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M.P. - Japan said:
Why complete a TEFL courseBeing a native speaker of the english Language and a University graduate has granted me many opportunities. One such opportunity was to teach english in japan as an Assistant Language teacher. I came to Japan three years ago. As expected I found cultural differences some of which I have grown to appreciate and others I am still trying to tolerate. I also expected that I would be the best teacher as I am a fun and energetic young man from Jamaica but I was surprised to find that these traits were not enough to make achieve my goals. I needed to lean how to teach, what materials to use for my students at varying levels and most importantly I had to relearn the english Language. My time in Japan has taught me that being a native speaker never guaranteed that I knew how to teach my mother tongue or how to explain its rules and exceptions. There were several instances that I have felt exposed, as I could answer my students questions. It is this feeling of guilt and exposure that I am sure many young native speakers experience, that convince me that everyone teacher should complete a TEFL course. If not, how else are teachers expected to know how to explain the many nuances of the english Language? How else would the native speaker be prepared to face a monolingual class of hyperactive teenagers that sees the studying of english as difficult, troublesome and ultimately useless? These uses of the TEFL give credence to the fact that a couple hundred of dollars on this course is money well spent. It is an investment with huge profit margins.