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One of the challenges that a teacher will face is finding the appropriate way of teaching the sounds of a foreign language to foreign students. The International Phonetic Alphabet was conceived as a universal alphabetic system for all speakers of English, even for those who is learning a different variation of the english language. Teaching the phonetic alphabet is important for students to be able to read and understand how the words are pronounced whenever they find them in dictionaries. Phonology is not only about individual sounds. Intonation is more about the musicality of the sentences we speak and it is important to express our feeling like sadness, happiness, disbelief, uncertainty and important for questioning, agreeing or disagreeing. Words can be stressed in a sentence and it changes the meaning of what is being said. Some syllables and words can be stressed, they can be louder, longer and higher. It is used for emphasis. Consonants can be described depending on the movements of the mouth during the articulation (bilabial, dental, alveolar, palatal, velar) or depending on the nature of the airstream, the place and movement of the tongue, and also whether the voice is used or not (voiced, voiceless, plosive, affricate, fricative, nasal, lateral).