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the two videos have been very helpful and have made me see the big difference and how the students are affected if the teacher is not prepared, not eager enough to explain the lesson to the students,
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People usually think that teachers have to be the dominant ones, like in the role of Manager, but in this unit we learned that there are many activities that require a different approach of the teache
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This lesson mostly served as a reminder of all of the tools that educators have at their disposal. I wasn't that familiar with the interactive whiteboards, so reading up on the added functionality it
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In this unit I have come to realise that I have taken for granted everything I know about sentence construction. As someone who has used English as a means of learning, communicating etc. it has alway
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Past tenses are very similar to present tenses, although it can become more confusing especially when trying to teach it to students who are just learning about the tenses. It will be best to start us
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There are three forms of past tense in the English language: the Past Simple, the Past Continuous, the Past Perfect, and the Past Perfect Continuous. We use different sentence structures to form them
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In unit 15 I learned the difference between the various tests that can be given to students. With each test, the teacher can gain insight into the current abilities of the student. There is also a pac
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Glen Gardner
Theories, Methods and techniques on how to teach a second language have changed throughout the years. The new tendencies promote exposing the students to the language as much as possible. More effecti
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It's important to decelop both receptive and productive skills of English learners. There are two receptive skills: listening and reading. They are equally important and can be used for variety of pur
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The unit was dedicated to conditionals and reported speach. These topics are usually difficult to teach as there are many forms we should use in different sitiations and they aren't flexible. There ar
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Building a workable and flexible lesson plan is a prerequisite for a good lesson, the students and the teacher achieves success through a workable lesson plan. Students should warm up and get motivate
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I learned that in order to be an effective teacher in the classroom, the best method of teaching is the Engage, Study, Activate (ESA) method. In the engage process, it is important to treat this metho
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When learning new vocabulary it is important that students learn the meaning, usage, pronunciation, and spelling of new words. When choosing vocabulary to teach, it is important to consider each word
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In this unit, I've seen two demonstrations from the same teacher, and based on the differences the teacher showed, two classes are completely different. In the first class, the teacher's attitude was
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The first part of this unit covered various qualities of good teachers, as well as the roles these teachers might fulfill with respect to learners. According to the unit, a good teacher should be a k
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Harvey Cedars
This unit discusses the numerous different types of tests used to asses students and the unique purposes of each. This unit also describes a number of general external exams that are taken by people w
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Nowadays, it is true that most people who want to learn English would rather focus on fluency than accuracy. The reason behind that is many of them want to learn to communicate verbally. Learning to w
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This unit helped a lot actually. I have no experience with lesson planning and it can be a bit daunting from the start. So, seeing the format presented the way Unit 9 did, really allowed me to see the
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The content of the unit highlights the importance of lesson planning and provides with guidance of how to plan ESL lessons. Lesson plans are important because they help with the entire planning proces
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High Bridge
The topic of this unit was the teaching of pronunciation and phonology. First a definition of phonology was given, then the unit discussed intonation, giving also examples of techniques for teaching i
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During this unit I've learnt about what makes a good teacher and what makes a good learner. For a good teacher, you have to have passion about your job, have good personality and the skills about teac
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During this unit, I've learnt theories methods and techniques. Firstly, there are different kinds of methodologies, such as grammar-translation, audio-lingualism, presentation,practice,and production,
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In Unit 11 I learned the importance of using varied material and in different ways. This will help keep the students engaged, because they build interest before reading/listening. Also, there is the n
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Excellent examples of do's and don'ts in a lesson, every bit of both videos can be used as a guideline of what we should do to gain and mantain confidence of our students. Even if in the first lesson
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Island Heights
In this unit, I have grasped what makes a good teacher. I have also learnt which features make a good learner. I have found out the differences between the different age groups from motivation, beha
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This unit is about teaching receptive skills which are reading and listening. There are two reasons when it comes to reading and listening, for a purpose and for entertainment. When we read and listen
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This unit reflect on the past tenses. Similarly to the present tenses, the past tense has five main tenses, the past simple, past continuous, past perfect, and past perfect continuous. Each tense is s
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In unit 19 I learned that there are ways to approach young learners that will enable you to better engage them. Also, that when the students are getting bored, it's on you and your teaching and not on
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Lake Como
This lesson was an overview of positive and successful aspects of a good teacher and what makes a good learner. For example, a good teacher is kind, patient, a good role model, and cares more about th
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During this unit, I've learnt about the future tenses. There are seven in this system which are the future simple, the future continuous, the future perfect, the future perfect continuous, Be going +
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There are four tenses that we use to speak about present experiences: the Present Simple, the Present Continuous, the Present Perfect and the Present Perfect Continuous. Although they all refer to the
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Laurel Springs
This unit on classroom management is useful instruction. A new teacher will benefit greatly from following this instruction. There are two points that I would emphasize in overall classroom management
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Lessons vary depending on the students who are taking it, while text books are generic they can be very helpful fo new teachers still developing their teaching techniques but it is true, it can be dan
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Unit 7 gave be a visual for teaching english, which has grammar as the tree trunk and the functions and vocab as the branches and leaves. The lesson followed with pointers on how to teach vocab, gramm
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This unit focused more on teaching English outside the school and into the corporate world. Personally, I'm also hesitant to take on corporate people as students for English since they are already adu
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The types and examples of the part of speech, times and situations to use them and the correct context for usage, also making correct sentences and building up of grammar is one of the best way to sho
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I actually learned quite a lot from this unit. So much of this information has been forgotten since it was taught to me in grade school. I especially enjoyed learning all of this grammar with the thou
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Loch Arbour
The unit covered the teaching of productive skills, that is speaking and writing. The unit first discussed the difference between accuracy and fluency activities, listed different speaking activities,
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Long Beach
In this unit, I have gripped the parts of speech. I got familiar with nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, pronouns, Infinitive, gerund, articles, and conjuctions. Moreover, I have learnt
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There are multiple aids that the teacher can use in the classroom. They may serve many purposes, and often more than one at a time. Some might make teacher's work easier and allow to use prewritten ma
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The conditionals are very important to make better speeches, they guide the speakers and English language learners to make clearer statements, to understand the level of certainty a person is stating.
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In Unit 17: Equipment and Teaching Aids, I learned there are many materials that can be easily accessible and convenient for while teaching lessons that will help and encourage the learning of the stu
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In Unit 14, we covered about different examples and materials to carry out lesson plans. This section was carried out in with authentic matierials such as newspaper articles, radio stations, videos th
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Medford Lakes
This unit provided information regarding the many different roles of a teacher and descriptions of each. These allowed me to critically consider how each role is made effective in the classroom and wh
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In Unit 20: Troubleshooting, I learned a couple techniques for students to stay motivated, and be creative during class. In addition, I learned the importance in keeping an eye on students when they m
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This unit reflects resources for managing a classroom in a positive and helpful manner. When managing a classroom we must think of eye contact, gesturing, voice, knowing students names, grouping, clas
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The lesson was easy to read and comprehend, from a personal experience, as a student, I've always been afraid of discipline in a classroom, this lesson showed me that is completely normal to have beha
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Mine Hill
Conditionals and reported speech are the topics of this unit. We could have a very good explanation of the five main conditionals: zero, first, second, third and mixed; their forms, usages and typical
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Monmouth Beach
This unit was a concise unit of past tenses. It was well laid out and gave good ideas about how to work with students in teaching past tense. I like that this course spreads the grammar units out bec
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I learned that a teacher has a very important role in his/her students' learning process. That person must love teaching and be proficient in the subject matter being taught. A teacher must be able to
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