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New Harmony
In this...Unit 15. I have learned the many different ways to Evaluate & Test Students. The 3 ways to assess Students Language Level is with 1 Tutorials, 2 Evaluation by the Student & of course 3 TESTS
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This unit talked about the evaluation and the tests in the field of English teaching and learning. There are different ways to assess students’ progress and overall language proficiency. Generally,
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I have learned about teaching methodologies, mistake and feedback. There are many different teaching methodologies that can be used in the teaching periods, it depends on the level of knowledge, age
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North Logan
This unit focused on lesson planning. It explained why a lesson plan is important and discussed the various elements it should contain. Sample lesson plans, blank sheets for one's own use, and sample
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North Ogden
In this...Unit 4. I have learned about the Present Tenses. The 4 different aspects of the Present Tenses being Present Simple, Present Continuous or Progressive, Present Perfect & Present Perfect Cont
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North Salt Lake
Although most schools have already chosen the text book or course book the students will be using, it is necessary for the teacher to adjust the lesson and either omit, replace, supplement or adapt th
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Oak City
This unit focused on teaching productive skills, specifically speaking and writing. It stressed the difference between accuracy and fluency and explained that both are important but each has its own p
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This unit focuses on the do's and don'ts of applying the engage, study and activate stages of teaching in the classroom setting. Following the examples taught in the second video will yield more posit
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In my opinion the classroom setting can help in the way students level of interacting. In a class with young students they need some physical activities. For example: when we talk about transportation
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In Unit I I learned the following: * The Future Simple - Usages - Future Fact and Certainties, Promises, Predictions, Assumptions, Spontaneous Decisions - Teaching ideas - Going on Holiday, Predictin
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Sometimes the activities in the study portion of ESA seem like they could be interchanged a bit. Unfortunately, trying to decide which thing to do first, second, and third appears to follow the patte
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This unit covered Teaching Productive Skills. The two productive skills are speaking and writing and they are further broken down by accuracy and fluency. Both of these factors are equally important
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Overview of Unit 17 The unit looks at resources namely, 'Teaching equipment' and 'Teaching aids', that can be used by teachers, to produce more effective,efficient and interesting lessons in the class
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In this unit I have learned about the Engage Study Activate method and the advantages of using this technique. I also found it very interesting to learn about the many different teaching methodologies
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Prounoinciation is a difficult part of teaching English because the sounds that us native speakers make are not always easy for students of English to replicate or deduce from the spelling. In fact, s
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I have used every one of these tests in my teaching career. I have given diagnostic exams at the beginning of the year to determine what my students know and what they don't know so that I can plan my
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Park City
In this unit we studied some of the most common theories of teaching and learning a foreign language, with special emphasis given to ESA (Engage - Study - Activate) which is the preferred method of th
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I found the metaphor of the tree's anatomy to portray the balance of language-learning very incisive. The trunk represents grammar, but the vocabulary and functions are where you'll find the leaves a
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In unit 6 I learned the following: *Past Simple - Usages - It is used for actions completed at a definite time in the pass. 1. For a past action when the time is given. 2. When the time is asked abou
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Brief Overview of Unit 13 Unit 13 looks at Pronunciation and Phonology. The unit looks at the definition of phonology and concentrates on the areas of stress, intonation and rhythm. It outlays techni
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Plain City
In this unit, I learned teaching business English is about the content of English, rather than teaching different English structure related to business. This could mean producing a well-written email
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Pleasant Grove
In this unit we were able to watch two videos of lessons delivered in two very different ways by the same teacher on the same topic with the same student body. The first lesson was an agony to watch.
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Pleasant View
This lesson was very detailed. However, I could have grasped the essence of the lesson. This lesson has allowed me to realize that teaching pronunciation takes a lot of consideration as the rules pert
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Using a balance of course books and teacher created learning materials is an important aspect of lesson preparation and carrying out a lesson. As with other aspects of lesson management, it's importan
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Brief Overview of Unit 9 Unit 9 focuses on the subject of lesson planning. The unit teaches the reasons why teachers need to plan their lessons, how to structure a lesson plan and what information sho
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This unit was one of the more difficult ones thus far as it covered the many facets of future tense in detail. The forms explained were: Future Simple, Future Perfect, Future Continuous, and Future P
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I've learnt how words are categorized and that helped me to understand the functions of each parts of speech. When I was in elementary school, there was a class to parts of speech in Japanese and I fe
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In my experience as a teacher I find that students often still have problems with writing their new vocab words. By doing a game called memory I let them first look for the word that goes with the fla
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The future tense can be rather complex to some people so it's essential to be clear and intelligible when explaining it to students. This Unit offers the information necessary to make that a possibil
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There are various type of English classes for students of all ages and backgrounds. The teaching strategies for young children will be different than for adults. While children may be less motivated a
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This 8th unit, The Future Tenses, describes the diverse ways we can express actions taking place at a certain point in the future, as well as when and how to use them accurately. The tenses described
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This unit talked on the lesson planning. It discussed the several aspects of the lesson planning and a lesson plan including the pros and cons of having a lesson plan, what should be put down to the l
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River Heights
In this...Unit 6. I have learned about the 4 Past Tenses: Past Simple, Past Continuous, Past Perfect, Past Perfect Continuous. Their forms +,-, ?, the Irregular Verbs that are connected to the Past Si
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In this unit I was able to learn about the proper usages of TTT/STT, seating arrangements, establishing rapport, and maintaining discipline. In particular, I enjoyed learning about establishing rappor
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There is no doubt that lesson plans are essential to a productive class. I know from experience that without them, everything can fall apart and the students will not learn. In my opinion, writing str
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In this unit, I have learnt the roles of a teacher, a good student, and how culture, motivation and age plays a vital role in the learning experience of a student. The roles of a teacher are all very
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Rocky Ridge
What i learned from this unit is the methodologies of the classical methods, their definitions and what is realistic in approach and how it can be interchanged depending on the environment. Each met
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I found this unit to be a good review of the 4 types of tenses (simple, continuous, perfect, and perfect continuous) that occur in the English language. After reviewing the present tenses in lesson 4,
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This unit covered equipment and teaching aids. Prior to reading this unit, I wasn't aware of the amount of equipment and aids available to use in a classroom. I had a general idea as someone who's gon
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Rush Valley
In this unit we reviewed the basic parts of speech including nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, pronouns, articles, prepositions, and conjunctions. The review included a succinct overview of forms and
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This unit talked about the definition, importance, purpose and interconnection of the three elements vocabulary, grammar and language function. Meanwhile, it talked about the teaching philosophy for
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I learned many things in this unit, from classroom arrangement to establishing rapport between teachers and students. I was taught the importance in classroom seating styles, and how there are many fa
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Salt Lake City
I learned that unlike regular schools and universities where testing and exams are a big part of determining success is not as important in language schools. Rather than just aiming to memorize and sc
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I found this chapter to be very interesting. As a native English speaker I never thought about having rules for intonation and I understand now why some people might be upset when getting a response w
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Santa Clara
In this unit I learned, students will have different motives to take an EFL course. Some students may have been pressured by their parents, others are motivated to move out of the country and start a
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Even to a native English speaker, verb tenses can be difficult. The activate activities in this unit, such as having students discuss past events or tell stories in narrative form seem like they would
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Saratoga Springs
This unit presents a concise and very helpful review of the present tenses in English. These include the present simple, present continuous, past perfect, and past perfect continuous. I found the exam
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It was time to put what we have been learning into play. In this unit they give us tips on how to write an effective lesson plan stressing that we must find the balance between flexibility and structu
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This unit was very helpful in providing insight into lesson planning and various teaching methodologies. The ESA methodology and its variants have given me a great framework to work with especially w
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This unit placed its emphasis on how to teach the receptive language skills, reading and listening. I found this unit helpful, as I myself have experienced learning a second language and I know that l
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