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This unit presents the Future Tenses (Simple, Continuous, Perfect, Perfect Continuous, Be going to + infinitive, use of Present Simple and Present Continuous in the Future). The explanation is given t
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This chapter provided a great overview of course materials and authentic materials and explained the benefits and challenges that come with use of course materials. One very useful part of this chapte
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This area is, in a way, a review of some of the teaching techniques, or skills mentioned earlier, I believe. It may be that some of it is just recognizable to me from other professional training. Whil
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The backshifting time expressions are quite confusing. The proper grammar probably holds true for both American and British English, but we Americans probably don't use it in the same way which makes
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Brief Overview of Unit 5 The unit teaches class room management techniques, and presents ways in which the teacher can use their eyes, voice and gestures to improve the teaching process.It discusses t
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This unit was about the many different methods, theories, and techniques involved in language teaching and learning. It showed me how to demonstrate these methods in a classroom setting and how the or
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The last sentence of this chapter is "Don't be afraid of verbals!" Well, I think I am a little afraid of trying to teach verbals. Most of this terminology (particles, transitive inseparable, transitiv
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Participation is the key aspect of learning to speak and write the English language. In order for students to be successful, the teachers must be able to relate to the students that, what is being tau
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This unit discussed topics related to coursebook and lesson materials selection. Breaking these topics down by authentic materials versus created materials introduced the concept of teachers creative
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The most difficult part of this assessment to me seemed the difference between Placement and Diagnostic tests. While I do understand the difference, I got confused (but caught it) in the definition po
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I found this unit especially fun because much of the material was already familiar to me. As a trained opera singer, I was required to learn the international phonetic alphabet and understand how we m
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Managing a class involves several aspects that a teacher has to consider. This involves: the teacher's non-verbals like eye contact and gesture, and voice; establishing rapport; grouping of students;
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Farr West
This unit provides an overview of the four past tenses in English: past simple, past continuous, past perfect, and past perfect continuous. It gives concise explanations and examples of each of their
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This unit talked about the two elements of productive learning - speaking and writing. These two types of learning are quite different from the two of receptive learning although some teaching princip
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In this unit I learned about all the various tenses within the future tense, such as: future simple, future continuous, future perfect, future perfect continuous, be going + infinitive, present simple
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This unit is all about methods of teaching English, where teaching theories have contributed to the suggested method of teaching--that is, the ESA (Engage, Study, Activate). The ESA method is effectiv
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This unit has been chock full of useful information on running a class I will definitely look it over more times in the future to keep the details on establishing rapport and managing problem behavior
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Fountain Green
In this unit we studied intonation and stress. We also learned the phonemic alphabet and studied articulation in order to learn how to best help students with their English pronunciation. Much of the
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Brief Overview Unit 7 covers teaching the new language and addresses the topics Vocabulary , Grammatical structures and teaching language function. It sets out techniques for teaching students vocabul
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Fruit Heights
This unit focused on classroom management with tips on eye contact, gestures, voice, grouping students, classroom arrangement, writing on the board, individual attention, talking time (student and tea
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Garden City
In this ... Unit 13 I have learned the difference between Pronunciation (How a word sounds when spoken) & Phonology (The study, science, analysis, & classification of the physical properties of sounds
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Being a second language learner myself, I appreciate the explanation of forms and pattern need. This is something that, perhaps, people think they are actually teaching, but are not. It is not alway
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I enjoyed this entire course. I think it was very thorough in covering all aspects. I know that I will still run into difficulties in the classroom. But I also feel with my new knowledge I will have b
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In this unit I have learned about present tense, which involves habitual or routine actions. Permanent situations and facts. Commentaries direction and instructions, newspaper headlines present stor
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This first unit, Teachers and Learners, looks at qualities, roles and responsibilities of both teachers and students. It details what makes a good teacher as well as a motivated student. It is a reall
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In this unit I learned that future tenses are a lot more complicated than they seem at first glance. The complication stems from the fact that we can use present tenses to describe future events, and
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This unit discussed how to teach new vocabulary, grammar, and language functions. Key points in this section regarding new language is that students must be exposed to it, understand the meaning, unde
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Green River
In this...Unit 10. Watching the video was VERY HELPFUL. It gave me a chance to see the difference between what not to do & what to do. In the 1st 1 the Teacher was AWFUL. He kept wiping his nose on h
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This unit dealt with receptive skills - reading and listening. There are different reasons why people read. Mainly it's for pleasure or to gather information. When learning a new language, it's equall
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This unit is a breakthrough after the first unit. It shows a picture of what I was very eager to see about the methodologies, rationales and the approaches to the various methodologies that an instru
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Brief Overview of Unit 19 Unit 19 covers the teaching of English to special groups of learners. The unit sets out,categorises and defines each different special group of learners. The unit offers te
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This unit covered troubleshooting in the classroom. Things to consider for the first lesson, whether it's a new group or an existing, how to build rapport, warmer activities, different level students,
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Heber City
This unit refreshed my knowledge about parts of speech. I think it is very useful to check from time to time how much do you remember and try to find some new exceptions and rules. Also, materials in
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I plan to do more research on activities for teaching future tense because I feel that it can be very confusing to new language learners. The way this lesson is laid out it really helps to understand
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Brief overview of Unit 10 The unit covers two video lessons taught twice by a teacher.The first video lesson is not being taught properly, where the teacher is deliberately making many basic teaching
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This chapter seems pretty straight-forward and I know I am comfortable with all of the equipment and teaching aids presented in the lesson. I was surprised to see cassettes listed as a resource becaus
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The content of this unit deals mainly with the methodology of teaching English. There are many ways to teach but the best way is the tested ESA system - Engage, Study, Activate. A softer approach is n
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This was a very informative lesson, primarily because I was able to view teaching techniques in an actual classroom. It was clear that the first lesson was designed to show what NOT to do as an ESL te
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I feel confident about being able to handle classroom management issues. I do feel there should be a section about teaching teenagers. I have taught children, teens, and adults and there is a huge dif
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While question 11 asks us to find the "thing" that other dictionaries don't contain, I did not find any difference to the dictionaries I've looked at on other sites. Maybe the information is outdated?
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This unit describes the difference between teaching various groups, such as beginners, individual students, children, Business English students, monolingual and multilingual groups. The materials give
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This is a very hard unit for me because I am not, nor ever have been, good at disseminating these parts of the English language for identification. I can use them properly, and can explain why and ho
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There was a lot of useful information in this unit. It's particularly beneficial for conceptualizing strategies to make the lessons as effective as possible. The clarity of knowing that there are ba
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Conditional statements are important for students to learn properly and are frequently used in normal speech, news reporting, and books. Teachers should use interactive activities such as split activ
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The unit covered teaching special groups. Those groups including beginners, individuals, children, and business courses. Each one has their own set of priorities the teacher must set in order for an e
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This unit was focused on conditionals and reported speech. The various types of conditionals: zero, first, second, third, and mixed are important to distinguish as they all have specific usages. Und
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The unit gave clarity on the way tenses are defined in English and how every time period (present, past, future) has four different tenses: simple, continuous, perfect, perfect continuous. It went thr
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Brief Overview of Unit 15 The Unit covers the topics Evaluation and Testing. It looks at different ways of evaluating students' levels and progress, as well as the common external exams that you may h
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I've learned about the following: Present simple - Usages - Habitual or routine, Permanent situations or facts, Commentaries, Directions and instructions, Newspaper Headlines, Present Stories, Histori
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Hyde Park
This unit explained the form and usages of the seven most common ways of expressing the future in English. These included the future simple, future continuous, future perfect, future perfect continuou
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