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It is clear to me that what kind of qualities of good teacher should possess and what factors make a good student.Furthermore, I understand that what a role a teacher should play totally depend on th
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In this unit I learn the different methods and techniques use to teach English. I have learn that we should try to engage the students to speak, the more they speak the better the learning opportuniti
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From this unit I have learned what basic skills are in any language. I’ve discoverered that we can devide them into two groups - receptive and productive skills. And I’ve understood that all skil
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Unit 12 talks about two of the four language skills but this time productive skills that is speaking and writing .I learnt that when two or more people are communicating, it is because of one of the
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Planning Lesson: Planning a lesson by a teacher is a great idea for a teacher as it gives him a more fixed centered lesson and can also be a hindrance to a teacher when he adapts the method of too muc
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From this unit I have learned different ways of evaluating students’ levels and progress. Also now I am ready to prepare my future students for different external exams. Also I’ve discovered diffe
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Unit 3 contains an overview of the different methodologies that teachers can use when teaching a class of non-English speaking students. It provides examples of the types of methodologies and strategi
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Unit 15 is about evaluation and testing. During this unit I had learned the purpose and importance of the different tests that our students have to do during the learning phase, like the diagnostic te
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Unit 8, 'The Future Tenses' begins with a run down of all the future tenses such as; the future simple, the future continuous, the future perfect, the future perfect continuous, be going + infinitive,
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Very informative unit. I enjoyed learning the various ways of teaching English as a second language. The examples provided were clear and concise. I like the "Boomerang" method of teaching. It appe
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From Unit 9 I have learned how to make lesson planning. I’ve understood how it’s important to plan my teaching work, stick to the plan, but to be flexible at the same time. I’ve learned why it
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This 5th unit explains thoroughly how the classroom should be managed so that students are able to learn effectively. It is important to take in account several aspects such as: teacher's flexibility
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in unit 7 on focus teaching new language there are three parts vocabulary, grammar and functions. the first part vocabulary should identify a number de factors like spelling and pronunciation, appropr
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This unit covered the two productive skills, speaking and writing. The unit included techniques to elicit speaking, ideas for games, typical lesson plans for a speaking or writing-focused lesson, and
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After watching these two video, it is easy to draw a conclusion that the second lesson went on more successfully. The teacher shows his great attitude towards the lesson, establishing great rapport wi
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This unit was very eye-opening for me. I will be coming back to this unit a lot to make sure my understandings of prepositions in particular are correct. The unit starts with how sentences are constru
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In this unit I have learned that there are many future tenses. I had never realised that we use the present simple, present continuous and going to + infinitive as future tenses. I learned that the fu
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This unit covers the two receptive skills, reading and listening. It was very interesting learning about the variety of ways we actually perform these actions, from skimming for general information t
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Course materials actually plays an important role in teaching preparation because teachers can make full use of these materials to design and help students achieve better understanding and usage of th
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in unit 3, theories, methods and techniques. It is a very dense unit, based on very valuable information. on focus four question: where did it come from?, what does it involve?, what is positive about
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Choice of material is a vital component to an effective lesson. This unit goes overs the benefits and drawbacks of using a course book and authentic material. This is not an either or choice, rather
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Write 5 examples to each group Countable noun I want a bottle of water, thank you Sit on the chair . I write a note I love animals Have you packed your suitcase? Uncountable noun How much sugar do
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This unit covers different conditional statements, along with an overview of direct and reported speech. Reading about the different kinds of conditional statements has helped me to understand the su
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This unit elaborate on the ways of evaluating and testing students .Thus, to assess  students language level we can use the following ; tutorials, test and evaluation by students .Also tests can furt
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This unit covers the productive skills; speaking and writing. It discusses key topics within these skills as well as example class lessons and games. Speaking centers around the two key aspects of f
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This unit talks about the past tenses and all its forms: the simple, the continuous, perfect and perfect continuous forms. It explains each form in details:usages common mistakes and even and even tea
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in unit 20, on focus troubleshooting. in the first lesson could be there are two types new group and the exist group. new group, the students dont know each other. exist group, they are know efl demos
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Unit five is about classroom management. I had learned how to organize my classroom correctly, depending on several factors, like the age of my students, the space available, the student’s personali
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There will be many challenges in my attempts to explain and teach the irregularities regarding parts of speech in English. Understanding this as a native speaker is easy, but teaching a foreign stude
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In this unit, I understand the different present tenses, including present simple, present continuous, present perfect and present perfect continuous. Also, I get the clear idea of their forms, usages
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This unit introduces methodologies, discussing several different ones and then focusing in on the primary methodology of the course, which is the Engage, Study, Activate or ESA methodology. ESA seems
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This unit covered the use of conditionals as well as how to change direct speech into reported speech. There are five different types of conditionals that are commonly used such as the zero conditiona
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From this unit I have learned a lot! I’ve found much of new information what I didn’t know before. I have discoverered different existing specialised groups. I’ve learned what are the differenc
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In the module I learnt: What makes a good teacher. I think many of the factors to be a good teacher comes naturally in my personality. Though it was a refreshment to understand what sort of relations
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This unit covers the various aspects of managing a classroom. It includes information on classroom arrangements and their advantages and disadvantages, teacher body language, and teacher talking time
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As I have already completed a teacher training, I was familiar with the unit's content but it was a very good and informative overview and revision of teacher's roles and qualities as well as of diffe
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This unit covered teaching receptive skills (reading and listening) and included the reasons why a student uses those skills, and how. It also included strategies to reduce problems with comprehension
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Reading and Listening: Reading and listening in receptive skills, Speaking and writing in productive skills are very important aspect of a language. Students must have to be able to adapt a comprehens
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This unit mainly talks about the future tenses. It gives me an idea of different forms of future tenses, including future simple, future perfect, future continuous, future perfec continuous. Those for
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Unit eleven is about teaching receptive skills. During this lesson, I had learned that there are receptive and productive skills in any language, and that these skills are equally important, so we sho
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From this unit, I came to realize how important for teachers to write down a lesson plan. Of course, when you formulate a lesson plan, it doesn't necessarily mean that you have to script every word yo
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Unit 14 is about coursebook and lesson materials. During this unit I had learned the advantages and disadvantages of using certain teaching materials, for example, authentic materials and created mate
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Unit 16 conditionals and reported speech was a grammar unit. It focused on the conditional sentences and phrases around 'if' and 'when'. There are five different types of conditionals, zero, first, se
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Mont Vernon
This unit was particularly helpful to me and I feel that I learned a lot of valuable practical knowledge from it as a new teacher. This unit covered lesson planning and it detailed the practical aspec
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From this unit I have learnt difference between productive and receptive skills. I have learnt more about productive skills. There are two main productive skills - speaking and writing. From one side
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This unit covers the behavioral patterns and ethics of the teachers and learners, most importantly the priorities of the teacher which should be to care most about the learners above teaching. This
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Unit 4 on present tenses provides a lot of information and examples on the four present tenses out of the total of 12 tenses in English. The present tenses are; the present simple, the present continu
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New Boston
This unit is about solutions proposals to some challenges that a teacher may encounter while handling a class. One of those challenges is : establishing rapport between students and also between the t
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New Castle
This unit covers the various theories and methodologies of teaching over the last 300 years. All of the previous theories, methods, and techniques helped to develop ESA, which is commonly used today.
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New Durham
This unit covered the other two of four basic skills needed for learning a language: speaking and writing. Speaking and writing are productive skills and they are used to communicate. In this unit I l
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