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Here Below you can check out the feedback (for one of our units) of one of the 16.000 students that last year took an online course with ITTT!

The unit covered details for teaching productive language skills (speaking and writing), as well as the use of games in the classroom to promote interaction, engagement with the language and production. We looked again at the concepts of accuracy and fluency, which were first introduced in an earlier lesson. These are the two concepts key to language production, and between them ensure that the language produced is correct (accuracy) and both effective and fluent. Each concept has different types of activities that work most effectively for their development. Accuracy activities are more controlled by the teacher (or by their own structure) to help ensure accurate reproduction of language; these can be either controlled or guided. Fluency activities are more creative, promoting students' experimentation with the language. The role of appropriate correction in these activities in crucial, and needs to be handled in such a way that students do not become discouraged in their language production efforts. This is especially true with fluency activities, which should be interrupted as little as possible so that students can more easily enter into the flow of language. Language production is one of the most intimidating aspects of language learning, whether that is due to self-consciousness, negative past learning experiences, peer intimidation, fear of making mistakes, or other negative influences. I would have liked additional information about teaching writing, since as pointed out in the lesson, writing poses different challenges for language production, compared to speaking.