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This unit was very useful for me, I understood what is good tacher and how good student should look like. Of course, this unit showed me what motivates students to learn new language and another side
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The brief content of this unit is that lesson plan is simply a step by step guide to which an English teacher plans to do in the classroom on a given day.An effective lesson plan has following steps L
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A brief overview of the content of the unit "Teachers and Learners" is that the positive teacher and student relationship is very important for effective learning process. A kind, knowledgeable, and m
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Conditional statements deal with posiblities and use either if or when. The zero conditional is used for statements that are certain or almost certain, and is formed with if or when and the present t
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The brief content of this unit is that the classroom management is the skill of organising and managing the class,having a friendly relaxed manner and maintaining discipline. In this unit there are lo
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Unit number 7 is totally about 3 the most important parts of any language. They are vocabulary, grammar and language functions. Here we got an information about basic task in student’s usage of lang
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This unit is mainly about choosing course books and lesson materials. It discusses the advantages and disadvantages of course books and how to make the best use of them. It differentiates between auth
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Many different options of teaching methodology exist and reflect the changing ideas and debates about the most effective ways to teach language. Many different methodologies can be effective and each
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Many different teaching aids can be used to make lessons more interesting, effective and less dependent on the textbook. Different schools, of course, have different resources available to teachers. F
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Different issues can arise with different groups. Keeping things clear and simple and at the level of the students can help with many issues. when dealing with large groups doing lots of pairwork an
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In this unit I reviewed modals, phrasal verbs and passive voice. This unit clearly explains usages of all modal verbs such as may, can, could, have to, must, should etc. The passive voice section desc
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Unit 11 is concerned with teaching receptive skills. In the English language, receptive skills are comprised of reading and listening. Furthermore, people typically have two motives for reading and li
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In this unit I reviewed the future tenses such as Future Simple, Future Continuous, Future Perfect, Future Perfect Continuous, Also forms such as Be going + infinitive, Present Simple and Present Cont
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Bay Springs
intonation is generally considered to be the variation in volume and pitch in a whole sentence. the normal pattern of intonation in a statement is the rise/fall intonation.the common intonatio patter
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Bay St. Louis
This unit provides another reference for lesson outlines, but dealing with general topics, such as vocabulary, grammatical structures, and language functions. The lesson formats from previous units ca
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Unit 20 is concerned with troubleshooting. As a teacher, there are many situations to consider when your students take English as a foreign language. Students may have various language speaking abilit
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Unit 4 gives us a great knowledge about present tense and it’s aspects. I learned how to recognize which aspect of tense we should use in a different types of sentences. This unit also gives as key
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In this unit we will look at different ways of evaluating students' levels and progress, as well as some of the common external exams that you may need to prepare your students for. Read through the m
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The brief content of this unit is that if teacher uses proper ESA technique and understands the psyche of the student,he/she can keeps class engaging in learning otherwise,students will start loosing
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This unit focused on the learner and teacher. Understanding the qualities of a “good” teacher and their various roles in the classroom, as well as the teacher understanding the learner. It goes
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An English teacher could experience very different student environments. A class could be composed of mono or multilingual students. Their ages and experience will also vary greatly. You will not tea
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There are four basic skills in any language; receptive skills – reading and listening, and productive skills – speaking and writing. All are equally important and wherever possible we should try t
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Blue Mountain
This unit focussed on the productive communication skills of writing and speaking. I learned that it is important to spend time within the classroom developing my students' writing skills. Although th
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Bogue Chitto
the writing of lesson plans has a number of important functions: 1. an aid to planning 2. a working document 3. a record basic principles of lesson planing are : keep it simple, don't try to script th
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UNIT 1: TEACHERS AND LEARNERS GOOD TEACHER The Top Five qualities of a “good” teacher for me is that he should: 1. Be Knowledgeable of the subject matter, 2. Be Kind and patient to the students,
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Unit 9. I learned the importance of having a lesson plan when you have a class scheduled. It not only helps you to have some sort of structure to fall back to when you forget what your next step will
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The unit explains in details the usage and structure of conditional sentences and reported speech. Both are commonly used in everyday speech, however due to the complexity they may pose problems for s
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Unit 18 explains modals, phrasal verbs, and passive voice. Each component to unit 18 is essential to the English language but is not discussed as much as the grammar components in previous units. This
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This unit explains the English phonology and pronunciation, and teaching techniques for intonation, word stress and articulation. Intonation reflects the tone (rising, falling, flat etc.) within a sen
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Unit 4 is another challenging lesson for me because I realized I have been using these tenses without really consciously placing them in their correct use. It is great to be reminded of the different
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Course books are a very emotive issue for many teachers. Some teachers swear by them, while other teachers despise them. Almost every published coursebookhasitsfansanditsdetractors. Thechoice of wheth
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Unit 3 Methodology : Normally we have Grammar-Translation; Audio-lingualism; Presentation, Practice and Production; Task-based Learning; Communicative Language Teaching; cOMMUNITY language Learning;
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I thought this was really interesting because it made me start thinking about how I learnt English. I know that it wasn't just passive but at the same time it was hard to recall how lessons regarding
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This lesson helps provide the different resources a teacher can have in the classroom, I think that the white/black board, OHP, worksheets, course books and photocopier's are the most important resour
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This unit openes up the main reason of communication. The meaning of teacher’s creating the need and and desire in student’s communication is very high and very important. I learned that both flue
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The brief content of this unit is that it is about teaching special groups. Teaching special groups can be divided into five categories. Beginners Individuals Young learners Business English Monol
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This part of learning how to be an English teacher, taught me about different aspects of the lesson, which are the basis, such as teacher’s and student’s participation, sitting, position and group
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Calhoun City
This unit provides a technical guide to pronunciation of the English language. By listing every component of the English phonetic language, then classifying them by how they are produced, a guide emer
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In this lesson, I have learned the different past tenses. I learned that common verbs in English have irregular simple past that includes words used in the past tense that does not include "ed". Past
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Teaching productive skills is one of the most important tasks of the language teacher, and especially as for wtiting, one of the most challenging ones. When focusing on speaking, the teacher needs to
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Unit 12 is about teaching productive skills. Much the same as the previous chapter, unit 12 is focused on receptive skills, but the difference is unit 12 is geared toward speaking and writing rather t
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By comparing the two demonstration class videos we get a clear example of a bad teacher in video one and a good teacher in video two. The difference in student engagement in the two shows the benefits
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Unit 7 is concerned with the vocabulary, grammar, and functions in teaching a new language. While a teacher is tasked with the arrangement of a lesson plan he or she should consider that students need
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This unit, while short, took a lot of thinking. The present tense unit actually seemed a little easier to grasp then this one. It was a bit confusing to understand the usages of each past tense. Past
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Teaching both reading and listening skills is very important. Reading skills can be easier for students because they have infinite time to process the information whereas when listening students need
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In this lesson, it talks about how choosing the material you teach is important because it keeps students motivated and interested in the subject. By giving student variety of different material such
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I liked this unit better than I thought I would. I've found that tenses tend to be challenging, but I understood the future tenses pretty well the first time I read through it. That doesn't mean it's
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This unit is about equipment and teaching aids. In this unit I learned about equipment and teaching aids such as whiteboard, interactive white board, overhead projector, visual aids, worksheets and wo
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Unit 2- Parts of Speech 1. Grammar is an area of English that strikers fear into the hearts of both students and teacher, but when viewed from a logical angle, it should not present too many difficul
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I feel like the productive skills of speaking and writing are equally important as the receptive skills of reading and listening, and also a bit more challenging. I think this because when you are spe
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