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This unit focuses on the basics of English pronunciation, such as: - The Three types of Intonation (rise/fall, rise/fall and flat) - Word stress - Sound Joining - Linked Speech - Basic sounds in English written in phonetic symbols - Articulation and the anatomy of pronunciation (how to produce certain sounds in English) As a non-native speaker, this chapter has taught me many things about English pronunciation, such as: - The different intonations in English and when to use them (for instance; the fall/rise pattern is often used when you want to invite the other person to respond) - General rules governing word stress; figuring out where to put the stress on the right syllable had always been a real struggle for me - The four different ways that sound can join together in English (linking, sound dropping with t/d, sound changing and extra lettering) - The different English sounds written in phonetic alphabet (and more generally, how to read the phonetic alphabet) - The anatomy of sound production in English - Different techniques to teach intonation and word stress