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R. V. - U.S.A. said:
Why complete a TEFL courseWhile everyone has a different reason as to why they are taking a TEFL course, everyone can agree that there are countless benefits in completing one. I have a strong belief that understanding one another can only be accomplished by engulfing oneself into anothers culture. That being said, I have always dreamed of living in another country and found teaching english as a great way to earn an income, simultaneously. To accomplish this goal, I sought out to earn a tefl certification. While this reason was my own, others will always have their own reason to be TEFL certified. The chance to go to another country, their love for teaching, learning another culture, the list goes on and on, and I assure you never-ending. Thus, the question, Why complete a TEFL course? can be answered with many different variations. However, after completing the course, I have found that many of my initial reasons have changed. I have found that completing a TEFL course has provided a strong foundation of english grammar and properly prepared me for the challenges a teacher faces. As a native english born speaker, speaking english comes natural; so one would think. I have been studying english all my life and practice it every day for 25 years what can I possibly learn from an english course? Then I got the learning material and opened it up to find present tense, past tense, future tense, modal, phrasal verbs, parts of speech, etc. I thought to myself, What is all this. The foundation of english grammar is something we use everyday yet we lack a strong understanding as to how and why we use it. The basics of a native language, in my case english, may have never been taught and just expected to just know. TEFL course taught me the foundation of english. While I will always be learning new information, I feel very comfortable with sharing and teaching this information to new learners. Without TEFL, I would have been facing many difficult and embarrassing challenges ahead of me. I was very impressed that TEFL did not just focus on english but, also, the challenges a TEFL teacher would face. From managing a classroom to ESA lesson planning, TEFL course covered it and more. From past experiences shared by other teachers overseas, I have found motivating students and classroom activities were paramount in making their classroom successful. Lesson 10s video focused on how both motivating and classroom activities play a key role in the success and failure of the example teacher. TEFL used the video giving great insight and keys to overcome many challenges that a teacher would face. Quite frankly, without the requirement that teachers must be TEFL certified, I would have never taken the course. Quite frankly I am extremely happy it became a requirement. These schools entrust you to teach their students a new language. Students put their faith into you as an english expert. Would it be fair to schools and teachers to go there completely unprepared? Absolutely not! Completing a TEFL course lays the foundation of english that is expected of you and as for first year foreign language teachers; you get a profound understanding of the expectations that lay ahead of you.