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Before evaluating a students knowledge level a teacher must be guided properly, so for future teachers like me it is important to seek the help of text books first and familiarise myself with the leve
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This unit was particularly dense in information that will be directly applicable to teaching in a classroom setting. I learned of varying types of theories, methods, and techniques that can be used an
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In unit seven we reviewed successful practices for teaching anew language. This unit entitled three different aspects to teaching anew language such as, vocabulary, grammar, and language functions. Wh
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This unit is very essential to the teaching of English, for native speakers or bilinguals it is natural to know what kind of modal is more appropriate for certain situations. But for new learners and
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This unit has a lot of useful information about class management. I have learned what to pay attention to when organizing class space (for example, the size of the classroom, the age of students and t
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during this unit, I've learnt about how to manage classes. First, using eye contact, gesture and the voice properly can help a lot. When I am teaching, these are the small things that normally people
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Even though all the previous lessons have been very well explained and I personally enjoyed them, I feel this is the first lesson that really approaches us on how to manage and teach a full lesson, it
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Atlantic Highlands
This unit discusses the importance of helping students develop receptive skills; reading and listening. This unit also described the numerous ways in which we read and listen and provided examples for
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Present tense forms include present simple sentence, present simple question, present perfect sentence, present perfect question, present simple negative, present continuous sentence, present continuo
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The biggest thing I learned in Unit 12 is when to take charge in a learning activity and when to hold back and let the student lead their way through the creative process. Your goal should mostly be e
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During this unit, I've learned how to teaching new language. There are three parts, vocabulary, grammar and function. There are four things the students need to do with new language, be exposed to, un
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Barnegat Light
In this unit I watched two videos of an ESL langue class. In one video the teacher had an unfriendly attitude and did not explain the lesson or the activities well so the students were very confused.
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Bass River
One of the most important qualities a teacher must have is flexibility. One must be able to change methods depending on the individual natures of the students instead of assuming that one way that ha
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Bay Head
Grammar is a very important part of learning a language. Parts of speech refer to the function or purpose of each word in a sentence. The specific position of a word in a sentence varies the meaning o
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Beach Haven
This unit goes over different categories of beginners, methods and techniques, motivation and possible problems when teaching them. Next, suggestions on how to teach individual students, activities an
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Unit 18: modals, pheasants verbs and passive voice, I learned about passive and active voice. For example, the active voice is when the subject of these preforms the actions of the snectence. The pass
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The way that this unit is explained is easy to follow and I think it's the best path to teach people the forms and usages of the different past tenses. The pdf file was short and concise and I value t
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This Unit is very helpful for all teachers, for me, as someone who has only assisted teaching English in the classroom I'm still quite nervous and have that bit of uncertainty as to what resources and
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This unit, I've learnt about conditionals and reported speech. There are 5 different conditionals, which are zero conditional, first conditional, second conditional, third conditional, and mixed condi
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This lesson was easy to digest, very concise, it made us think of the first units learned in this course where the ESA structures where taught and we had to applied the previous lesson to complete the
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In unit 18, We focus on grammar: modals, phrasal verbs, and passive voice. Modals can express a number of different ideas, such as: obligation, possibility/probability, permission/prohibition, ability
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Bradley Beach
In this unit I was able to learn more about the many different teaching EFL teaching methodologies and the positives and negatives of each. From this unit, I gained a lot more knowledge about the thre
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Receptive skills are very critical phases especially listening, in my own experience back when I was in college and we had a Spanish subject, we were asked to listen to an audio recording on how to pr
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Unit four describes and exemplifies present tenses. During this unit, we look at four different tenses, their form, usages, typical students errors and mistakes, and ideas for how to teach them. The f
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In this unit, I was able to understand the structure or sequence of teaching methods. I recently enrolled myself in a Spanish class and right away after reading ESA i thought of how the instructor did
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This was my favorite lesson so far! I learned that engagement must take a lot of time outside of class in order to prepare your lesson plan effectively. During lesson 2 , the instructor had everything
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Cape May
Unit 18 teaches thoroughly Modals, phrasal verbs and passive voice. As far as modals are concerned we could review about these auxiliary verbs with uses and tenses and more important for us, teaching
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An effective teacher is kind, builds rapport through establishing culturally respectful relationships, provides constructive feedback, and facilitates meaningful opportunities to learn. An effective
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Chester Borough
The unit covered equipment and teaching aids. First different resources often found in classroom were listed, after which each item on the list was presented, possibly with things to keep in mind when
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I've found this unit particularly interesting as it approach teachers on different activities that can be done in a classroom instead of the typical methods used from centuries ago. It gave me a lot o
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Corbin City
The unit on parts of speech was a review for me. I have taught parts of speech to students and as a writer, I'm aware of the confusion when looking carefully at word choices. The difficulty as a nati
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The unit is dedicated to teaching phonology and pronunciation. The main areas covered are intonation, stress and rythm, and phonetic alphabet. Intonation with which we say sentences largely depends on
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There are a lot of factors that contribute to a better classroom setting and teacher student relationship. this unit has been very helpful in pointing out the effectiveness of establishing the relatio
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This unit is about evaluation and testing. There are numbers of ways to access a student's language level, such as tutorials, evaluation by the students and tests. In this unit, we are mainly focusing
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In Unit 16 on Conditionals and Reptorted speech, I learned that there are five different types of conditionals, zero, first, second, third and mixed. Conditional tenses are used to speculate about wha
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In Unit 19: teaching Special Groups, we covered mostly information, techniques, and approach when teaching young learners and business learners. When teaching young learners it is really important to
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I learned that there are ways for educators to still make the classroom interesting, even if the main source for learning is via a course book. Adding authentic material like newspaper, magazines, mus
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During this unit, I've learnt about basic grammar and parts of speech. I have a more systematical view about grammar.In a sentence, there are three parts, which are subject,verb and object. And when i
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East Amwell
This unit described the many different aspects of pronunciation such as intonation, stress, and articulation. As a native English speaker, there are many general rules to pronunciation that I had not
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East Newark
Teaching verbs in the English grammar is not an easy task since most languages use less tenses. In English we teach twelve tenses or actually four aspects of each tense- the Present, the Past,and the
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What I loved about this section is the functionality that it brings me mentally when thinking of leading a classroom. Unit 5 went over some basics of student/teacher interaction and classroom manageme
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This unit had usefull information that we can traspass to our students who desire to take an external exam and what we should aim for to help them achieve their goals. Although, it mentions a lot exam
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Creating a lesson plan is vital for unexperienced teachers, not only because it is easier with advance preparation, but it prepares the teacher for the day or class. When planning a lesson you are alr
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Unit 9 reflect successful aids to lesson planning. This covers what should be in the lesson plan such as, learner objectives, teaching aids, anticipated problems, procedure, phase, timing, interaction
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Essex Fells
This unit addresses the use of book materials while teaching English and provides a list of advantages and disadvantages of using a course book. This unit also discusses using authentic materials vs.
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Estell Manor
The unit discussed teaching special groups. The first part of the unit concerned teaching beginners. First different categories of beginners were listed, then tips were given concerning methodology an
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Far Hills
The unit covered course books and materials. First the difference between authentic and created materials was discussed. Then there were samples of materials such as role-play cards. The unit then dis
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In this unit, I've learnt about course books and lesson materials. There are two kinds of materials, one is authentic materials, which are programs, magazines, newspapers etc. And the other is created
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Nice paced lesson with a lot of additional material to check out later to create a better environment and preparation for our future students. I would've like the mention of PowerPoint files with exer
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Unit 13 begins with talking about intonation - the rise and fall, fall and rise, or flat voice that comes along with speaking. The most common way to speak English is with the rise and fall method. Me
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