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Colorado Springs
The unit covered details for teaching productive language skills (speaking and writing), as well as the use of games in the classroom to promote interaction, engagement with the language and productio
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Columbine Valley
In this unit, I learned the various teaching aids that can be helpful in a classroom. Teaching aids come in many forms that are suitable for the different types of learners. There are auditory aids su
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Commerce City
In this unit I learned essential information on how to teach students a new language - how to select new vocabulary for vocabulary lessons, how to introduce new grammar structures and how to present l
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In unit 3 regarding on theories, methods and techniques I have learned that there are various appropriate ways to teach the students. The ESA (engage, study and activate) technique it is very useful f
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According to unit 4, from what I've gathered there are four different forms of "present tense". Each of the present tense consists of a different sets of ruling and usages in their own category. The f
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This lesson provides some tips for dealing with different types of learners, notably multilingual groups, young learners/beginners, and business classes. Different types of classes will require differ
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It was really helpful to see a "live" example of what an English class can look like and be structured. I especially noted that the teacher found a way to engage older students, and didn't hesitate to
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Crested Butte
This unit showcases two different lessons and how they play out. In each scenario the teacher's attitude, preparedness, and techniques vary and this showcases how these factors can influence how the s
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This unit is reverting back to an abstract style of teaching through terminology rather than context and practice. It is helpful that there is at least one example for each conditional, but it seems
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Cripple Creek
As we begin to move into more concrete learning concepts, related to structuring the language learning process, I can feel the concepts and techniques or methods presented in past Units coming togethe
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This unit focuses on different forms of testing, both within the language school and outside of it. Within school, teachers can start a course with a diagnostic test to see how much students already k
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Lesson plan does not have to be structured. A few notes will suffice. The most important thing is to have a record of you are planning on teaching. In using the ESA always start with engaging the st
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I learned the difference between receptive and productive skills in language. I have always believed reading and listening to be as important as speaking/writing and it was very helpful to have a defi
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De Beque
A logical unit .I have seen most of these tests before .I have taken the toefl as part of my application for university .In my years of teaching I was fond of progress tests and I used these in variou
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Deer Trail
This unit covers how and why teachers should and need to evaluate their language students. While not all forms of evaluation involve a final grade, evaluations are an integral part of learning. Teache
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Del Norte
This unit covers the reasons for using assessment and evaluation tools (especially testing) as well as the different types of assessment that are typically used in the language learning environment.
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The content of this unit consisted of classroom management, which includes eye contact, voice, and hand gestures. It also includes seating arrangements, and grouping of students, establishing rapport
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In this unit, it was emphasizing the importance of speaking and writing. As the unit proclaims that for learners of the English language doesn't get to practice their writing as much as they need it i
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As I have never been taught how to do a lesson plan, this was a simple and helpful unit. I appreciate the lesson plan example and the blank form. Since I am just starting to teach, it will be very hel
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It is really important to start a lesson with some Engage stage activities to let students have to focus and figure out what will they study in the class that day as long as for the teacher to get att
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Each type of test has its own purpose.For example, placement test helps teacher know which level is one student in to creat suitable studying program, progress test shows how much one student has impr
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Douglas County
In this unit we reviewed the present tenses: Present Simple, Present Continuous, Present Perfect and Present Perfect Continuous that allow us (in order of indication) to speak about routine actions, a
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Dove Creek
In this unit we covered all aspects of future tense: future simple, future continuous, future perfect, future perfect continuous and the three forms of referring to future actions that are based on pr
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Prepared course materials can add to the motivation of the students because they can be geared to the student's interest and can be less stuffy than a typical text book. Using text books, however, ca
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This unit talked about the productive skills; writing and speaking. It said that writing is usually neglected by teachers because they don't want to waste time on it during class so they assign it as
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Managing classrooms is often difficult. This could be due to age, nationality, space availability or any other number of factors. Sometimes students have issues going on at home or may even have lac
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This was one of the most confusing chapters yet, but not entirely because it covered many, similar tenses. It seems that there should be an easier way to teach the different future tenses, like a rhym
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Evaluating students When you give ongoing feedback you are providing the students with the information they need to evaluate their own level and progress. More formal means of feedback may be compuls
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I liked this unit because it helped me to review some key elements of body language that can be used to communicate effectively when teaching. For example, I recalled that eye contact can be a powerfu
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This unit covers the past tense in four variations: past simple (actions that occurred int he past), past perfect (actions that occurred before other actions in the past), past continuous (actions in
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This lesson focuses on techniques for helping students use and develop confidence in their receptive (i.e., listening and reading) skills. The lesson describes why students would want to develop these
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In this unit the focus is on course books and lesson materials. I realised the importance of using authentic materials in a lesson and the effect it has on a students motivation and confidence. Yet of
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This unit gave me very practical information on how to manage different class sizes and different kinds of students and will help me personalize each lesson after each class. I've always felt that hav
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Estes Park
It was so helpful to see the two different lessons, especially to see the different concepts covered in the course up to now in practice. The first video showed that you can get some language learning
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This lesson is all about Classroom Management which gives ideas to a teacher like me on how to improve my skill in organizing and managing my class, how to approach my students in a friendly way while
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Two important productive skills that need to be improved when studying a new language are writing and speaking. The level of accuracy and fluency in writing and speaking one language will somehow show
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Federal Heights
In this unit, I learned that all students are different, and a good teacher will be patient while identifying how to approach each student, while making the class effective for all students. Students
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In this unit I have learnt the advantages and disadvantages of using different learning and teaching material in class. I have always wanted to use CDs for listening comprehensions and have found my s
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This unit is about teaching pronunciation and phonology. unfortunately, pronunciation is a neglected aspect of English language, even though for forgien students, one of their biggest fears is wrong p
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This unit is about speaking and writing, the two productive skills in the English language. The unit introduces ideas on how best to teach these skills and why they are important. Some skills need c
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There is a great amount of detail in this unit ,some of it quite obvious but a great deal of it was very illuminating. I thought my English grammar was strong but from this unit I have acquired clari
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Fort Collins
This unit made it very clear how listening and reading should be taught . It gave examples of the exercises that ca be used and how we can incorporate several skills in one lesson .The only item I fou
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Fort Lupton
This unit talks about the debate around the use of course books and covers how course books are best used in lessons. For the most part, course books are not perfect and need to be tailored to the spe
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Fort Morgan
Using verbs can be tricky when students need to use a past tense with a present tense when it is a continuous event. The past, present, and future determine the tense of a verb. One might ask, "Did it
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In here we must distinguish too between "Scoring, Grading, Marking, assigning concepts and Ranking" not be rapidly confused with assesment and Evaluation, a deeper study of the true differences among
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I have watched two videos of contrasting attitudes of the same teacher. In the first one, he came into the class after the students, he didn't greet them, he didn't start with the Engage phase. He was
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The content of this unit consisted of modal verbs, phrasal verbs and the passive voice form. Modals are used to add meaning to the main verb. Phrasal verbs are multi-word verbs which operate as one
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In this lesson, I have learnt that the teacher needs to arrange the class based on 4 things 1. be exposed to 2. ensure student understand vocabulary's meaning 3. understand the its constructed 4. be
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This unit refreshed the differences in conditionals for me, both in the structure used to identify them and the way they are used in written or spoken work. It also highlighted the potential difficult
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In this unit, I have learned the techniques in dealing with difficulties in the class. Of course the students are diverse in the class and therefore need a variety of strategies and techniques to help
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