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Past simple is verb + ed and its usage is a past action in a particular time. Past continuous is was/were +verb+ing and its usage is it can express an action that began before that time and probably c
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This unit taught me about modal verbs, phrasal verbs, and passive voice. It is good to have a definition of modal verbs, because I think those are words that are often debated, even by English speaker
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I have learnt we have previously looked at the importance of integrated skills in the classroom, and also examined receptive skills in more detail. I took a look at the productive skills: speaking and
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This unit shows how to teach new vocabulary, grammar and language functions with the use of the ESA methods. It also points out what has to be considered when teaching vocabulary, i.e. how appropriat
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Following the unit on the receptive skills, this unit clarified things for me in terms of writing and speaking, also known as productive skills. I found it particularly interesting to find out about t
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Carp Lake
I believe this section breaks down the speaking of the English language into pronunciations, intonations, and articulations. We must understand and comprehend how to make the sound of words in order f
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In this unit, I have learned about the structure of a sentence. More exactly how there are four forms of the present (simple, perfect, (perfect) continuous). The other English teacher said I have to b
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Carson City
As I can see from the Unit 1, the relationship between teacher and student is a very important thing. A teacher's behavior and personality will definitely take influence on student's learning. A carin
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I think this lesson was very useful. I think I will take the lessons advice when I teach conditionals and only focus on one conditional at a time. I think it is important for English students to lea
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This unit basically talks about the Teacher and the Learner. It goes further to give a rough evaluation of who a teacher or a learner is. Furthermore, the unit throws more light on what should expect
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This unit proved to be the most challenging out of all the units pertaining to the usages of English grammar in the classroom. It showed to be difficult and challenging to learn although extremely rew
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Speaking and writing are the two productive skills. Each presents unique difficulties. With speaking, pronunciation can be difficult if the learner's language doesn't contain certain sounds. Writing i
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This lesson covered the intricacies of classroom management, and gave examples of appropriate teacher behavior. It was good for me to learn about the various classroom setups. I have a previous langua
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This unit is a comprehensive discussion about classroom management and how the teacher's role, the lesson and the classroom setting affect what the teacher does or does not do. The introduction makes
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Unit 2 on Parts of Speech has taught me a lot. These are things that I was taught years ago and use daily, but have never took the time to sit and examine why I use certain tenses and sentence structu
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Cass City
Writing is difficult for all students. They are worried about what to write, is it spelled correctly, and is it enough. I always try to have the students use a form that lets them get down ideas and
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Unit 1: I have learnt and reflected on what makes a good teacher both personally and professionally. I have learnt what are considered the 9 main roles of a good teacher. I have learnt and reflected o
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Castle Park
This unit is with regards to teacher's and learner's good qualities and/or characteristics. It also tackles their relationship inside and outside the class and the language level of the learner. I l
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When teaching students to listen or read, it is important to select topic and content that suit the students level. When learning new words, teachers must highlight and explained briefly before the li
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This unit emphasized the points needed to properly convey certain thought processes through the different conditionals, and reported speech. It simply broke down the difference between zero, first, se
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In this unit it is written about the Future tenses. Many different tenses and ideas can be used with future meanings. The are the following: 1) The future simple. E.g. I will call you tomorrow. 2) The
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Cedar Lake
Both Videos are very interesting to watch.Of course the second video is more like representing the attitude of a good Teacher for the students to learn more about English language as he has managed to
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Cedar River
This unit gave an interesting and enriching insight into the pros and cons of using course books and relevant examples that could be used for a teacher who lacks a certain artistic vibe like me. Accor
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Cedar Springs
In this part of the course, I have learnt a lot from the unit videos. After watching the unit's videos, I had to compare two different lessons and find the errors and mistakes that were done by the te
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Unit one of this course was basically a reinforcement and a great reminder of information about teachers and learners that I already knew from my previous teaching experience to non-native speakers of
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Cement City
This was another simple test due to my solid background in grammar. The only question that really gave me pause was the one regarding the correct usage of past continuous tense, as there are two, very
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A lesson plan is a teacher's detailed description of the course of instruction or "learning trajectory" for a lesson. A daily lesson plan is developed by a teacher to guide class learning. Details wil
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Center Line
Modal and phrasal verbs are so common in English expressions, so learners have to understand what they are and how they work. An observation I made during this lesson is that while they can be a bit m
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Teaching receptive skills is a really informative chapter that focuses on the importance of properly teaching listening and reading skills. The chapter first discusses reasons why we read and listen.
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Central Lake
This unit was very interesting. I think it was great watching the videos of actual classes being taught in order to show a teacher making a lot of mistakes in his class as opposed to "doing it right."
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There is a lot to determine what makes a good teacher and a good learner. However, it is a teachers job to find these things in both themselves and their students. This way, they can attempt to better
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From this unit, i have learned how important it is when making sure that a class gets all students to understand and be more engaging in class with the correct use of respective skills and productive
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I learned various forms of evaluation and testing from this unit. Placement tests are usually given to evaluate a student's current skill set for placing that student at the right level of lessons.
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This unit presents the multitude of elements that must come together to make a classroom. Each element, such as classroom layout or class management style, contributes to the learning environment, and
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I learnt about the different theories, methods and techniques of EFL. The different methods and techniques are as follows: Grammar –translation, Audio – lingualism, Presentation, Practice and Prod
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Pronunciation is probably the most neglected aspect of English language teaching. An effective teacher considers the teaching of pronunciation an integral part of the course. Phonology is the study, s
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This unit covered the testing and evaluation of students including placement, diagnostic, progress and practice testing. Each type of testing and its purposes were fully explained as were the differen
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This unit confronted the dreaded classroom management nightmares that every teacher has at some point; however, it also provides important tools with which to deal with the issues that teachers may ru
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In this unit we have studied the many different skills that are required to become a successful ESL teacher. We have also covered the diverse range of roles you must take on when teaching a class, and
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In this chapter I learned about how, as a teacher, you can control a classroom. Based off of different activities, one will want to respond differently. I learned about the factors that might play int
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In my opinion the writing skill is difficult and different from the rest of the skills. Is not just about thinking and saying it goes beyond, you need to link ideas and write them on a paper. Be conci
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Unit 19 covered teaching special groups such as individual students, beginners, Business English students, young learners, etc. The unit gave me insight into possible problems that may arise with any
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This unit taught me about some special situations and how to react to them. One example would be the first day of class. What can I expect from the students and what can I do to get to know them as qu
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The future tense and its various forms is discussed in this unit. In comparison with present and past, future tense is more difficult to understand, because some of its forms such as future perfect a
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Cherry Grove
When teaching vocabulary, we choose based on appropriacy to student and task, how often or likely the student will use it and its teachability. When introducing grammatical structures, the student nee
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Cherry Valley
This unit is a critical unit for both the novice and "experience" teacher. it outlines the use and rationale for the lesson plan. Most importatantly it emphazises the need of the lesson plan and that
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In my opinion to teach the present tense is one of the hardest thing while teaching English since its quite confusing for the students to understand when are they talking about past, present, and futu
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Unit 20, the last unit, covered trouble shooting. It covered the best way to approach the first lesson. Establishing rapport with the students is very important. Finding out about their needs and a
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With reluctant students, the teacher can use pair work, controlled practice, role play, or a tape recorder. Pair work allows student to practice in a safe environment. Controlled practice makes sure s
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I have always been very particular about using proper grammar in both my speech and writing. As a literacy teacher in an international school, it is even more important for me to model proper grammar.
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