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D.B. – U.S.A. said:
There was a massive amount of information in this course. It really got me thinking about things I had not even considered. Great ideas to utilize and guidelines as to how to sift through and categorize things. The ways to overcome potential hurdles are going to really come in handy. There was a time in my life when I really wanted to be a teacher. Then reality happens and the path you take shifts far from what you thought you would be doing. I never thought that, at my age, my youthful goal of teaching would eventuate. All my life people have told me that I should have been a teacher. My sister-in-law is chinese. She moved to America and she kept telling me that I should consider teaching english in china. She still says that I am the only one who can explain things so that she can understand them. Needless to say, over the last few years I have had to bone up on a lot of grammar to be able to explain it to her in a way she would understand. Most of it I had not seen since grammar school myself. Choosing the course option of having a teacher was a good move in my opinion. He was positive in his advice and was there for any questions I might have. And he was an occasional gentle kick when I needed it to stay on task. This course has given me a sense of security in my abilities and a rode map for when I start to get lost that will keep me on the right track. It has bolstered my confidence and lifted my anticipation level while alleviating much of my nervousness about taking on this new life challenge.

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