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The past tenses are very similar to the present tenses, with notable errors being made again in question/negative forms (most often due to the use of auxiliary verbs), along with the frequent use of irregular verbs. Again, simple and continuous present the least confusion, while the perfects can be a little trickier. Simple past focuses on acts which were complete at the time of speaking, without specific duration: "I went to the doctor, yesterday". Continuous or progressive past places focus on actions in progress, helping to set scenes and talk about interruptions. Past perfect focuses on the order of events in the past: "When I had finished my test, I enjoyed a hot cocoa.". It is also used with durations: "I had already waited 15 minutes before he arrived." Past perfect continuous or progressive combines elements of the past perfect with the past progressive - it can be used to give us an order of events where one of the events was continuous/in progress before another event: "I had been sleeping on the plane for only twenty minutes before the turbulence woke me up."