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I really liked this unit because it helped me think about my own use of technology in the classroom. I must say that I have made an excuse not to use the projector in the classroom and this is somethi
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Old Orchard Beach
This unit was useful because I learned the differences between external tests. Many of the children nowadays are interested to study abroad, I think it's an important role of the English language teac
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Old Town
Unit 19 surveys the different levels and types of language courses one might teach, addressing concerns, advantages, and strategies specific to each.The classification of 'beginner' may be applied to
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Particularly in light of technological advances there is a great range of equipment that can, when used appropriately, provide very effective written, audio and visual teaching aids that help in a va
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The second to last unit offers methods and solutions for teaching specialized ELL classrooms, namely business learners and young learners. The first section begins with how to effectively teach young
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The four forms of Past tenses are used to communicate different past temporal relationships and states. Although instinctive to a native speaker these differences can be completely new concepts to stu
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This unit covered modal auxiliary verbs and their uses in present, past and future.Modals can be used to express obligation, possibility, permission, ability, and advice, as well as differing degrees
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This unit takes a look on teaching english vocabulary, grammatical structures and language functions as different aspects of new language. According to the subject of the lesson there are descriptions
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The unit looks at the past tense of English language and its 4 aspects: simple, continuous, perfect and perfect continuous. For each aspect there is an explanation of grammatical structure in affirmat
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I really enjoyed the refreshers when talking about the use of a native language in the class. I think it is important to remember that students don't always know all the words that they want to say bu
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Owls Head
Unit 7 introduces covers vocabulary, grammar, and functions. The unit also includes ESA, Boomerang, and Patch Work lesson ideas to accompany the three subjects. The unit stresses the fact that student
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In this lesson I learned about modal auxiliary verbs, passive voice, relative clauses and phrasal verbs. I learned that modal auxiliary verbs are used before other verbs to add meaning to the main ver
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Oxford County
This unit helps me develop a better understanding lesson planning with just a topic. Some needs and analysis on planning a business English class lessons. understanding the needs of the students and p
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This unit talks about some of the common problems teachers face and possible Ways of solving them. Some of the problems are; Varying levels of student, Large classes use work sheet,pair/group work et
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Teachers of English as a foreign language can meet with different problem situations in the classroom. It is different to work with a new group of students and with already existing group. First lesso
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The units deals with the model auxiliary verbs,passive and active voice,phrasal verbs and relative clauses. I have learnt the different ideas model can express such as; Obligations Possibility/probabi
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Unit 19 explains about different groups and classes and gives outlines on how to approach the students with a different background in English. When teaching beginners, unit suggests that teachers shou
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Unit 8 covers the future tenses. The different forms structures and usages are explained. A lot of example sentences are given for every form to clarify the differences. Typical mistakes made by stude
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This lesson brought the need for listening and reading to the process of learning. These receptive skills need to be at the level of the students, so materials that are authentic could be too much for
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In this unit modal auxiliary verbs and the passive voice in detail, as well as a brief overview of phrasal verbs and relative clauses are examined. They are parts of grammatical system that are taught
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The conditional clauses have always be confusing for the students all the time, even though I have tried different ways to present. And the illustration is thorough but still it’s quite difficult to
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Growing up I understood the three main tenses. I never realized there were technically twelve. Even that concept is a little overwhelming to me and allows me to realize the type of intimidation studen
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Penobscot County
Different groups- different activities. Of course, there are many similiar activities in all the groups, but the methodology and techniques can vary in the groups according to the age,the aims and the
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This unit teaches us about the concept of teaching classes and the different situations that may occur along the way, from small to large classes. The different learning abilities and speed of which t
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In this unit I have reviewed some very basic aspects of English, such as parts of speech, their classifications, peculiarities of their usage and exceptions. Also, I have refrahed my knowledge about E
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As indicated by the title, this section discusses the system of past tenses, mirroring the unit on present tenses, delving into the past simple, past continuous, past perfect, and past perfect continu
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In the first lesson it's very important to create rapport. Ask your students to present themselves and make them talk about their interests; this can be very useful later to keep them interested in yo
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Again, this was a simple unit. The need for students to take different types of tests depends on the exact stage the students are at. Students starting an ESL course would need to take a placement tes
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Piscataquis County
From this topic I learnt a lot about different way of managing the class. I can imagine potential problems and what to do and except in future. Acually I have experience, because I work as a teacher a
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This was a very difficult unit to study as there was not enough explanation or example sentences. Modals are easy to understand but passive and active voice was more difficult and phrasal verbs were
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This was a good unit. While I have come across and used the tenses presented in this unit before, I had never realized there were so many of them. This unit really helped me to systematize my knowledg
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Appropriate evaluation of student's achievements and progress allows teachers to gauge what information has been effectively retained and understood and what still needs works, both for the class over
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I feel that I know a bit more about the tools we have as a teacher to help aid our teaching and the learning for the students. The worksheet added a depth to the subject adding to my views of what too
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Portage Lake
This unit covers strategies for coping with problems and difficulties that arise in teaching different groups of English learners. The problems, ranging from how to establish rapport with new student
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I have had some prior experience studying grammar before, so this unit proved to be a chance to review concepts I have studied before. Some areas presented were new, such as the difference between tra
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The unit briefly covers the classroom setting and expectations, correctly emphasizing the success and experience of the student as the main priority. It discusses attributes that both benefit the teac
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In this unit we look at specialized groups that may require slightly different skills. Teaching beginners, individual students, multilingual class, monolingual class, children and business persons who
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Presque Isle
This unit was very useful because it helped me to understand how to deliver a successful class on reading and listening skills. Also the activities in the example lesson are very interesting, will use
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This unit was very useful as for the present and the past units. It is divided the same way the others are i.e. structure followed by usages then common mistakes and ending with suggested activities.
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This unit is a continuation of the language skills but here we look at the reading and writing skills.The difference between accuracy and fluency as well as the various methods used to encourage inter
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A very interesting module. As is always I toughly enjoy all the teaching tips that the module gives the learner. All of these will be used when I start teaching in the classroom. This module was well
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This unit overviewed all the materials and equipment that may be needed for effective classroom teaching. While some of the equipment seems a bit outdated, such as cassette players, this unit helped m
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A good teacher must like his job, he must be patient and his knowledge must be very good. A good teacher should not just teach, he must know how to manage his classroom, how organize work and how to a
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In this lesson, I've learned skills of teaching different groups of people. First, teaching beginners, we need to be patient, be as visual as possible, offer clear and simple instructions and do not o
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This grammar unit focuses on modal verbs, phrase verbs, and the passive voice. The unit explains that modal auxiliary verbs are used to add meaning to other verbs. The unit covers the many modal verbs
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Unit 2 is called parts of speech, it is an introduction to grammer. Parts of speech means each word in a sentence can be further classified, according to its purpose and the meaning it adds. The unit
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This unit explores the variety of resources that a teacher can use in the classroom, it contains a list of materials and technologies that are available, these resources are; white/black board, intera
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In this unit, I have learned the following: First, a teacher to be good must be fair, passionate, knowledgeable, and a source of motivation. Second, a teacher has many roles in class and should altern
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This unit is very useful for every teacher because sometimes it’s really difficult to find a way to deal with problems inside classroom. I have learned how to deal with people in monolingual classro
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As a new teacher, I am most anxious as to how to approach the classes I'm presented to teach - how will they interact with me/each other? How can I establish a rapport with them to make them feel at
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