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Adams County
This unit covers the grammar points for conditional (sentences/phrases) and for direct-to-reported speech. While both of these concepts are used on the regular for native English speakers, it can be d
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This unit covered teaching techniques for speaking and writing in English Similar to the listening and reading unit, this section was far more coherent than other sections as it connected the ESA met
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It is so important to treat students as individuals and not as objects! One has to know one's teaching plan and the level of one's class. I saw the importance of starting well, breaking the ice and th
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Lesson plans no doubt keep even the most experienced teachers focused and on track. However, I feel that one needs to have the content well studied and on their finger tips before walking into any lev
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The use of coursebooks and lesson materials are very important as it guides the teacher of the lessons he/she will teach for the day. Lesson materials are divided in order to have a variety of methods
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In this unit I found the explanation and examples for the modals to be quite easy to understand as my grasp on them was lacking towards the beginning. Likewise I did find the section on passive voice
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Arapahoe County
This chapter tackles about the books and materials that are needed inside the classroom. Course books usually consist of a set of materials like student’s book, workbook, cassettes, teacher’s boo
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This unit covers classroom management techniques focused on helping the teacher maintain control of the classroom and facilitate an environment in which students remain focused and conscientious but d
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In this lesson, I have learnt about how to manage the classes in many situations on the difference of the class size. Also I have been realized being good teacher not only good at grammar but also b
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The focus on this unit is on the evaluation of students and their progress. In order for a teacher to be testing the students for the right reasons and motives, it is vital the teacher understands the
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This chapter was pretty strait forward and comprehensible. I am happy I am almost at the end of my course. I have already learned a great deal of techniques and valuable information that I can take
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This seems to be one of the most practical units on how to actually teach students, with a good explanation of how to utilise the 'Engage,Study,Activate' methodology, however, I think it would be more
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This unit covers some of the basics of teaching pronunciation and phonology, from the basics of intonation (rules of thumb and the many, many exceptions thereto) and stress to the more detailed phonem
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This unit focuses on course materials and when/why/how to make use of authentic materials, created materials, and course books. At lower levels, created materials and course books may be more useful,
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The teacher starts with an Engage activity. The teacher’s attitude the same in the two lessons. But in the second lesson there is more student participation. In both lessons the students don't part
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It was the first time I looked at sentences in the form of conditionals. Although it is an interesting way of explaining situations but I am still unsure whether it is a very effective way of doing so
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The content of this lesson is about receptive skills. Receptive skills are reading and listening. They are very important for English learners to develop. For teachers there is a risk of introducin
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This unit focuses on equipment that classrooms are likely to have and how/when we might want to use them, and at what stage of a lesson. Some of this equipment includes computers (which both the stude
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Black Hawk
In this unit we covered the basic elements of teaching receptive language (reading and listening) skills, including the reasons for reading and listening; how we read and listen; problems with listeni
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This unit gives tips for common issues that ESL teachers face in the classroom. One of the most important parts of a class is the first lesson. It is really important to establish rapport and set exp
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Blue River
Lesson Planning is both helpful and important. Writing out your lesson plans allows you to have a goal to aim for with what the students will learn by the end of the lesson, this is a hard copy for yo
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This chapter gave clear indications that good foundations are imperative should we want to solidify what the students read, listen to and understand. I completely agree that it is better to cast a wid
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This section is meant to help have a framework for hot to orient the classroom environment physically and emotionally. Everything down to how to seating orientation is important when it comes to teach
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In unit 20, regarding to "troubleshooting" of what teachers may encounter with their future learners are the first lesson for new and experienced students. In this unit we learn how to deal with stude
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Bow Mar
Teaching pronunciation is important but often neglected by teachers because they lack the confidence and training to teach this aspect. An effective teacher considers the teaching of pronunciation as
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When teaching a new language, there are three main parts that need to be covered, which are: vocabulary, grammatical structures and functions, usage of them. Depends on each stage ( engage, study, act
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The most useful part of this unit for me was the one about young learners as I deal with them everyday. The tips given about how to gain their attention, how to motivate them and to keep them involved
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The content of this unit consisted of coursebooks and lesson materials. Teaching materials can include authentic materials, such as a TV Guide, created materials, which are created by the teacher, an
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The focus in this unit was on the different  methodologies and techniques that can be used when teaching English and the importance of applying a variety of them, instead of using just one. I believe
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This unit was based on paste tenses and the different types. I often get confused between the types of tenses (past continuous, past perfect, past perfect continuous etc..) so this unit really helped
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It is very important to understand present tenses. Present tense is a complex part of speech that can be very difficult for learners to comprehend. The tenses have subtle differences. They become s
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Buena Vista
The going to future, present continuous and present simple tenses in this unit were a surprise. I cannot believe that I had never looked at the future tense in this way also! Feel a little ashamed to
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Having the ability to structure a classroom lesson appropriately towards students (dependent on learning level) is integral for proper comprehension and usage. For more simple vocabulary and grammar,
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Cañon City
Lesson 5 is about classroom management. In this lesson it talks about teacher and student talk time as well as different ways to set up the seating in the classroom. I found that its very important to
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Watching these videos was interesting. At first when I sawthe first video I was confused and actually got mad because I did not like how the techaer was teaching nor treating the students. I knew that
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I learned that there are various uses of past tenses and how to use it correctly. The sentence structure is distinct as to the use of regular and irregular verbs. I thought that past tense is simply p
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In this unit focus was on how a classroom should be managed. After reading the unit I understood the importance of the careful consideration of a teacher before making decisions regarding class arrang
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Castle Pines
1. Write five examples of each of the following Countable nouns - a Cat, a car, a flowers, a table, a dog Uncountable nouns - Bread, milk, rice, water, information adjective - Big small clever shot
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Castle Rock
Tenses can be tricky to understand and teach to students as they usually get overwhelmed with rules and fail to understand usage. This unit not only explains rules very clearly but also helped me unde
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This unit helped me define the various roles I might take on as a teacher during my lessons. Through this unit I am more aware of the roles I might overuse or under use at times, which will help me
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I enjoyed watching the 2 lessons to get an understanding of how the teachers attitude and demeanor can influence the lesson and class mood. It was beneficial to see the teachings from previous Units s
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When teaching English as a second language, the emphasis out to be in making the students comfortable. Use gestures to aid in the learning. Organize activities. Keep the whole class alert by not nami
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Central City
This unit covered the basics of lesson planning, including how to plan a sequence of lessons. I liked that it did not give too many strict rules because, as it said, having a lesson plan that is too r
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I learned that there are a number of ways to evaluate a student and many reasons to do so. Testing can be useful at the beginning of a class to see what the students' abilities are. Progress testing
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Cherry Hills Village
In this unit we tackle about methods of teaching English vocabulary, grammar and functions to students. When teaching vocabulary one of the main problem is selecting which word to teach. However, th
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Cheyenne Wells
The unit provides a helpful overview of key aspects for managing the classroom, including how the teacher can set up the environment to promote learning and interaction in accordance with the planned
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Clear Creek County
In the first video, the students are having difficulties with the lesson. There are some factors that contributes to this and one of it is the teacher’s attitude. The teacher is very rude toward his
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Coal Creek
In this unit we covered the different aspects of pronunciation and phonology, including why these oft neglected subjects are important for language learners. By covering some of the reasons why teache
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In unit 5 of "managing classes" it shows us how to manage the amount of students in the classroom and in different various situations. For example, as teachers we can put students in pairs, whole-clas
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This unit gave in-depth instruction on how to select and teach new vocabulary and gave me a little revision on the ESA format. Striving to specialize the new vocab to the students will keep the langua
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