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Teaching requires special skills in order to cope up with diverse students. In this unit, I have learned the techniques in teaching special groups or types of classes and how to teach them effectively
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Garden City
I have learned the seven most common forms of future tenses including future simple, future perfect, future continuous, future perfect continuous, going future, present simple, and present continuous.
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The proper use of Phonetics... is it important?, Of course it is but we also must be aware of the many different accents that The English Language has in use allm over the world according to regional
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Teaching pronunciation and phonology is very important. In teaching English language, there are a lot of considerations especially in conveying thoughts or ideas -- how it is pronounced or the stress
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this unit elaborated the importance of the receptive skills; reading and listening. there are two reasons for using these skills, either for entertainment or for a purpose. There are also different wa
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In this unit of pronunciation is one of the most difficult lessons for teachers and learners as the unit claims in the beginning. As this part of the learning process it is usually skipped or not focu
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Glenwood Springs
This unit covers the last set of grammar points that are necessary to teach English to language learners. While there are a multitude of grammar points that are important to mastering the English lang
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This unit explores the characteristics of a good English teacher and gives examples of how best to connect to students. The relationship between teacher and student is important in the education of t
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I found this unit helpful in defining how many different methodologies there are and identifying which ones I use the most. As I usually teach adult students and it was interesting to be reminded that
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After completing this unit, I was able to learn about the importance of Grouping students; Classroom arrangement; in which you organize the position of the students and yourself as well. Giving indivi
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Grand Junction
This unit covers the topic of lesson planning and why it is important for teachers, especially new teachers to be able to use and create good lesson plans. While there is no right or wrong way to less
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Grand Lake
This unit covers pronunciation and phonology, which is the study of the physical properties of sound. Both of these are important parts of speaking any language but are often the hardest things to tea
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a major advantage when teaching a multilingual class that the students have no common language other than English. Problems outside the classroom is NOT under the teacher’s control. You should not
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Green Mountain Falls
In this unit we tackle about teaching productive skills – speaking and writing. Although these two are substantially different in many ways, they both share the same purpose – to communicate. In s
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Greenwood Village
In this lesson I learned the importance of speaking and writing. Speaking elicits a verbal and auditory response. Speaking is very important when learning a new language because it is the most importa
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This unit was informative as I have never studied how to teach vocabulary and grammar. I know how to teach the rules but now can understand what to think about when selecting vocabulary -- what to foc
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I found this lesson to be extremely helpful for giving concrete examples of how to mix up a boomerang lesson. I was talking to a friend of mine who is a teacher and I described this method and my frie
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The focus of this unit was methodology and techniques available in teaching students. It was useful to me as I have been teaching English online for a few months now to students and Asian countries. I
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This unit had some helpful suggestions regarding the do's and don't of establishing rapport and maintaining discipline. It can be a bit frustrating , however, as I work for an organisations that has c
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I find this topic , along with Prepositions, the eternal problem for foreign students and teachers, the very existance of Phrasal verbs is a challenge for everybody and most of the times the only solu
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Before this unit I had no understanding of the phonemic alphabet or its importance to pronunciation and phonology. I also learned about the different ways in which your mouth, lips, teeth and tongue w
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Wow! What a comprehensive chapter! I was hooked all the way through, as I found it more fascinating as I delved deeper into the texts. It was completely refreshing to learn not just with my mind and e
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In this unit 10 - I have gained a lot of way to evaluating students such as providing the placement test before teaching the class and see which level they are matched with and also be able to devise
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What I liked about this lesson is that it gave me concrete ideas for how to plan each phase of the lesson. It provides examples that I think I can build off of, creatively. I also hadn't thought much
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Speaking and writing are used for the same purpose, to communicate. Unfortunately, writing is the most neglected skill, often relegated to homework and frequently not done and so the skill is never de
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I liked this unit because it was helpful to think critically about how to teach vocabulary while being sensitive to students' needs. As a native English speaker, I often take for granted the breadth a
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Hot Sulphur Springs
In this unit we tackle about the different types of future tenses in English grammar. The following are the most common future tenses. Future simple We can use future simple when stating about futur
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In unit 18, it's regarding modal auxiliary verbs and passive voice in detail, in addition to phrasal verbs and relative clauses. In this units we are focusing on more grammar usages and goes into dept
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This chapter was again a refreshing course to look over. It really gave headway into the fact that there are still details in the English language that must be learned over and over, if one wishes to
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Classroom management Is the skill of organizing and managing the class, having a friendly, relaxed manner and maintaining discipline. The teacher is someone who is flexible and adjusts according to th
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Idaho Springs
This unit provided a wide overview of classroom management techniques, including how to organize the class, how to deal with problem behavior, how to organize students for activities, and how the teac
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In unit 16, conditionals and reported speech is a lesson regarding to grammar again but more in detail with certain rulings. For instances, there are several types of conditionals in regards to the to
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This unit gave me two clear examples of what to strive for and what to avoid, albeit the first lesson was slightly obvious with its shortcomings there are real life class situations that may have smal
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As with most parts of the English language, one must be careful with the past and present tenses. It is easy to be confused, especially when words change with the tense. Once you learn about tenses
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Jefferson County
This short unit went over some of the most common problems or difficulties that EFL teachers will face. It explained the situations, such as teaching to a large class or having students at varying deg
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Conditionals can be very hard to understand as an English learner. That is why it is very important to break them down into different parts to understand. Reporting speech is also a difficult concep
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Receptive skills are reading and listening. Productive skills are speaking and writing. All of these skill go hand in hand when trying to teach English as a second language. Teachers must build int
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This unit focused on the importance of the teaching of the receptive skills, reading and listening. It is key to differentiate between the reasons and motives for listening to something or reading a c
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After knowing the receptive skills, productive skills are the next important factors in teaching English language. This is where the psycho motor skills are developed. I have learned the guidelines in
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The detail contained within this module now provides greater insight into the psychological aspects of dealing with how to manage my future classes and also possibly what to expect when walking into t
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I am afraid that once again I disagree with these types of stuctures as I found through my teaching years that any structure we may come up with and works well at the moment or when it comes to learn
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Kit Carson
This is a section I understood quite well, but of course there is always more to learn. I learned about all forms of past tense verbs including past simple, past perfect, past continuous, and past per
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These videos clearly demonstrated the difference between poor teaching techniques (in the second video) and acceptable ones. In the first video, the teacher is clearly unprepared, rude, and does not e
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La Jara
This unit covers mainly the skill of classroom management- which involves not only the teacher's choice of management methods, but also how to physically manage a classroom and its shortcomings. While
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La Junta
This unit covers how to teach and introduce the different aspects of language: vocabulary, grammar, and language functions. Firstly, the unit covers that students must 1: be exposed to the language, 2
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La Veta
This unit covered the roles of both teacher and student. The first portion was dedicated to what constitutes a good teacher and what might be expected of a teacher in order to run a successful classro
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Evaluation and testing are integral part of teaching. Testing is done to determine how much a student's knowledge about the English language and its ability to use it fluently. In testing, the teacher
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Lake City
This unit has added clarity to the different structures of the language and their usage.The activities mentioned are very useful and encourage thinking .It was also good revision of the different les
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One of the downfalls for many students and teachers is grammar. When teaching English as a foreign language a teacher must make sure that she is taking the appropriate actions to teach her students.
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The attitude a teacher brings into the class is very important as it affects the students as well. A teacher should be flexible in dealing with situations regarding class activities. I learned that it
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