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A good English teacher should be very aware of the parts of speech at all times. However, the teacher should also be conscious of how much grammar the student actually needs in order to learn things at the stage they are at. Too much information can shut the system and the joy of learning down. Knowing the parts of speech will help the teacher decide what to teach first and how to teach it. When basic sentence structures are mastered, then the student can begin to elaborate on sentences by using indefinite, definite or zero articles, adjectives, adverbs, pronouns, conjunctions and prepositions. A firm grasp of the parts of speech by the teacher will help when the student inevitably asks questions about "why is it said this way"? Sometimes the teacher will be stumped by a question, either because there are so many exceptions to the rule or because a native speaker never asks themselves "why is this so?". More importantly, the teacher needs to be able to give examples of each concept and make variation exercises so that the student can begin to see and feel the patterns of the language.