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North Olmsted
The unit was effective because it shows clearly the right and wrong ways to present a lesson. Students are much more likely to participate and respond positively to a smiling face and a well planned l
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North Ridgeville
The unit stressed ice breaking and warming up to get to know students on first lesson which is important because both teacher and learner needs to get to know each other. There are several problems th
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North Royalton
Unit 1 highlights the features of a good teacher and the roles that he/she should take depending on the activities and the stages of the lesson. It also gives an overview of what makes a good learner
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The unit provides information on the qualities of good teachers and their roles which include facilitator, model, manager, organizer, observer, tutor, assessor, prompter, and participant. In order to
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This unit talk about the past tenses that is, it relates to things of the past. Example, the continuous form has the verb 'to be'in the past continuous like 'I was getting tired. The past perfect fo
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Good teachers result in good students. This simple but essential thought seems to be the basis of Unit 1. A good teacher is kind and patient with a solid knowledge of the material as well as establish
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I have learned about the qualities of a good teacher and the many roles they play in different situation and circumstances during teaching time.I have also learn about learners, classified by their a
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This unit discusses the present tense of English and the four forms in the present tense- Simple, continuous, perfect, and perfect continuous. Simple is just the subject plus that verb. Continuous is
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Unit 1 created an awareness of what to expect from an English Second Language teacher as well as from the various age groups of learners. I found it particularly useful to inform my decision of which
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Olmsted Falls
The unit is a guide for appropriate use of teaching materials as well as what types of materials are best and how to adapt guided course books. There is clearly a need to understand what you want to t
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Unit 16: conditionals and reported speech, was a bit trickier than I anticipated. As a native speaker, I never imagined there to be so many "different" conditionals available to structure a sentence.
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The Last unit number 20 has given supportive and helpful guidance some common problem situations during teaching English as a second or foreign language for other language holders. Therefore, I have g
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This unit is an ESA demostration video of same lesson taught twice in same class to group of Thai students of English. From the two videos i watched i was able to differentiate the better lesson fro
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I know that with teaching and coaching, there is no one best way of doing it and this unit identifies that we need to have knowledge of many different ways and adapt our techniques according to our st
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This unit talks about course books and materials. Materials are divided into two; Authentic materials such as magazines, newspapers, programs, songs etc. Created materials; are designed as supplementa
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It has been another eye-opening chapter about classroom arrangement, establishing and maintaining rapport, increasing students' absorption of language through pairing and other seating arrangements. I
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Parma Heights
Present tense is common used tense in spoken English. Therefore, this unit has helped me to differentiate and use more accurate by form, usage. Afterwards, its more easy to to understand which situat
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During this unit I learned a lot of basic grammar that I already knew, but it's extremely nice to refresh my memory, since this will make the teaching process a lot easier. I'm ready to teach the chil
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Pepper Pike
Teaching pronunciation and phonology discusses the importance of its uses in the English language. Because our language is not strictly phonetic it often is very difficult to learn. The teacher has an
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This unit helped me with a lot of ideas to engage the students, its so intersting how games and other material can help so much during a class. Also knowing the differnet types of methodologies, make
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I learned about the good qualities good teachers and good learners alike should have. Good teachers should always be kind since it goes a long way and it motivates students to learn. They should also
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This unit teaches the past tense in English. Like in the present tense, the past tense is broken into four forms. First, the past simple, then the past continuous, followed by the past perfect, and fi
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Port Clinton
Unit 12 is giving information about productive skills of teaching which are writing and speaking including games as well. Writing mostly in common English as a second language teaching industry ignore
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It was a very interesting unit since in order to improve as a teacher you have to consider several factors about your own personality and the way you teach in specific circumstances with a determined
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This unit outlines the basic components of a lesson plan and suggestions for how to write them effectively. A lesson plan should be a clear, concise guide that the teacher can refer to during the less
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It's easy to see how learning English can be confusing for speakers of other languages. The four aspects of the present tense have similarities, but are used in different situations. The easiest is p
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Unit 5 clarifies that managing a classroom is important in the teaching process. This unit mentions how the eye contact, gesture and the voice have an effect on the learners. It also shows that groupi
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Unit 4 describes and explains the forms, grammatical rules and usage of the 4 present tenses. It also gives suggestions for the activate stage of a teaching class, common errors made by students and d
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Richmond Heights
This unit is useful because it guides the teacher on uses of equipment and resources that will make teaching the language effective and interesting for the learner. It points out the advantages and di
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In this unit we have known about English Grammar--8 speeches.we all know that the language from different culture is very different.as an English teacher we should know how to speak it with good accur
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Unit three had a lot to absorb, but it is fun to notice that I am already using what I've learned about teachers and learners and how the methods relate to each. The methods covered were very interest
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Rocky River
This unit was informative about future tenses and it's common mistakes as well as usages. Although very complex for new language teachers, it is useful information because it gives the teacher many id
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I found it difficult to understand the difference between Present Perfect and Past Perfect tenses. The trick is that Present Perfect uses the form of subject, aux. verb "have" and the past participle
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Though this was a lengthy unit as far as context, a great deal of the information was links to further information on teaching aides. The main information was good on the uses of equipment and how to
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Unit 8 deals with the Future Tenses of which there are seven common tenses namely the future simple, future continuous, future perfect, future perfect continuous, "be going"+ infinitive (going to), pr
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Seven Hills
This unit teaches the productive skills of a language, writing and speaking. Although writing is an integral part of language it has a tendency to be neglected in TEFL classes. When teaching speaking
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Shaker Heights
Learning a new foreign language is difficult, but teaching a foreign language the most difficult though. Because teacher has responsibility to teach the new language and introduce, explain, encourage,
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As earlier stated, this unit also has made me aware that tenses seem simple when used but are very detailed and structured when it comes to their form, meaning, and their everyday usage. The inclusion
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Sheffield Lake
Unit 8 deals with the 7 future tenses of the English language (f. simple, f. continuous, f. perfect, f. perfect continuous, be going + infinitive, present simple and present continuous). Like in the p
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Teaching students in different levels and purposes could be so challenging. Preparing lessons, planning the right approach or methodology to use, creating materials for the classes, and getting to kno
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In this unit, concepts of basic grammar are presented, including nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, and prepositions. General rules for how each of these operate within the structure of the
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Unit 4: Again like the previous grammar unit I find that it is getting more complicated.So much to analyze, just to be sure that it is using the correct tense. Did they have to make it this complex?th
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South Euclid
This unit is an introduction to what builds the motivation of students, their reasoning for learning English, and their prior levels of English. It establishes the ideas of what makes a good teacher,
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I really enjoyed this Unit. It brought me back to grammar school and I was suprised for two reasons. First by how much I remembered, and second, how much easier this was learning as an adult. It seeme
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This unit is about present tense sentence structure. The four types of present tense sentence structure are present simple, present continuous (also known as present progressive), present perfect, and
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This unit discusses concepts and techniques for teaching productive skills- that is, writing and speaking. In order for each of these skills to be developed well by students, teachers need to have a b
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St. Clairsville
This unit describes the use of course books and materials. It explains the advantages and disadvantages of using course books and how authentic and created materials can be used during lessons. It is
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St. Marys
This unit explains conditionals and reported speech and points out common speaking errors when reporting speech. It is useful in that it outlines the rules for sentences that have certain conditionals
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In Unit Six: Past Tenses, I learned much about proper etiquette when explaining such sentence structures. I have been refreshed on how past simple, to past perfect are are suppose to be structured and
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This unit ways of evaluating students level, they students progress and some useful external exams for students. I learnt the various ways to evaluate the language level of the students such as; Tutor
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