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Curriculum: engage-activate-study-activate-study-activate; After students chose and discuss about their favorite books or films, they write synopsis of it using the past simple past tense. They study
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Has re-iterated the importance of teaching to students abilities. There are 4 things that students need to do with new language, be exposed to language (importance of student talk time), understand it
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Receptive skills are obviously important to learners of English and it is easy to take this for granted when one is already a proficient English speaker. Reading and listening are crucial in the devel
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In this lesson, I learned about what conditionals and reported/direct speech are and how to teach them to ESL students. It was a good recap of what the different types of conditionals are, how and whe
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This was a good final unit of grammar. It was in depth and covered some areas of English that I know native speakers sometimes struggle with themselves; notably the passive voice. Fortunately I didn't
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Unit 9 focuses on how to lesson plan. The unit begins with a brief discussion of the reasons for creating a lesson plan including helping plan the class as a well as having a record after the class ha
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Brown City
This unit illustrates the positives and negatives of course books and when it is appropriate to use them. They do provide a good balance of grammar, vocabulary, and skills work which can be graded to
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Brownlee Park
In this unit, parts of speech were the main focus, such as getting the full range knowledge of nouns, verbs, adverbs and so forth. It first delved into the general description of what each was, but th
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Seeing some common mistakes and knowing that i am going to come across with those mistakes..I am not a native speaker so i had met with those mistakes before.I had solved them while i am learning the
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Bruce Crossing
Unit 7: Teaching New Language focused on the basics of instructing vocabulary, grammar, and language functions in an ELL classroom. While the chapter was short in length, the information will be cri
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This unit examines the ways, challenges, and beauty of teaching English to different groups. I learned that, for example, when teaching beginners I should control my language and be aware of students'
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This unit is on how to organize and run a classroom to create the most conducive environment for learning possible. The lesson allows great flexibility to the teacher regarding desk arrangement and p
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How to deal with the use of native language, reluctant students, large classes, different levels and some other difficulties that can be present during a class are situations summarised in this unit,
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Lesson planning is an integral part of teaching, it should include the objective of the lesson for both the learners and the teacher and include enough activities to provide a variety to the learners.
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I think that all the tenses and their forms are extremely important for a TEFL teacher. The tenses combined with vocabulary have to be spot on from the beginning when teaching them to help eliminate
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Buena Vista
This unit "Teaching Productive Skills" takes a close look at speaking and writing skills. In this unit I understood the techniques and activities that can help both the teacher and student in the Engl
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Bunker Hill
This unit dealt with potential problems teachers may come across in their teaching career. Some of the most common problems included students having different levels of language proficiency, in which
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This last unit was about common problem situations. It covered the "first lesson" in depth. It also gave some really good pointers for large classes and the use of native language in the classroom. Al
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The different types of ESA Methods can be somewhat confusing . As I thought Straight Arrow was just Engage- Study- Activate. But in the questions above this was : Engage ,Study, Study, Activate, and A
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I found the techniques for teaching vocabulary in the Engage,Study and Activate stages to be quite helpful.Also the techniques for the presenting of language structures should be interesting to try wi
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With this unit I feel like I struggled a lot less than the previous units I have completed. It was fairly simple and reminded me of the first few units I had done. This unit for me felt like the answe
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Very interesting and useful content and obviously its very useful to be practiced as guidelines in future teaching profession for us.Really hope I could pass through all the units on the average score
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I am very happy that unit 10 included videos of a good ESA demonstration and a bad ESA demonstration. I found these videos to be extremely helpful. The students responded well during the second video
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Burr Oak
There are a few common problems that a teacher may face in a classroom environment. If the class is a multilingual class it can be difficult to teach, therefore the teacher must keep the language of i
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I have learned much about basic grammar from this unit, particularly the sentence structure or the parts of speech. It’s interesting to see that each grammatically correct English sentence has met t
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Burt Lake
This unit covered teaching strategies and methods for vocabulary, grammar, and language functions. Vocabulary identified the receptive vocabulary and the productive vocabulary. Then compared the two w
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In this lesson, I learned about the future tenses. Future simple involves the phrase I will. Future continuous involves the subject, the phrase will be, the verb, and -ing word. Future continuous invo
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Unit 9 went into details of lesson planning, giving a basic overview and an example, as well as having me try to piece together a couple of lesson plans based on a collection of worksheets. Lesson pla
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This unit was an introduction to and overview of the present tense. My main takeaway from this lesson is that there are 4 different types of present tense. the present simple, the present perfect, the
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This unit proved to be extremely instrumental in learning about how to teach English to various special groups. It is extremely interesting to see that each group has a different set of requirements t
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This unit teaches more on teacher student relationship in the classroom. And I have learnt more about students behavior in classroom environment, the need for motivation and how to successful interact
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This unit covers further details behind lesson planning as well as the importance of it. Lesson planning serves as three main things: 1) as an aid to planning, 2) as a working document, and 3) as a hi
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In this unit I learnt the form and the usages of the tenses. Although we use these tenses regularly, when you are asked to explain which tense it is, it can get confusing especially for young students
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Byron Center
I found sections of this unit quite valuable. Especially the suggested activities for the first lesson with a brand new class. Also the warmers activities are handy to start the lesson but also to win
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The last unit in the course was on common problems that teachers run into their first time teaching a new class. Often times they will have a new class, with which they will have to establish rapport
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I learned about: - the roles of the teacher. For example, teachers have roles such as being the manager, assessor, organizer, prompter etc. - the traits of good learners and teachers. This
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A variety of teaching methods enriches the class and gives students the opportunity to learn in different ways. It also gives the teacher a chance to observe how their students learn best. Using ESA (
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After this unit I knew how to examine level testing of students, how to design a syllabus and how to asses them. Although courses may vary in size, subject matter or level, a systematic process will h
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In this unit,I reviewed the basic grammar tense,the present tense.Also,I learnt new things such as the sample of activate stage teaching ideas.This unit explained in details the present simple tense,p
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This unit was very helpful in outlining the obvious and subtle differences when teaching young learners, adults, multilingual groups etc. It is very important to adapt the lesson plan, subject and con
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in this unit 17 i learn about different teaching equipment and their advantages and disadvantages first of all white/black board are used in school for a long time how to write and what are the princi
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This unit introduces different teaching methods and approaches for a classroom of students. It depends on the needs, culture, and personalities of your students as every student learns differently. Th
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In this unit the concept of classroom management has been introduced and explained. There are several factor to consider when talking about classroom and its management which are mostly psychological.
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Unit 5: Managing Classes focused on the "housekeeping" elements of teaching. As a former secondary school teacher and current community college instructor, I realize the importance of this material.
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Canada Creek Ranch
This lesson defines the productive skills of speaking and writing. Both of these skills are equally important for the ELL student to acquire. This unit also gives examples of how these productive skil
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Canadian Lakes
After completing this Unit, I knew some teaching strategies and themes for young learners. We should build teaching around activities and physical movement, link language learning to physical activiti
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In this unit of theories, methods and techniques we were taught about the many methodologies of teaching and that there is no hard line of right or wrong but it is more about noticing and deciding whi
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This unit is very well explained and I loved the real-life classroom experience. I found the lesson well-taught. These types of videos are very helpful since my classroom experience is limited. The ph
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This unit gave us 2 lessons to let us compaire which one is more effective and suitable for the students. This class compare them from the teacher's attitude with the students, the methord of teaching
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This unit takes a look into grammar and vocabularly.The unit looks at the activities necessary in each stage of the ESA model of presenting lessons, ESA being abbreviation for Engage Study Activate.Th
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