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New Hampton
The relationship between learners and teachers is not as easy as being in control and just doing activities to grade. It is fundamental to know yourself and know your students, this will help build a
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New Ipswich
In this unit I learned about the various skills involved in organizing the classroom and the students within the class. For example, more than just using one's voice, a teacher can help to control, en
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New London
This unit consisted of two different videos that gave examples of how to teach an ESA lesson. In the first video, the lesson is taught poorly with the teacher making many mistakes such as being negati
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Relationship between teacher and students: It's of a great importance that a good teacher should have a good rapport with his students in other for him to be able to study each of them and know how to
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What I have learnt Unit 11 Teaching receptive skills During this module I there are four basic skills in any language and it is important to incorporate all of the receptive skills into our lesson
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According to this unit, I came to realize how important to teach students both vocabularies and grammatical structures. Also, when it comes to teaching vocabularies and sentence structure, what exactl
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In unit 2, the text and video dove into the 8 most common parts of speech. This includes noun, verb, adjectives, propositions and conjunctions, adverbs, pronouns, articles and gerunds. Each part of sp
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Oh! I’ve learned a lot from this unit! I had a great opportunity to review all parts of speech. I even could’t imagine that my grammar knowlagege becoming poor. Definetly in the future I will revi
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This unit discussed the many different teaching aids and teaching equipment that can be used in an EFL lesson to make a lesson more interesting or less text book dependent. Different schools will have
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North Hampton
This unit covered basic English grammar and parts of speech. The unit described the basic parts of speech that make up sentences in the English language such as nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc. It also
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Unit 5 contained lots of useful information about classroom management. It began with eye contact, gesture and using your voice. I think it is very important to modulate the volume of the voice and al
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Unit 10, the video lessons, was a fascinating look at how a classroom should be run. In the first lesson the teacher does not engage with the students, doesn't get to know them or smile and be friendl
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This unit goes over the future tenses. It covers the basic rules for the construction of each tense, the usages, example sentences and common student mistakes. Again, the units covering tenses are e
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Unit 18, modals, phrasal verbs and passive voice consisted of a focus on modal auxillary verbs first. Modals such as can, could, may can be used to describe obligation, possibility/probability, permis
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I have a bachelor degree in pedagogue and from my time working with kids and young people I do have some experience have to act, behave and motivate in a learning environment. After I read the first u
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This unit covers the different variety of tests an ESL teacher may encounter. From placement tests to measure a students current proficiency, to external exams required for university, foreign school
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Teaching verb tenses in my target country is going to be extremely difficult because in Lao there is only one tense; there is no verb conjugation. There are so many irregularities and anomalies in En
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This unit covers reading and listening. The basics skills, receptive - reading and listening and productive - speaking and writing. Anticipated problems and solutions. Ways of creating interest and t
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The unit covers all tenses used to express something happening in the future: future simple, future continuous, future perfect, future perfect continuous, but also be going to, present simple and pres
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What I learnt in this module was further ESA methods to introduce new language. specifically focusing on the straight and narrow, patchwork and boomerang approach. This was also a good refreshment fro
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The unit gave an overview of the factors in play in classroom management: teacher's behavior (voice, gestures etc), grouping students, classroom arrangement, writing on the board, giving individual at
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This unit covers lesson planning, it's functions, how it should be written and what it entails. I have learnt that lesson planning is very important because it gives teachers direction, keep on targ
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When we teach, we might encounter students with diffrent age and different background, young learners and adults for business English learning in particular.Also you might teach students one on one or
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Speaking and writing are very important for people to communicate. They communicate when they have something to say, when they have a purpose to do it, when they want to listen to something and when t
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I have learnt a lot during this module. I was unaware of the amount of teaching techniques being used and can see the benefits from many. I have learnt about the Jeremy Harmer method which I truly lik
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Tenses are complicated while you didn't find the logic there. Since you can see it - you can explain basically every situation and choose the correct tense for the sentence. Sometimes you can express
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This unit covered the present tense and its 4 variations: simple, continuous, perfect, and perfect continuous. As stated on the first page of this lesson, an EFL teacher must have a solid grasp of ten
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From this unit, I got the clear overview about the parts of speech, noun, adjective, articles, verbs, adverbs, gerund, pronoun, prepositions and conjunction. Then, I am aware of their different usages
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How can the teacher use his/her physical presence and voice in the classroom Eyes Voice Gesture To hold attention To show when something is correct To encourage Use language at the level you a
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Unit 9, Lesson planning, gave an overview of why we need to plan lessons and how they can be used as a working document that we refer to as teachers during the lesson. The lesson plan should be a livi
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Managing a classroom clearly requires a basic understanding for each element. These elements are necessary to carry out an effective learning experience. Recognizing that each individual is at a dif
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This unit provided a clear definition of a teacher and learner. I felt empowered after learning and understanding the various roles to being a good teacher and ways to cultivate a conducive environme
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Another important unit, explains and also demonstrates how a good lesson plan makes teaching English less strenuous. This unit further shows that a lesson plan is as important as teaching itself. Amon
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This unit discussed the issue of using a course text book as well as the choice for a teacher to use other materials outside of the prescribed course book. Not every school will have the same access t
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Native speakers don't usually think about grammar. Basically, you never think about the rules of grammar when speaking your native language. You only realize this content when teaching other persons.
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This unit included two videos showing a teacher interacting with his class. The first video showed him being brusque toward the students, saying things like "You said it wrong," and "You've done nothi
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Understanding the various levels of learning will help me assess and create a most effective lesson plan that is tailor made to my students. Knowing the students’ motivations and behaviors can help
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Unit 7 focuses on vocabulary, grammar and functions. The vocabulary section talks about what vocabulary to focus on for what ability levels and how to choose the right words to teach. The text books
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The unit discussed why lessons should be planned and how it should be done, with a sample lesson plan form followed by a self evaluation form. There was also a bullet point list of things to consider
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This unit gave numerous examples of characteristics of good teachers and good students. It breaks up the basic introduction of learning into teachers and students. On the teacher portion of the unit,
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Unit 19, teaching special groups, focused on the variety and diversity of types of groups you may be expected to teach. Firstly there are many different types of 'beginner' learners, the absolute begi
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This unit covers the basics of managing a classroom, from the benefits and disadvantages of certain seating arrangements, to dealing with disciplinary problems in class. I appreciate that this unit c
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This unit is useful not only to review our grammar knowledge on nouns, adjectives, pronouns, adverbs, prepositions, articles and conjunctions but also to review and learn more about transitive and int
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This unit covered the future tense as well as present tenses with future meanings. It includes how each aspect of the future tense is formed, its usage, and common mistakes. This subject is incredibly
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This unit covered teaching pronunciation and phonology to students. Within this unit I learned about the importance of intonation, stress, as well as articulation. One thing that I learned about that
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South Hampton
In this unit I learned about the qualities that make a good teacher as well as the qualities that make a good student. I also learned how to classify the level of learner in a classroom from Beginner
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Unit 20 focuses on trouble shooting for potential problems that may arise in the classroom.Firstly it is very important to establish a good rapport with students in a new class you are teaching. Getti
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This unit discussed a number of potential problems that may arise when teaching English as a second language, and it presented some ideas for troubleshooting. I found the advice about how to teach a f
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Unit 13 focused on the pronunciation of English words. The unit began with a comment that pronunciation is often neglected or avoided because it can be difficult or confusing to teach. But in fact a s
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This chapter talks about the different strategies teachers can use to teach the children. I have learnt it's important to take into consideration exposure, communication exercises and a possibility
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