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This unit is a very interesting and informative lesson for me. As someone who has been teaching PE, I saw teaching from the perspective of a language teacher. Though the techniques are far more detail
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This unit focuses mainly on teaching theories, methods, and techniques. It provides the most common methods and techniques along with a brief description. I found them quite helpful, concise and to th
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This unit described all the parts of speech in the English language. Their functions in sentences, different types and examples were given for each of them. It's important to know all the parts of spe
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Grammar is the most essential building block of language, but it is usually underrepresented in our own education, I haven’t had a grammar course since junior high, unless we pursue a writing or edu
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This provides a visual example of teaching techniques, as well as showing how bad habits can easily manifest in teaching. The first video shows poor technique that might go unnoticed as long as the te
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This unit outlines parts of speech and how to recognize them and classify them. The following parts of speech are described in the unit: verbs, adverbs, nouns, pronouns, articles, adverbs, gerunds, pr
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In this lesson, i learned about the importance of planning a lesson. That as a teacher we should keep it simple, maintain the same structure and keep it flexible. Even though the test mostly focused o
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Deciding what new vocabulary to introduce depends on a number of factors including appropriateness, relevancy to other content, frequency of use, and teachability. Difficulty of new language can be e
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I enjoyed this unit . The gouping and arrangement seating are such good ideas . I feel this will allow me to present a lesson better and it will help me feel more organised with how and what I would b
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I thought this chapter was really interesting in the rapport section. It really helped me identify thing s that I liked from the courses that I have taken and the things that I didn't like about other
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The unit outlines the four aspects of present tense in English language: present simple, continuous, perfect and perfect continuous. In addition to that, there is an explanation on how to create an af
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This unit was very helpful in giving me a basic understanding as to the roles of a teacher and of the learner. The ideas of what makes a good teacher (kind, motivating, engaging, knowledgeable, etc) w
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Port Gibson
1. productive skills: speaking and writing, speaking needs a greater degree of accuracy, writing needs a greater degree of fluency. 2. teacher can improve these 2 skills by accuracy and fluency activi
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Potts Camp
This unit describes some of the grammar rules of English with varying difficulty levels. Early to intermediate students might be able to pick up on the passive voice easily, as it simply changes words
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Testing can give important feedback to teachers on the needs of their students and whether or not their teaching is successful. Placement or diagnostic tests are designed to be given at the beginning
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Classroom management Contrary to popular belief, it is not true that you have to be an extrovert to be a good teacher in the classroom. Some good teachers are very low-key, while other teachers , bot
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The transition of knowledge requires a teacher capable of performing multiple roles, and a motivated learner. It is important to realize the subtleties of that statement, as both teacher and learner h
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3. Methods and techniques are very important in teaching a language especially when your students are learning the language as L2. Thus , this unit elaborates on the the teaching theories , methods a
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This lesson focuses on evaluation and different tests that are given to students to check their language skills, placement and progress of their skills. Placement tests are given to assess the knowled
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I learned to this units the importance that students need to do with new language; be exposed to it, understand it's meaning, how it's constructed, practice and to produce. the functions and methods t
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Troubleshooting First lessons. New group & Existing group ; warmers; different levels; large classes; Use of native language ; Reluctant students; Difficulties with listening texts. Thisseemstobeapro
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I have learned a lot on how to manage a classroom is such a way that the students feel comfortable and relaxed in the classroom. The way you can handle certain situations in the classroom when the stu
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Whatever the level of the class, and however the teacher arranges the study phase of the lesson, there are four things that students need to do with new language; be exposed to it, understand its mean
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Vocabulary is very important to the students ,especially at the early stages when students are motivated to learn the basic words they need to get by in the language . In this unit I learnt that how
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Unit 12 talks about two of the four language skills but this time productive skills that is speaking and writing .I learnt that when two or more people are communicating, it is because of one of the f
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Rolling Fork
in the first lesson, students were confused about the topic and the activity, the teacher should try to ask the students questions in other ways with some easy words, and before the activity, teacher
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This unit provides a rationale for scheduling and detailing a single lesson. This serves as a useful tool for new to teachers to ensure they meet every goal they set out for that individual class, as
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I had the most difficulty in this lesson with creating lesson plans for the tasks at the end of the unit. I learned some good examples of how to teach vocabulary such as bringing in flashcards and pro
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This lesson was a bit more complicated than the other lessons as I felt that their was more than one answer to the question. In the second video, I felt that the teacher engaged the student appropriat
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This unit is a good overview of how we can use the futur tense in different situations and the different usages of it. I ' ve really appreciated examples given and the teaching tools. I' ve found the
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This unit outlines different tests and exams used for evaluation of students' language skills. Placement, practice and diagnostic tests are usually an integral part of most of the English language cou
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Good teachers are able to engage students and encourage participation from all students while maintaining the ability to direct the class. They are able to answer questions, evaluate and correct stud
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ESA provides a balanced foundation for teaching English, by keeping the students attention, providing new skills, and presenting a platform to practice those skills (along with knowledge obtained in p
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The future tense builds on the grammar lessons of the present and past tense, including having present tenses with future implications. This is where any previous weaknesses will rear their head and h
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The testing process begins before the class starts with a placement test to determine the correct grade for the student. Then throughout the class tests will be used to monitor progress, identify prob
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This unit gave me a general overview of different kinds of tests that can and should be used before and during the course in order to identify the level of the students and check their progress. Each
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Unit 9 is concerned with lesson planning. Whether the teacher is facilitating a class as a beginning or expert, it is responsible to create a lesson plan. Teachers that are new to the position may nee
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In the first lesson the teacher seems annoyed or angry with the students much of the time. He doesn't give clear instructions for activities or explanations of grammar points. When students don't un
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This unit offers a great deal of useful information about classroom management. I have had a previous course on managing classes, but it wasn’t as clear and well detailed as presented in this unit.
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This unit presents two grammar points: conditionals and reported speech. It explains the five types of conditionals along with their forms and usages. It also provides some teaching ideas, which I fin
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This unit gives information about first lessons and how you should act. For example, you need to establish rapport between students and the teacher, find out about students' needs and aspirations wit
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I learned what makes a good teacher. Overall, it's a combination of personality and the relationship with the students. I learned the different roles of a teacher and when to use these roles. Teachers
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This is the first unit where I felt a wealth of information. I am going to be brand new to teaching, so learning all the different teaching methods will be immensely helpful. I like that teaching can
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I have learned and fully understand the relationship of teacher and students in the classroom. Teacher have a big responsibilities in the lesson and to the behavior affect to students, in a way that i
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Unit 16 is a review of conditionals and reported speech in the English language. Conditionals are sentences in the English language that contain the word, "if" and refers to a condition between circum
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In this unit I learned about qualities of a good teacher, different roles being a teacher and also about learners. Being a good teacher means to get the lesson organized and provide enjoyable, friendl
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Silver City
the parts of speech:1. nouns( common, proper, compound, abstract, collective/ countable, uncountable) 2. adjectives( order: size-age-colour-material-noun) co
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Silver Creek
This unit covers the methods on teaching the productive language skills, speaking and writing. This requires a strong engagement to motivate the student to put thought into what they want to say, and
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This unit is focused on past tenses. It presents the usage (how and when to use the tenses) and states the forms of all the past tenses with an explanation of positive, negative and question forms alo
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. Unit 13 is about the teaching of pronunciation and phonology .This unit treats details English phonology like intonation, . JUST like unit 11, unit 12 talks about two of the four language skills b
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