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This unit had a lot of really good advice on specific circumstances, many of which I have found myself in. It was short though, so I am going to write on more about this course in general. In this cou
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This unit included information on modal auxiliary verbs, the passive voice, and phrasal verbs. Modal auxiliary verbs are difficult - essentially, these are words in English, such as must, could, and s
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Many have said that teaching young learners is the most rewarding groups to teach. Each groups have their own difficulties and problems so you have approach each problems differently. With young learn
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As a teacher in the United States, I have worked in many school environments. At each location, the perceptions of using textbooks and teacher created materials differed. Any seasoned teacher will agr
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As I was lucky enough for receiving a complete and thorough course of phonology, this unit served me really well as a reminder. However, it also brought to light the different techniques through which
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In this lesson I learned about tests and evaluating the students. There are different types of tests that all try to do different things. Placement tests try to evaluate incoming students so that one
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In this unit, the practice of lesson planning was explained at length. This concept was considered in full detail because certain teachers may wish to plan the procedure of their lesson ahead of time.
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This unit covers many of the parts of speech in English. The reasons grasping grammar is very important in a language before you begin to teach it is that so many of a native speakers speech patterns
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This unit discussed some of the most common problem situations that teachers can encounter in the classroom and it suggest ways of dealing with them. I learnt that the common problem situations that
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The unit on teaching a new language provided the teacher with the opportunity to explore the ESA method introduced in Unit 3. This time, however, the focus was on the learning of a new language throug
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I learned the methods and games that can engage students to learn English grammar. Also, there are at least twelve tenses that I need to be familiar with and prepare to teach. The tense can have diffe
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This unit covers various classroom scenarios that you may encounter in your teaching career. It looks at techniques and activities that can be used when teaching specific groups such as beginners, yo
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In this unti i have learned receptive skills, such as reading and listening and the reasons for reading abd listening. Which is different depends on the reason if it's for a purpose or for entertainme
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This unit presented teachers with the format and content of a lesson plan. It also highlighted the benefits of a lesson plan and presented teachers with ways in which house the lesson plan. The lesson
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Atlantic Mine
Unit 2 discusses learning and development theories, how languages are learned, the learning environment for students, and the maturation process. There are four major categories of development theorie
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In this unit, I have learned about level testing and needs analyses, considered the external factors that may place constraints on the teacher's design and implementation of a course, studied differen
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Unit 17 was about the different equipment and teaching aids you might use in a lesson. Covering a wide range, including interactive whiteboards, visual aids, computers, etc, it showed me how to be bes
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Au Gres
Unit 17 gave an overview of the different materials that teachers often find themselves using in the classroom. From the most basic blackboard to a newly bought interactive whiteboard, these can be in
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Au Sable
I've learned about an overview of the course, how it's divided and the subjects that I'm going to take on the following days! The TEFL course enhanced a lot focusing on teenagers and adults, I'd say.
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Au Train
I found this unit to be quite good. The one thing that I this unit has brought to my attention is the simple task of asking a question and then indicate which student should answer the question. That
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After that unit my anxiety reduced a little.That unit gave me the knowledge about how i can do a lesson without being boring for myself and for my students.Over that unit i just thought that we would
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Auburn Hills
The final unit deals with difficulties that the teacher can encounter in the classroom and how to rectify these difficulties.The problems can even begin with the first lesson with the teacher having t
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This unit covers cultural issues found when teaching in different parts of the world, as well as discussing finding employment,including how to write a cv and cover letter. It also gives further quali
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this unit is all about future tenses 1 the future simple tense subject + will verb example i will go.2 the future continous tense name subject + will + be + verb + ing i will be going.3 the future per
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Unit 1 began with an overview of some of the different roles which a teacher must perform when leading a class. These roles are all important, but a teacher must be conscious of what roles they are pu
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I believe that the teaching methods shown within this unit, particularly those of ESA, have influenced current TEFL practices. Teaching nowadays is much more student-centered. The days of when the tea
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From Unit 1 I’ve learned what features a good teacher should have and how these features reflect the style of education. In addition this , I’ve learned how to analyze students’ perspective on
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Well . . . this unit covered the past tenses. It gave a very general overview beginning with the past simple tense then the past continuous then the past perfect and then the past perfect continuous.
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Bad Axe
In this unit i have learned about lesson planning and why we should plan lessons. And how should a lesson plan be written down. And what should be included in a lesson plan such as learner objectives,
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Unit 13 begins with an overview of pronunciation and phonology and their facets. First, intonation patterns within English are described and mapped out. These patterns vary based on the focus and gram
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In this lesson how to teach vocabulary, grammar, and functions. To teach vocabulary first you must select appropriate word that students will often encounter and that you are able to teach, then you m
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The content of this unit further explained the differences between a teacher and a learner. There are roles the teacher must take on in order to deliver a successful teaching segment while the learner
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This unit teaches one how to break down the complexity of present tenses. In giving detailed explanations with examples of present simple, present continuous, present perfect, and present perfect cont
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Unit 3 informed me on theories, methods, and techniques used in classrooms around the world. I believe that the method or methods a teacher chooses to use should depend on the students or student. Met
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The unit has been about phonetics and phonology, phonology being a more frequently used word to describe the science that explains the ways of pronouncing letters and syllables in a language. The Engl
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This unit was about teaching special groups, young learners, individuals and English for specific purpose groups. For the young learners the unit taught me some general guidelines and some good advice
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Unit 16 was about conditionals and reported speech. Building on the previous units on tenses, this unit breaks down the forms and usages of conditionals covering the 5 different conditionals; zero con
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This unit examines the seven most common structures of future tenses; future simple, future continuous, future perfect, future perfect continuous, 'going to' future, present simple, and present contin
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This unit covers equipments and teaching aids in and out of class, the advantages and disadvantages of using that particular equipment and teaching aid. It also reference many websites for teaching an
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Speaking and writing are the 2 components of productive skills. Both are equally important for communication your thoughts and ideas. I learned that writing can be more tricky and harder to grasp, due
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Bark River
This section outlined basic foreign language class formats and has given me insight into the most effective ways to organize class sessions to achieve the students' goals. I was really reminded of a F
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The usage of vocabulary is important to students, not only for young children but for older children too. Many of my students have learnt a lot of vocabulary in past years but they fail to use it app
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The two videos in this lesson are provided to show the differences between an unsuccessful class and a successful one. Students in the first video were less interested in the content as they were extr
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This unit covered modal verbs, which I was quite familiar with, but it was good to test my knowledge and to see some new teaching ideas. The section on the passive/active voice was a good refresher fo
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This unit is very useful and very important for the teacher to enrich his/her knowledge about the methodology,theories and techniques.In this unit,I learnt a lot of things about methods and the differ
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Barton City
In this unit, we study about teaching and learning, and the preparation of the teacher need to be always updating, as well the knowledge and learning techniques are essential. Sharing knowledge and ex
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Barton Hills
In this unit I learned about the receptive skills which are reading and listening. There are also productive skills which are writing and speak, and both receptive and productive skills are equally im
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In Unit 1, it was interesting to learn about the different teacher roles in a classroom environment, and how differently students can be motivated to learn. Teacher roles are especially interesting si
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This unit is relatively intense. The Engage Study and Activate (ESA) methodology is used in most schools, after reading it in theory and watching the videos, it gives a clearer guidance. I also learnt
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In Unit 10 I’ve watched two ESA demonstration videos. It was basically the same lesson being taught twice to groups of Thai students of English. One lesson is being taught effectively, while in the
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