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Parts of speech help us define and talk about language. Nouns are people, places, and things. they can be abstract such as music or loyalty or they can be concrete like table book or girl. They can also be uncountable like water or countable like computer, this affects sentence structure in most cases. Verbs are words that can either describe an action like singing swimming drifting, or a state of being like to be or to seem. nouns can be transitive, where another person or thing recieves the action(take, bring, introduce), or intransitive stand alone actions (go) many verbs are both. Adjectives describe nouns and in general they sound better if stated "number, age, color, other qualities." they almost always come before the noun they describe. Adverbs describe verbs and generally end in ly. Indefinite articles a and an indicate a general member of a group while the definite article the indicates a specific member of a group. Personal pronouns take the place of an object that belongs to someone while personal adjectives merely describe something that belongs to someone.