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In this chapter i learned that pronunciation teaching is an integral part of English teaching but it is the most neglected part. This is because although we native speakers speak with excellent pronunciation themselves we aren't really taught how to teach pronunciation to others and aren't equipped/taught the knowledge it takes to teach it to a non-native speaker. There's Intonation which is the variation in volume and pitch in a whole sentence. This helps the listener to know if its a question, a statement or just information. There's stress which are said strongly and are used to tell the listener the principal emphasis. There's Sound joining which is divided into Linking, Sound dropping, Sound Changing and Extra Lettering these methods change the way we say certain words or sounds depending on what other words/letters are before or after them, and is what makes native speakers sound natural. Lastly theres the Phonemic Alphabet - this helps us pronounce certain letters correctly, it is based on the sound each letter makes rather than its spelling. We have special anatomy that helps us produce the sounds in the spoken language, this is known as articulation.