice. “ english is an open door for many gains”. MOTIVATION IS THE PURPOSE TO REACH A GOAL. Motivation is the desire to do things. It´s the difference between waking up very early in the summer to go to english classes and lazing around the computer games all day. Students who are successful in learning english and speaking fluently have had clear and high “goals”. The most powerful goals doesn´t come from “I want have…”, but “I want be…” When it comes to motivation, knowing is not as important as doing and living. Once again we, teachers, can encourage our students to clarify their goal settings and enjoy the adventure to reach them. We could develop the ability to awaken what is most challenger in the hearts of our students. THE GOAL IS GETTING PASS OUR COMFORT ZONE. The most common problem with motivating ourselves to commit to do new projects is the fear of change. All the people, including our students, tend to get comfortable with how things are and stop looking for ways to challenge themselves. And they could become complacent with their lives and the things that seem to impact it. As language teachers, we can encourage our students to have rich experiences, do great things and to steer their lives in any direction that they dare. We can take advantage of some topics to show them what valuable is an individual without borders (language is a border). CONCLUSIONS. 1. In many schools, english learning lack of interest. 2. To learn a foreign language, students have to be motivated is a special way. 3. english teachers can awake inner student´s motivation 4. Some students need the teacher´s help to open up their own expectations. 5. Good english teachers, master english, master teaching methods and learning techniques, and are motivation experts.