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Unit 13 covers the material on teaching special groups. English is a subject that can take many years to perfect and so a teacher should know if the students need to focus on one area of the English l
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In this lesson, I learned that different techniques are important when teaching students English. Depending on the level and the age group I think that it is important to understand what will and will
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This unit is about teaching special groups such as the absolute beginner, the false beginner, the adult beginner, the young beginner and the beginner without Roman alphabet. Also there is a part about
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The brief content of this unit is that about evaluation and testing. Testing and evaluation is the best way of judging the capabilities of a student. Tests are basically of five types Placement test D
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I had an easier time with future tenses. After going through present tense units, future tense was really a review in some ways. The hardest part was distinguishing between the futur simple tense and
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I saw two completely different lessons with the same teacher and same students, and it showed me how lesson depends on teachers behavior. The level of students is the same in both lessons, but first o
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In this unit, I learned that it is very important to get all the students involved in the lesson. It's also important to give clear instructions so all students will understand what we are doing. Teac
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I have learned that the uses of tenses are very important in our everyday conversation and using correct grammar points in a sentences if it is past, present and future forms. It also explained in the
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In this lesson, it focuses on teaching special groups. The things to keep in mind when teaching beginners is to keep it simple, be visual, get the students talking, be supportive and respond to indivi
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Many different teaching aids can be used to make lessons more interesting, effectible and less dependent on the textbooks. Unit 17 elaborate on the aspects of teaching aids and equipments. In this
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The brief content of this unit is that it is about conditionals and reported speech. Conditionals are basically used to express some facts and some hypothetical conditions. The five main conditionals
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Present Tenses 1. Present simple; Habitual or routine actions. Permanent situations and facts. Commentaries. Directions and instructions. Newspaper headlines. Present stories. Historical sequen
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This unit tells us about the hardest tense in English language, based on my personal opinion. Because, in Chinese language, for example, future tense doesn’t exist. So it is quite challenging to exp
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Hickory Flat
receptive skills: listening and reading productive skills: speaking and writing two reasons and motives for reading and listening: for a purpose or for entertainment we read and listen with some skill
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Speaking and writing are both important skills. Lessons geared toward speaking should whenever possible be about subjects that interest the students. Study phases should include a lot of controlled
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Holly Springs
teaching aid: white/ black board, interactive whiteboard(IWB), overhead projector(OHP), visual aids, worksheets and work cards , cassette recorder, CD player, videos and DVDs, video camera, dictionari
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Horn Lake
Using course books to teach a class can provide helpful structure as well as an easy way to assess progress in a variety of skills. However, relying on this tool too much can be problematic in a class
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Hot Coffee
past simple form: affirmative: + ed/ d to the base form of the verb. negative : + did not / didn't before the base form questions: + did plus subject before the bas
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Modal verbs are the advanced verb form, but no less important because they allow us to express things like obligation, advice, and prohibition. The passive voice was also covered which students must b
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The brief content of this unit is that to learn effective English it is important to learn tenses. Future tense describes about the action that is not happened yet,but expected to happen in the future
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Unit 8 is a continuation of tenses, but this section is focused on the future rather than the past or present tense. The future tense is the most complex of the three tenses requiring some additional
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In this lesson, it teaches us about the importance of knowing how to manage the classroom. When teachers work with the whole class as a group it allows the students to interact with other students, it
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The brief content of this unit is that it is about teaching and learning materials. This unit is divided into two parts. The first part is about course book and the other is about lesson materials. Bo
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Itta Bena
This unit provides a very basic description of the methods of testing students and the reasons to do so. It might be possible to combine a diagnostic and placement test in the beginning if the materia
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Unit 17 focuses on equipment and teaching aids for the classroom. Facilitators use teaching aids to help deliver the material and keep the topic interesting. There are many different teaching aids use
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Methods and styles of classroom management will vary depending on class siz, student age, cultural expectations, and teachers personal style. Teachers can encourage a more informal intimate feel with
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Modal verbs like might, could, can, and should etc are used in english to express varying degrees of certainty, ability, and obligation. They don't change for different subjects and are usually follo
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In this unit it has been described how to express future in the English language. Apart from four aspects of the future tense (simple, continuous, perfect simple and perfect continuous), we can also u
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There are many different types of groups which may take an English class. Beginners can be divided into true beginners with no prior knowledge of English and false beginners who have studied or been
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The 3rd Unit introduced different types of methods that people still use in their lessons. All of them have positive and negative points about them. The ESA method was based on the positives of severa
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Firstly, I never realized how little I remembered about parts of speech. This was a good refresher on the subject. I had never really learned the difference between transitive and intransitive verbs,
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The brief content of this unit is the use of phonology and pronunciation.it is the study of science, analysis and classification of the physical properties of sound. We deal with the areas of Stress,R
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In this unit, I reviewed the present tenses such as Present Simple, Present Continuous, Present Perfect and Present Perfect Continuous. Each tense has its own rules, forms, usages, examples and typica
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The brief content of this unit is that to learn any languages it is important to learn the four basic skills of that languages i.e. Reading Listening Speaking and Writing. This unit gives us a brie
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Unit 3: I have learned a lot about how important it is to engage with the class before starting your lesson. It will encourage the students openly speak about what they have learned previously and it
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For some students, the productive skills (speaking and writing) will vary in importance as a premium may be placed on speaking. But although writing can take up more time during lessons, its practice
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This unit discusses modals, phrasal verbs, and passive voice. It examines modal auxiliary verbs and passive voice in details but gives only a brief overview of phrasal verbs and relative clauses. Rega
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From this unit I learned about troubleshooting, larger groups are always harder to manage as student's can lose focus very quickly. As a teacher you have to be clear and repetitive while focusing on g
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The brief content of this unit is that it is about all these common problems that almost teachers usually face in the class room. First lesson teaching Warm up activities Teaching to large classes
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Long Beach
This unit gave me a basic idea about different methodologies of language teaching and lesson planning. There is no best method or technique and all techniques can be used by the teacher at some point
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In this unit I have learnt what are the qualities of a good teacher and what roles a teacher can take in the classroom depending on the type and goal of an activity. The unit outlines what are the qua
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This unit is a good overview of how to use the conditional and reported speech, it 's true that it may seem difficult for learners to understand the way it's working and to adapt to the changing of t
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Parts of speech help us define and talk about language. Nouns are people, places, and things. they can be abstract such as music or loyalty or they can be concrete like table book or girl. They can
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The teaching of intonation and stress can help students sound more natural an understand the entire meaning of statements in English. Intonation is the pattern of rises and falls over an entiire sent
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This unit made me realize that there are certain points to consider in teaching vocabulary, grammar and language structure. These points may be considered as healthy boundaries affecting the learning
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Past tenses are odd in that they seem simple but at the same time so easily mixed up. Thinking back I also struggle with my tenses in my own writing and it something that I actively keep in mind when
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In this unit, I learned how to manage classes, give instrustions, and maintain disipline. This unit also gives some practical ways how to establish rapport and class spirit. It clearly explains how to
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The brief content of this unit is that it is about modal phrasal verbs and passive voice. The first part of the unit describes about modal verbs. Modals verbs are used before other word to add meaning
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This unit will be a great aid to manage the class, teaching equipments and aids seem to be at first very easy to deal with , but in fact it can become very hard and make the teacher loses its ti
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The unit explains three grammar points - modals, phrasal verbs and passive voice - and how they are used and constructed. Modals are used before other verbs to add the meaning, for example by changing
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