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I really enjoyed this last unit as it began with ways to build rapport between teacher and students, and between the students themselves. I liked how it wasn’t even a part of the “warmer” activ
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This unit provided two videos of a teacher instructing students in a lesson. The first video demonstrated improper teaching techniques to the students, particularly introducing difficult topics, the t
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Chippewa Lake
The coursebooks and lesson materials unit talked about what to keep in mind when choosing course books and other materials for lessons. The part I learned most from was how to best use the course book
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In Unit 2, parts of speech I was taught about the characteristics of words forming a sentence and their relation to each other. Starting with nouns, I have learned about the different nouns available,
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I was unfamiliar with these concepts. Many different activities can be used for teaching vocabulary. In this unit I've learned how to use different activities on how vocabulary can be learned. Some I
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Clam Lake
The unit explains the different tests and evaluation methods that need to be done before, during and after the course in order to first; separate by language level and see how much they know in order
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Clam Union
Unit 13 was about pronunciation focusing on intonation, stress, the phonetic alphabet and articulation. There was a lot I had to learn in this unit, as I was not familiar with the phonemic alphabet it
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Lesson planning is especially important for new teachers who have less experience. Keeping a lesson plan flexible but thorough gives the instructor room to adapt, while providing enough content for an
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This unit covered the four different forms that verbs in the present tense can take: present simple, present continuous, present perfect, and present perfect continuous. This unit was extremely inform
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This unit covers the two different productive skills and how to effectively teach them. These two skills are speaking and writing. As noted in the text, "writing is most neglected in the TEFL world."
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Class management is important and vital for classroom progress.Teacher should be able to arrange students in a way that they able to rapport amongst themselves, build self-esteem for those students wh
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This unit is absolutely instrumental in showcasing the various levels of reported speech as well as conditionals. It clearly outlined how each conditional is classified as well as how they should be w
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This was a rather lengthy unit, that dueled on the various methodologies of teaching a language that is different from one's mother tongue. I learned here that, the strengths of different methods of t
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In this unit, I have engaged useful information about course books and lesson materials. I found that there are two types of materials such as authentic and created ones. But, teachers should know how
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The two productive skills are speaking and writing. Accuracy and fluency carry equal importance. Accuracy is the ability to produce grammatically and lexically accurate English sentences, while fluen
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This unit was a lot easier to understand because it is almost a given to how teaching should be broken down. The only items that will be reviewed in the future to help students learn better, is knowi
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This unit reviewed varying ways to use coursebooks and lesson materials. If a teacher is allowed to choose his/her own material, it is important to consider the cost, availability, methodology, desig
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The unit1 mainly introduce the teacher and learner there are two vitally important subject in language learning and teaching.First of all, it should be concerned that how to be a good teacher and good
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In this units i have watched two videos of the same lesson that was being taught twice. One lesson was being taught effectively but in the other lesson the same teacher made a number of basic errors s
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In Unit 8 I’ve learned lots of information about future tenses: such as future simple, future continuous, future perfect, future perfect continuous, going to future, some forms of present simple and
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A good teacher has to love teaching. He/She has to understand the kind of student, the group and be able to motivate them and participate himself/herself, e.g. as a player into games. He/She has to be
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In this unit I have read about different ways of evaluating students levels and progress,as well as some of the common external exams that you may need to prepare your students for.If a teacher giv
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We use reported speech when we want to repeat what someone had previously said. In reported speech we need to use the past tense form of the verb. In direct speech the present tense is used. As you ca
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In this unit I examined modal auxiliary verbs and the passive voice in detail, as well as a brief overview of phrasal verbs and relative clauses. The 'modals' are: can, could, may, might, shall, shoul
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The content of this unit is basically the productive skill of writing and speaking. Here, I have learned that, while accuracy is mostly concerned with the writing part of the skill, meanwhile, fluency
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Teaching is very important aspect in developing students ability, skill and confident to what they learned. Most teachers in the past cares more about their teaching style instead of how students lear
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In my opinion, the content of this unit was really important because nowadays teachers do not know what to do when they are in class. The traditional education had impacted the teacher's roles and it
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I learned about the proper use of authentic and created materials used when teaching students in class. I have been able to see that using authentic materials is good and can make the teaching points
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this unit emphasizes on the usages, forms and structures of the future tense. in this unit a clear and vivid example of all the forms and structures of the future tense are displayed as a reminder to
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Tests are important to identify the level of students English skill. It is recommended that teachers give placement tests to group the students based on their skills, however when teaching in the scho
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Unit 20 focuses on some various topics regarding troubleshooting when students are having difficulties. It begins by covering good ways to go about a first day in class such that a teacher may build r
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This unit gives a complete overview about auxiliary verbs explaining in detail when they are used. In addiion to this an overview of the passive voice, with focus on turning active forms into passives
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There are many resources that can be used in the classroom. These include white boards, interactive white board, overhead projector, computers, DVD players, CD players, video cameras, cassette players
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This unit states the past tenses which includes past simple ,past contiunous, past perfect and past perfect continuous thense from the basic form , usages, common mistakes/errors and sample activate t
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Choosing appropriate materials for a class and it's experience level is always the hardest part of preparing a lesson. The course books are basically just an outline of the things the students should
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In this unit I learned the different methods of teaching a class. I learned that there are several different theories as to how one can most efficiently learn a language. They all have their own logic
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This unit covered troubleshooting difficult situations a teacher my face in the classroom. Some examples were given and with potential problems areas identified. The text went on to troubleshoot possi
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There are many factors to be taken into consideration when seeking to teach new vocabulary, grammar and their functions. From the age of the students, their previous english language knowledge, to the
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I was so happy to find out that this unit was the shortest and possibly easiest to study! placing it at the end is an awesome idea! I should note that there is a spelling mistake but I forgot where it
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Comstock Northwest
I learnt about various teaching methods, starting from the 17th century with the Grammar - translation. Audio-lingualism, Task-based learning and so on.While each of the methods had its own pluses and
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Comstock Park
This unit covered modal auxillary verbs, passive voice, relative clauses and phrasal verbs. Each of these areas contained a number of sections including forms and usages (modal auxillary verbs and pas
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In this Unit I discovered modal verbs that are: can,could,may,might,shall,should,will,would,have to,have got to,need to,ought to. 1) May can be used as polite request,formal,permission,less than 50%
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I think that this unit was a nice wrap up of the course. It brought out a lot of different problems an EFL teacher may face and how to deal with these problems; which is crucial for the teacher to be
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In this unit I learnt that I need to repeat slowly and clearly to my students the instructions because they will only hear the instructions once and in some cases where they are not concentrating they
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The future tense is the most complex because the future can be expressed in such a wide variety of ways. Not only to we use the future tense, we also use several present tenses and other verb combinat
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in this unit learn about different tenses which are the building blocks of English grammar. 1 present simple order to make this tense after subject first form of verb and add s,es with the specificati
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I found this unit very fun and informative as it helped show how the ESA lesson works in relation to receptive skills. This unit also helped to show that receptive skills are just as important when it
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In this Unit, I learned how to make a lesson plan while using the 'ESA' straight arrow approach. Understanding the form and order of ESA in it's proper functions. With examples of animals and visited
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Unit 12 focused on teaching productive skills which are speaking and writing. Accuracy and fluency are equally important when it comes to speaking and writing. Writing is the most neglected skill in t
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