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S.C. - U.S.A. said:
Establishing Rapport As a student myself, I find that no matter how interesting a subject may be, the teacher can make or break how well a student learns the material. A large part of being an effective teacher is establishing good rapport with students. Connecting to students on a personal level, and making each student feel as though they are equally appreciated may be an extremely challenging task for the teacher, although it is also one of the most important. Overall, establishing good rapport with the students will make for a more comfortable, successful, and enjoyable class and many techniques can be used to accomplish this. One way teachers can establish good rapport is by making a comfortable seating arrangement conducive to the type of learning environment the students are in. For example, if students are not getting along with each other, they should be moved to a new seating arrangement. This will help to avoid many things, such as confrontations that may disrupt the entire class. Also, the students who need to be moved will most likely benefit, and be able to concentrate much better themselves. There are also more positive circumstances under which seating arrangements should be changed. For example, moving students around will allow them to get a chance to know everyone in the class. This way, they can also establish good rapport with each other, and become familiar with each other at least at a basic level. Student-student interactions are an important part of making the setting comfortable and dynamic, but there are also many things the teacher can personally project to the students in order to create a comfortable environment. For example, the teacher should always try to have a positive attitude. Having a positive attitude will make the students feel welcome and comfortable in their learning environment. Also, there are many physical qualities that a teacher can project in order to make each student feel like they are an important part of the class. For example, keeping eye contact with the students can be very good for this. This will help to ensure that each student feels like they are included in the lesson being taught, and that the teacher has a personal interest in them. This is also a good way teachers can make sure students are participating, and to see if students may be struggling with concepts. Finally, although the teacher is the authority in the classroom, comments from students should be made welcome. Knowing strong points and weal points from your students is a good way to improve on qualities that will ultimately make a better learning environment. Establishing good rapport may be one of the most important qualities a teacher can have, and there are many ways a teacher can do this. With this, a teacher can make sure seating arrangements are the most conducive to effective and dynamic learning by keeping the learning scene different and interesting. Furthermore, the more the students know each other and feel confortable with each other, the better the learning environment will be. Also, personal attributes of the teacher, such as having a positive attitude, and making all students feel included can be extremely powerful for creating a good learning environment. Finally, accepting constructive criticism from the class about the teacher will help to improve on any qualities that may need improvement. Having all of these qualities is the means to an effective learning environment, and overall, and fulfilling career as an english teacher.