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Snow Lake Shores
This unit covers the future tense, which contains the most forms and even blends in some present tense words. This will likely be the most difficult to teach students, but the best way to start would
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From this unit i learned how to use parts of speech. I think that is important to know the difference between all parts of speech, how to distinguish between a noun and verb, what is the object and wh
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I ve really enjoyed studying this part, and i've realised how important the preparation process is, cause it will help the teacher to feel at ease, and to be effective. The learners would certainly a
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This unit is about coursebooks and lesson materials. It describes that coursebooks consist of materials such as student's book, workbook, cassettes, teacher's book, and additional materials like readi
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Unit 15 is concerned with evaluation and testing. Both components serve an essential function as they help the teacher and student understand how much of the subject matter they know and do not know.
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State Line
teaching materials: authentic materials and creative materials authentic materials: programs, magazines, newspapers, songs, poems, brochures, menues, films, etc. creative materials: crosswords, role-p
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Unit 13 focuses on teaching pronunciation and phonology. Of all the teaching components in the English language, pronunciation and phonology are among the most challenging to explain, but an effective
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I thought it was interesting to look at this unit because it gave me a chance to reflect on my own life experiences as being a teacher and a learner. It reminded me of things that I need work on to be
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This unit compares use of different types of materials for teaching English - course books, authentic materials and created materials. Course books are a good base for language courses in general, bec
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This unit mainly focuses on teachers and learners. It presents the qualities that both a good teacher and a good learner should have. It also explains the different roles of a teacher inside the class
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I never realized there were so many rules to tenses as English has become such a natural part of life. This unit helped me to realize how much English can be broken down and how difficult it is to exp
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Pronunciation and phonology are a challenge to teach, but essential for easily understood speech. The rise and fall of our voice across sentences conveys meaning. Helping students to break down sounds
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This units explains how to teach receptive skills to students of the English language. Both reading and listening are equally important and should be balanced (together with two productive skills). Th
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This unit was very helpful in terms of advice concerning class management and teacher-student interactions. Different kinds of groupings and their pros and cons were discussed in detail, and different
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There are different types of the receptive skills (reading and listening) to teach the students. This is because we read and listen differently in various social, educational, and work situations. The
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This unit explains three most common components taught to students learning English language as a foreign language, that is grammar, vocabulary and functions. While teaching a new language it is impor
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This unit was very informative unit based in lesson planning. These techniques will be very useful in engaging student learning English into the lesson plan. The main thing that stuck with me includes
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In this lesson, I learned about what auxiliary verbs are, what their uses are and how to use them in past, present and future tense. I think that is important for everyone to know the difference betwe
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I liked this unit about lesson planning. It is all very useful information. One of the main points I took from this unit was that lesson planning is very helpful, but it can't be too planned out as te
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Unit 10 is a video lesson that is used to demonstrate how a teacher's body language, tone, and method for carrying out a lesson plan can affect the outcome of a class session. It is extremely importan
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After watching both videos I have learnt how the teacher's attitude can influence the atmosphere in the classroom. The teacher with positive attitude and smile have succeed in the second lesson, while
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Effective classroom management does not come from one aspect of the teacher’s behavior. It is a combination of their classroom personality, their interaction with the physical environment, their in
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This unit was particularly informative for me because it not only included the information about structure and use of future tenses, but also included the use of present continious, present simple and
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In this lesson I learned the importance of present tense, this is very important especially in written english. I learned the difference between present perfect, present continuous sentence, present s
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In this lesson I learned the importance of pronunciation, the rise and fall of a speech and the techniques for indicating and teaching intonation. It teaches us the importance of syllable and what is
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This unit discusses the 2 receptive skills, listening and reading. It also gives a brief description of the different specialist skills needed for reading and listening successfully. Another point the
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This unit focuses on two production skills, writing and speaking, which are equally important to master. The teacher may use different methods to encourage students to speak, for example pair work, as
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Lesson planning has benefits for both the teacher and student. It allows the teacher to plan their class time, ensure they have the materials they need, structure their lesson effectively, and later e
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In this lesson, I learned about the different tools a teacher can use in the classroom. I think that the white/black board is the most essential because it used everyday in the classroom. This will he
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In this lesson, I think that it is important to understand the difference between future continuous, future perfect and perfect future continuous. I think that is important to understand when we are t
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Many situations in life will best be expressed with a conditional sentence, but they vary greatly between direct and reported situations. The small differences between them are likely confusing but th
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Walnut Grove
the five main conditionals :1. zero conditional: if/when + present tense, present tense 2. first conditional: if+ present simple, will 3. second conditional: if + past simple, would/could/ might+ base
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Water Valley
This unit goes over the various types of students you might teach. They may require very different teaching styles, as children will need varied activities and an enjoyable atmosphere, while business
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This unit focuses on evaluation and testing. It discusses different ways of evaluating students’ levels and progress. It focuses more on tests as a way of assessing students’’ language levels. I
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We have previously looked at the importance of integrated skills in the classroom, and also examined receptive skills in more detail. Now we take a look at the productive skills: speaking and writing.
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Overall the lesson gives a great insight of what makes a good teacher and how to be student-centered so that students can achieve progress in the classroom and in their future . It is important for te
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Unit 14 focuses on the topic of coursebooks and lesson materials. When facilitating a class, the degree to which a coursebook is used is something to consider. The teacher must decide if the class sho
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Unit 5 deals with classroom management. Often, the teacher should consider the environment of the classroom and the manner in which he or she responds to it. Managing the classroom seems to promote a
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This unit is about productive skills which are speaking and writing. In this unit you can learn the difference between accuracy and fluency activities, reasons why students can seem reluctant to speak
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West Point
This unit describes the general skills of the student, as either receptive or productive. Many students can reach some degree of proficiency in productive skills in the classroom, but when trying to u
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The two video lesson examples have shown how important is the attitude of the teacher to the class and the students for the success of the lesson. If the teacher is in a good mood, enthusiatic about h
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The four past tenses are similar to the present tenses. Past simple generally refers to a completed action that occurred in the past or something that happened regularly in the past and no longer hap
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I learned that the receptive skills of reading and listening are very important. There are different reasons that someone reads and listens to things. One thing I learned was that an effective way to
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The role of the teacher plays an important role in the classroom. During a typical lesson I believe that it is important for a teacher to be organized, be prompter, a tutor, a monitor, a facilitator a
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Yazoo City
a new lesson usually include new grammar, vocabulary and functions. vocabulary is important at the early stages. students need to know the meaning, use, word grammar, interaction, speeling and pronunc
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