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In this unit, the breakdown of the different types of groups one my encounter as a teacher was useful, but more so the section on business learners. While the parts about beginners and young learners
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Pagosa Springs
This unit went over the five different forms of conditionals, the verb patterns for each, and why each one is used. It also talked about how to correctly translate direct speech into reported speech b
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The "Teachers and Learners" Unit reviews some of the basic dynamics of the student/teacher relationship, this includes the many roles a teacher plays in the classroom or in a teaching setting. There w
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Palmer Lake
In this unit I learned the variety of methodologies that teachers use to teach students english. Each student is different and will take in information and learn at different paces and in different wa
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The videos clearly showed how and how not to conduct a lesson. In the first video, the teacher did not explain anything to the students and his mannerisms were brusque and impatient. The students clea
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The chapter was thorough in detailing the various equipment that can aid in teaching and learning, and that proved to help broaden my sights and options when thinking about the ways I can help to impr
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In this unit, I learned the importance of structure when it involves planning and managing classroom lessons. I discovered that it is not only important to keep both the teacher and the students on th
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This unit was very intense and it to ok me long time to complete the test. Was very useful see two different types of lessons Made from the same teacher it leted me see how things can completely chang
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These exposed skills(productive) can be as good and useful as any others as long as the teacher is a good motivator and trainer too but if the teacher is clueless about what happens in his classroom m
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In Unit 5 I feel that it is similar to the previous unit where it was about present tense but this chapter was based on past. Unit 5 has a similar structure of present tense build up. In regards to ho
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The teaching of modals, phrasal verbs and passive voice is slightly complicated. I have learned techniques on how to teach English grammar to my students especially that some of these lessons are comp
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Pitkin County
In this lesson, I have learned the different roles a teacher plays in the classes. I have a clearer view of how to vary my role as a teacher in order to keep the class encouraged and motivated. This u
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This unit is about teaching the productive skills, speaking and writing. Although writing is very important, there is normally less focus on teaching students how to write because the activity takes u
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Poncha Springs
This lesson included two videos that showed one teacher incorrectly using a wide variety of teaching techniques and another teacher using effective techniques. The videos clearly showed that teacher a
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These videos have taught about how to convince students or engage students in the right way which is not only to let them learn English but also help them feel comfortable during their studies too. I
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This chapter really gave insight and magnanimous elaboration regarding suggestions and advice when handling the intricacies of teaching. I feel I have a firmer grasp on the non-verbal cues that are as
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The breakdown of the receptive skills has shown me greater detail on how the human mind processes information in both written and the spoken form. I often find myself scanning through information to t
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This unit discusses the equipment that teachers may have access to in a language learning classroom. It discusses strategies for using the different equipment as well as advantages and disadvantages
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Reading and listening There are four basic skills in any language; receptive skills – reading and listening, and productive skills – speaking and writing. In this unit we went deep into the recep
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Red Cliff
Class planning tends to be a bit problematic sometimes if you don`t know where to begin. In my personal opinion this Unit, along with Unit 3 go hand to hand on how to effectively prepare and carry on
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The chapter gave really good pointers on effective teaching, especially with first-impression basis, and what "firsts" may entail toward the students and the teacher combined. I completely agree that
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This unit is about Teachers and learners. It explained the different roles of a teacher and how every role is needed in different situations. It also introduced the difference between teaching Adults
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Lesson planning an be as easy or as difficult as a student makes it. Keep in mind that submission of this form is scary and it drives me to try to better. Many times I know the answer but fear takes
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I have learned as time passes that the correct use of False and true Cognates and also the right use of false and tru friends happens to be of much and helpful benefit to foreign students as it is ve
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Rocky Ford
This lesson talks about the importance of testing. This is a way of monitoring the progress of what the students have retained, their strengths and weaknesses. And allows the teacher to dig deep in or
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I actually Liked this unit because Unlike Spanish, The English language uses way much more Reported Speech and the Passive voice than Spanish, we use them but because of oblivion we are not aware we u
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When planning lessons keep in mind that too much planning can make lessons rather rigid and stop the teacher being flexible to the needs of the students. However, it is very difficult for inexperience
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This units discussed the topic "Teaching new language". It elaborated on different parts of the language; vocabulary, structure, and functions. And how to use each of them using the ESA, Boomerang, an
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Saguache County
I found this unit very clear and straight froward.From my experience ,lesson plans are a necessity .My biggest challenge in the past was to estimate the time needed for activities because we normally
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The receptive skills are basic skills to be taught to students. These are skills that involves the students in the teaching-learning process. I have learned that reading and listening skills are both
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San Luis
Teaching receptive skills is important for a few reasons. Such as trying to find certain information, predicting text, listening or reading for enjoyment... When creating topics for activities or less
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The practical use of language is a very important lesson to teach. Describing why we use a certain term rather than another is something that confuses a lot of my students. I teach adults so it is a l
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I have learned the different forms of conditionals in the English grammar. I thought that using 'if' and 'when' were just basic in grammar but there are rules applied for it. The direct and indirect s
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The content of this unit consisted of the various forms of present tenses. There are twelve different forms of present tenses. These twelve forms consist of three different time frames, and four dif
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In this unit, I have learned many things related to the Authentic and created material. Which I realized that both materials are very useful but need to be selected carefully. Which they have advanta
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The content of this unit consisted of teaching pronunciation and phonology. Important forms of pronunciation include intonation and the stressing of syllables. Phonology involves learning how the mo
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Two important receptive skills are reading and listening. These skills can be done for specific purposes or just for entertainment depends on each person. In addition, to improve these skills, there a
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Sheridan Lake
This unit was hard .It is much easier to use grammar than teach it .When you know a language you know it automatically ,teaching it means having to analyze what you say and how you think. Studying thi
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The tips were helpful and I appreciated the list of games at the end of the unit. I especially appreciated the list of ways to help students overcome their reluctance to speak. Also, it helps to know
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Silver Cliff
This unit covers the productive skills of language, which include speaking and writing. Both of these skills tend to be difficult for language learners because it forces students to actually provide a
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Silver Plume
Understanding adult and student learners are important because adult learners have their own experiences yet can concentrate for a longer time, whereas younger learners may need a more motivation and
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As I See it to say "I Think I'll snow tomorrow " it is kind of a contradiction, the way I see it , we say "I?ll snow" when there is evidence or it is highly probable or logic that to take place, so to
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The content of this unit consisted of teaching equipment and teaching aids. Common teaching equipment and aids include: wall boards, overhead projectors, cassette recorders, DVD players, and video ca
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The clarity with which this unit brings forth the true sounds of the English language is great. I feel that I have almost re-learned how to pronounce words and how to articulate the "noises" that us E
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Snowmass Village
Conditionals & reported speech have important usages. This can be broken down in to 5 conditionals: zero conditional, first, second, third and mixed. An example of zero conditional would be "If I leav
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South Fork
This unit was straight to the point and logical .It offered a reminder of how important it is for teachers to research the materials they are using and how necessary it is to think about the materials
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Diagnostic tests can provide teachers with information regarding future lessons. o let the students know their current ranking in the class is NOT a typical reason for teachers to evaluate their stude
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in receptive skills listening is a skill that takes tie to develop and comes with many problems. Children have difficulty remembering information, keeping up with information and processing informatio
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Steamboat Springs
This week I started teaching one-on-one lessons using the lesson plan format provided in this Unit. It has been immensely helpful especially in the aspect of thinking logically through the stages of t
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This section helped me to think about practical ways to teaching reading and listening skills, which are important because they are mutually dependent. I learned that teaching these skills can be enga
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