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It was most useful to remind myself of the different rules that help students better understand the placement of certain parts of speech and how to explain them in a simple way e.g. order of adjective
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Course books are available in different qualities and sometimes the CDs that come with it are not of good English pronunciation. That's why many of Chinese English teachers teach it wrong. It's good f
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The number one thing I have taken away from this unit is how complex English grammar really is. Even though I am a native English speaker, it took me significant time and concentration to fully unders
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This unit discussed on the course materials which can be divided to authentic and inauthentic. Authentic materials are real subjects from life such as TV guide, newspapers, magazines, songs, poems, b
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This unit covered teaching productive skills, those being speaking and writing. This unit also covered controlled activities and guided activities, as well as creative communication. It discussed how
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American Fork
The first unit gave me the overview of some real – life qualities and roles of the “good” teacher and students. Moreover, there was an explanation of the behavioral difference between adults and
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Brief Overview of Unit 6 The unit teaches the four past tenses namely:- - The past simple tense. - The past continuous tense. - The past perfect tense. - The past perfect continuous tense. The unit ex
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This unit has allowed me to understand the role of a teachers and students in a classroom. A teacher should be kind and patient, have a passion for teaching, he or she should be lively and entertainin
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Apple Valley
In this unit we learned about the receptive skills of reading and listening and how best to teach them to students learning a new language. We read and listen for a number of different reasons includi
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Learning about different methodologies has been helpful and has highlighted how adaptable teaching has to be in order to cater to different kinds of learning and learners. It also interesting to refle
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This unit was a tough one for me as I have never been too good with Grammar, but it was one that helped me deepen my knowledge greatly. I made sure to take many notes on this one. I learned about noun
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Bear River City
In this unit, the teacher’s attitude to the students and the students’ attitude towards the teacher of the first video made an impact on how well the students were learning modal auxiliary verbs.
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In Unit 9 I learned the following: *Important functions - An aid to planning, A working document, A record *How a lesson should be written down - There is no formal way as each teacher has their own s
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I learned the following regarding Unit 2: *Nouns and their usage *Plurals *Countable Nouns such a car, an egg *Uncountable Nouns - Music, Advice Adjectives - are used to describe nouns such as people
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Big Water
From this lesson I recognized the importance of carefully selecting coursebooks and lesson materials that will cater to the learning needs of students. As a trained Guidance Counsellor, I would always
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In Unit 7 I learned about the following: Vocabulary, Grammar and functions *Teaching Vocabulary - Important at early stages - Students usually understand more than their working knowledge. *Selecting
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Watching these two videos I was able to see how much the teacher's attitude effects the students. In lesson one, he was rude, wasn't giving clear instructions, and seemed unorganized. Whereas in the s
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Lesson planning is important not just for organizations of the lessons but to keep track for previous classes and give teachers a framework to stick to, Especially new teachers, who many not be experi
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I've learnt that there are actually many roles as teacher that I should be able to act in classes. Teachers should not be just teaching but encouraging students, being a good mode,l tutoring and so on
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Brian Head
This units two main parts were reported speech and conditionals. For me, conditionals are a lot easier to understand but I was not aware of how the tense changes whether the conditional is more or les
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Brigham City
In this...Unit 7. I have learned the 4 things a Student needs to learn a new Language:1 To be exposed to it, 2 To understand it's meaning, 3 Understand how it is constructed & 4 Be able to practise &
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Bryce Canyon City
In this unit, I learned writing is the most neglected skill in the education setting. As it may take students time to come up with a complete sentence. Students may orally produce a completed sentence
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Unit 4 introduces the Tense system and teaches the four present tenses:- -Present simple. -Present continuous. -Present perfect. -Present perfect continuous. The unit elaborates on the structures an
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Castle Dale
In this...Unit 9. I have learned a lot about Lesson Planning. The 3 Important Functions of a Lesson Plan are 1. Aid in the Planning of the class, 2. It's a Working Document that is meant to help plan
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Castle Valley
In this unit we learned about some of the different ways to assess students' levels and progress. Different kinds of tests were covered including diagnostic, placement, progress, practice, and externa
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Cedar City
In this unit we learned about selecting and using course books and we learned about the various kinds of materials that might be used to supplement or replace parts (or all) of the same. A discussion
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Cedar Fort
In this unit I learned a lot about the different methodologies used in teaching english. First I was introduced to the different teaching theories and their pros and cons. later I was introduced to th
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Cedar Hills
In this...Unit 16. I have learned about Conditionals (Sentences that contain if or when that refer to Past, Present, or Future Possibilities) & Reported Speech. There are 5 Main Conditionals which are
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The tense system in the English language can be quite difficult for a student of English because of the amount of forms that exist. For past tense, similar to present tense, there are four forms; simp
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I have been teaching English for several years and have found that verb tense is the most difficult thing for students to grasp, even native English speakers. This lesson breaks down present tense ve
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Central Valley
This unit describes the Present tenses (Simple, Continuous, Perfect and Perfect Continuous). Also, the tenses descriptions supported by forms, usages, typical students’ errors and teaching ideas for
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The questions were hard to answer even after watching the videos. The task sheet did not seem to be as helpful with this unit as in the past. The one thing I noticed mostly was the attitude of the tea
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This unit utilized two videos to compare the two class sessions on the teaching strategies and the resulted learning outcomes. First session was about 25 minutes long and the second about 42 minutes.
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Every student is different just as ever teacher is different. Personalities, backgrounds, cultures and educational accomplishments will effect our approach in teaching each student. This unit has in
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I love this lesson! I have used the IPA for many years and have also taught all of the areas that make reading and speaking understandable to English speaking students who are having difficulties. I
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The tense system in the English language can be quite difficult for a student of English because of the amount of conjugations that exist. For present tense there are four conjugations; simple, contin
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I am definitely not a fan of the backwards or negative style questions that makes up most of this unit quiz. I believe that this type of test writing is just a way to trap students into answering inco
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This unit has taught me the various roles that both teachers and learners fall into in a classroom environment. This is important to know as there is a time and place for each role throughout every d
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This video lesson was a great demonstration of how NOT to teach English! I found the first video extremely cringeworthy, but also appreciated it for showing so blatantly the issues that will arise if
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This Unit gave insight into lesson planning by first explaining the three key functions for why it is necessary (an aid to planning, a working document, a record) then going into the details of the pr
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It's fascinating how I've been able to apply these grammar rules without any conscious effort simply for being a native speaker. Without being aware of important elements pertaining to grammar in gen
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Cottonwood Heights
In this ... Unit 18. I have learned about Modals, Phrasal Verbs & Passive Voice. The many Modals used to express different ideas are: Obligation, Possibility/Probability, Permission/Prohibition, Abili
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The phrasal verbs are the most difficult for me to categorize. I use them properly, but labeling the sentences is and always has been difficult for me. I need to refer to my resource materials often w
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Brief Overview of Unit 14 Unit 14 covers the topics of Course books and Lesson Material.It looks at the advantages and disadvantages of course books, and the best ways of choosing and using course boo
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Successful classroom management can be achieved via numerous methods and arrangements. Class size, age, nationality, and space available all contribute to how a class should be managed. Harmonious app
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The first lesson was extremely painful to watch. As a native English speaker I was confused as to what the teacher was trying to accomplish at first, and I could not understand him in his speaking. I
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This unit gave me an overview of the different types of assessments that teachers and language schools can use to evaluate students. Although fairly straightforward, it still gave me valuable informat
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Eagle Mountain
In this unit we looked at teaching equipment and teaching aids. There is a broad range of equipment that may be available for use in the classroom including interactive white boards, computers, and ov
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East Carbon
In this unit we covered the different forms of past tenses. Along with each of the different forms we learned the specific usages and common student errors. We also covered irregular past verbs. irreg
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Elk Ridge
In this unit we covered teaching new language or, specifically, how to teach new vocabulary, grammar, and functions. Particular attention was given to how to choose new vocabulary to teach. Then the u
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