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This lesson taught me that there were quite a bit more levels to evaluating the English proficiency of an individual whether it be for everyday communication, business or complete mastery of the langu
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Larimer County
In this unit I reviewed several methodologies such as Task-based learning, communicative language teaching, suggestopedia and and the silent was as well as learned the new ESA methodology. From this u
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In the Unit 8 - I have learned that the productive stills are speaking and writing which is very equal important for teaching students. I understand that the writing part is usually set as a homewor
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Las Animas
This unit covers various equipments that are available to teachers to use in the classroom. It is beneficial for teachers to become comfortable with many different aids in the classroom because they t
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It is true that many course books are not perfectly suited to any grade levels but thanks to research recently a few books/programs especially for English Language teaching have been developed that ar
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In this lesson , I have learnt and understood more about how to plan the lesson before teaching by using "ESA" which is depends on teacher experience or circumstances. Also, it makes me feel more comf
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There are four characteristics of teaching new language which are, exposed to it, understand how it is constructed, understand the meaning and practice and produce it, the use of ESA method can be ap
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As a teacher, teaching new language will help me to be an effective facilitator of learning. Language is very important in the teaching-learning process hence, introducing new vocabulary to the studen
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This was surely the most difficult unit of all! I really do not know how much of it am I going to remember. I practice the Jolly Phonics method of teaching phonics to children in our school and I foun
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Log Lane Village
This unit tackles about the receptive skills. There are two types of receptive skills – the listening and reading. The reasons or motives for reading and listening can be for a purpose or entertainm
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Lone Tree
This unit covers the idea of the receptive skills - reading and listening and how best to tackle the task of teaching these skills to English language learners. While these seem to be the most basic s
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I have not used Cd's, Tapes, DVD's, cassettes nor vhs in the last 15 years of my teaching experience, fortunately I have been using more modern resources and materials, laptops, Online videos and reco
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The past tense us the opposite of the present tense, common verb in English have an irregular simple past form. There are many of the past simple, example, the past simple of See is Saw, Have is Had
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In all aspects of communication, it is indeed important to have all basis covered equally, without favoring one or another, as one element of the methodologies in teaching english corresponds with the
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Books and Materials Authentic materials are anything a native speaker would hear or read programs, magazines, newspapers, songs, poems, brochures, menus, films on video. The are not designed for the E
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This unit focuses on the basics of lesson planning, what should and should not be included in lesson plans, and how to plan multiple lessons such that they fit together and work toward a larger course
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This unit focused on Testing students. It introduced different types of tests, such as placement tests that are used before the course starts in order to decide the level of the student's language pro
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The parts of speech are often the most misunderstood parts of the English language. In order to be a good teacher one must review this segment that was taught to them and constantly refresh their mem
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Manitou Springs
In this unit I reviewed the four past tenses: past simple (used for completed action in the past), past continuous (used to describe an action in progress at given moment in the past), past perfect (u
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I learned how not to teach. The first video was a very good example of how to distance and alienate not just individual students but the whole class. I definitely don't want to be this type of teacher
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This chapter really puts lesson planning in a very helpful perspective, in its simplest and most essential form. It helps ease out the stress of having to think that I may need rigidity more than flex
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The use of appropriate teaching aid is an important consideration for teachers. It should cater the needs and interests of the students in the class and to provide sustainable interaction throughout t
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This unit covered how to teach phonetic speech, and while most of it should be useful, I think that teaching linked speech would be confusing for students and I do not consider it proper English. Eve
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The unit is about lesson planning. While it is very much needed to have a plan to follow and organize a lesson guide and plan to help achieve the teacher goals, it's must not be over exaggerated in a
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The Mastery of English tenses is a must for all teachers of the language and it is fundamental in order to be able to distinguish all the different usages, variations, forms and intentions fo the lang
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This unit was pretty interesting for all the informations about books and materials. Teachers have the responsibility to plan and discover the right books and materials to help the students in their l
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This unit covers techniques for teaching students new vocabulary and grammar structures, centered on the "Engage Study Activate" model. The unit also covers things to think about when introducing thes
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Monte Vista
I feel I have a better, more detailed, understanding of grammar rules. I already know that I have a good understanding of grammar, but there is always more to learn. An area I think I struggled in wo
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This unit was very useful to review Mandy of the parte of This course. The different fases of the lesson are so important that se have to Planned the m so carfully otherwise it will create so much dif
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In this lesson, we see two sample lessons, one in which a teacher uses effectively the teaching techniques outlined in the course, and the other in which the teacher uses them sloppily and/or not at a
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This part of the course focuses on common issues in courses, such as the first day (including warmup exercises, ways to get students to know one another), ways to engage students at different levels (
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Chapter 2 emphasizes the importance of 8 sub categories that was provided through the lesson. Those 8 sub categories that was shown to us were various types of nouns (person, place or thing), adjectiv
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Mount Crested Butte
In this unit we study about how to plan lessons. The writing of lesson plans has a number of important functions: an aid to planning, a working document, and a record. It has also basic principles to
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Mountain View
From these videos I have learned what teaching methods work best in a classroom. I witnessed how students respond to different teaching styles and teacher body language as well as the teacher's tone o
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Mountain Village
This unit is a wealth of resources .It would have taken a very long time to collect all the resources given in this unit .The challenge is to pick the best resource to fulfill the lesson objective and
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This unit discusses classroom management strategies. The focus is to bring out the best in the students and create a comfortable learning environment. Teachers must be careful in how they communicat
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Variation in volume and pitch within an entire sentence is the definition of intonation. The second to last syllable is the penultimate syllable in a word with four syllables or more. The difference
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New Castle
This unit focused on the relationship between the teacher and the students as well as the interaction between the students an d the space around them . It explained how to maintain discipline in the c
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In unit 17, it regards to teacher equipment that is needed or useful for future teaching to the students (learners). A lot of the equipment's in modern countries that are more fortunate has the better
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Too Much can be done in this field I have been blessed with a most beautiful opportunity to teach many groups with different needs, The elderly aged, People with a variety of Psychiatric syndroms ( or
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Diagnostic tests are a very good way to assess students and I after reading this unit feel that it should be done at the start of every grade level in schools. This will give the new language teacher
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Conditional sentences and indirect sentences are used frequently in daily life. They are very useful and practical. The unit gives me several ways to teach these two grammar points to students. The mi
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Oak Creek
This unit covers the different past tenses used in the English language. There are many similarities between the past tense and present tense forms. Not only their naming scheme but also their structu
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This unit spoke about the different tenses and when to use future tenses. This tense is usually known to be the most complex as there are many..future simple, future continuous, future perfect contin
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Olney Springs
I continue to find it helpful to see the systematic analysis of verb and tense structure, teasing out the rules that are common across different tenses. In particular, I appreciate seeing the features
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This chapter gave really helpful instructions and suggestions regarding approach towards specific types of students. I strongly agreed with the fact that a lot of the impression and otherwise "vibe" o
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Orchard City
This unit tackles about evaluating student’s level and progress, as well as some of the common different external exams that a teacher might need to prepare for the students. Tutorials, evaluation b
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While testing is obviously an important diagnostic tool, as outlined in this unit, it seems completely unnecessary to learn all of the different names of external English language certificates given i
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This unit focuses on some more difficult grammar structures, notably modals, phrasal verbs, and the passive voice. Modals can be used to express possibility, obligation, and politeness, though not all
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Both the videos really gave contrast with what first-hand effective and not effective teaching looks like. I really felt more comfortable watching the second video, as it was not so rigid and discomfo
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