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Roque Bluffs
Even though this was the last unit, I really enjoyed it because the troubleshooting used really life problems that I as a NET could relate to. In the classes I have experienced some of the problems th
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I was really happy to read this unit because I think it is important to remember that when you are teaching English Language Learners that you should remember that it is really helpful when the common
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Teacher’s book must be comprehensive enough to be a help to the teacher. This book should provide all the recorded material, summaries of the aims and new teaching points of each lesson, a summary o
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This unit covered various special groups that teachers will probably encounter, including young and adult beginners, private lessons, and Business English students. The unit discussed various exercise
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This unit dovetailed nicely and continues to build foundation for further learning. The video was helpful in development of a time line of relative learning styles and I can relate to this evolution o
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Sagadahoc County
This unit proved to be very helpful to me in terms of using different teaching styles and what appropriate teaching methods should i use in teaching different level styles of ESL students. The Engage-
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Saint Agatha
This course has given me guidelines of becoming a good EFL teacher. Generally, I now have a review of tenses, verbs, active and passive voice, direct and indirect speech, techniques of teaching young
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Saint Albans
The final unit of the course addresses some of the most common problem encountered by teachers in the classroom. First lessons are naturally intimidating to some novice instructors, and should be used
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Saint Francis
In this unit, i have been able to know what makes a good teacher and role he plays to achieve the success of his students and to know which role and when to apply depending on the learners stage of un
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Saint George
Most one-to-one lessons I have had in the last 10 or 15 years were designed to develop conversational skills and abilities. Students tend to think that all they have to do at the lesson is get exposur
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I liked learning about the difference between accuracy and fluency activities. The information seems vital beyond just speaking and writing and the principles can be applied to other parts of teaching
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This unit helped me to understand how to manage my classes. It covered how to arrange students seating arrangements such as orderly rows,circles, horseshoes, seprate tables and more importantly where
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Modals (also called modal verbs, modal auxiliary verbs, modal auxiliaries) are special verbs which behave irregularly in English. They are different from normal verbs like "work, play, visit..." They
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This unit is about modals, phrasal verbs and passive voice. It explains the basic rules for using modal verbs and gives examples of the usage of different modal verbs. It also explains the usage of pa
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It is concluded from this unit that teachers need to use various techniques to teach different types of classes.It is highly important to recognize the learners' needs and interests,whether they are b
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Unit 5 is about how to best manage your classroom. Managing a classroom involves how to arrange the chairs in the class, how to group the students for different activities and how to act as a teacher.
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This unit has covered a number of topics relating to the teaching of productive skills such as speaking and writing. As the unit materials have stated, I do feel that writing is an often-neglected par
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Unit 7 is about how to introduce and teach the three maybe most important parts of the English language; vocabulary, grammar and functions. Suitable activities for every stage using the ESA method are
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Although pronunciation varies depending on situation and mood, the argument that this reality negates a system of standardization is untrue. This Unit dissects English pronunciation and into a general
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This unit describes about the usage of various modal Auxiliary words and their specific use in terms of suggestion, certainity, obligation, ability etc.The use of these verbs for sentences in Passive
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Unit 19 is about different types of classes and the differences in teaching them. English learners can be divided in groups depending on their age, English level or the purpose of them studying Englis
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From this unit,it is concluded that the formation of past tenses is almost similar to the present tenses,the only difference is that this tense relates to past events.After having basic information ab
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I have learned how to prepare lessons for vocabulary, grammar and language functions using various forms of ESA lessons, such as straight arrow, boomerang and patchwork. In particular, writing my own
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This unit covered the final look at English grammar for this course. I will be doing further reading and study to broaden my knowledge and understanding of basic and more advanced grammar. Modal auxil
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This lesson has introduced some of the most common problem situations that teachers can encounter in the classroom and also suggested ways of dealing with them. During a first lesson, it's better for
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Unit 10 includes two recorded videos. Both videos have the same teacher and students but in the first one the teacher is making common teaching mistakes. For example, he’s late and he skips the enga
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Somerset County
Attending this TEFL course has been a very instructive learning experience, allowing me to develop new skills related to teaching/learning approach and methods, class management, lesson planning and s
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In this unit is covered the subject of pronunciation. The unit looks at how to use intonation and stress to emphasis our speech, covers some rules of using stress as well as techniques and activities
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The first part of this section, which about the modals, is very detailed and practical. I can list them out for my students’ review. But a small part related to the clauses should be added into more
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South Berwick
I have never seen a lesson plan before, so it gave me a good example of how to write one, and what should I write on it. As it seemed for me after reading the unit, the lesson plan is a very important
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South Bristol
In this unit, I have learnt that there are 5 groups of students in TEFL. (1)Teaching beginners; Beginner students are further divided into different categories, depending on whether some have a littl
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South Portland
In unit 14, I learned that there are authentic materials and created material, and teachers can create their own materials to supplement the course book. This is a great idea, so that teachers are fre
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South Thomaston
I've learnt the various types of conditionals and it's formation, how they are use, when to use the. Also I've also been able to understand the difference between first conditional, second and third w
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Passive voice there are two types of voices, active and passive Modals verbs teaching us the abillities to express verb and their abillities to express obligations and possibilities. Modal verb examp
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Southwest Harbor
In unit 7 I've learnt the various criteria for selecting vocabulary. What the students need to know about a vocabulary, techniques for teaching vocabulary, teaching language functions using the boomer
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This lesson has covered modals, phrasal verbs and passive voice.Model verbs are manly used for obligation, possibility, permission or prohibition,, ability and advice.They are may, might,need to, must
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I've learned many things. Mostly the helping verbs that modify the verbs to make them present adding (to be) + verb (ing) to make continuous, adding (have) + verb (ed) to make present perfect (somethi
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This section cover several topics at at once, modals, passive voice, and phrasal verbs. The unit begins by covering what modals are and how they can work within a sentence. The section continues by th
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Although I've studied in Australia for many years, through this unit my knowledge of Grammar became stronger. It was very easy to understand the topic as I had basic knowledge of Grammar and unit gave
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Modal auxilary verbs can be extremely confusing for non native English speakers. Each model auxilary verb has a number of different usages and rules that apply. They are used to express a number of di
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This was a useful unit for me, as I am always happy to review the difference between the past perfect and the past perfect continuous tenses. While I feel I can use either tense quite comfortably, I h
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Unit fourteen covered course books and lesson materials. The unit highlighted some of the issues surrounding course books and the advantages and disadvantages of use. I now know the difference between
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Stockton Springs
From this topic I learned a lot of things about different stuent's group. It's really useful for future, especially If I work in the different environment and have student's in the different age. Beac
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As someone teaching a new language, it is important that the students be exposed to it as much as possible, able to understand the meaning, how it works, how to construct it themselves, and speak. Thi
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There are many different ways in which a trainer can make the learning experience more interesting and memorable for learners. One technique is to use teaching aids. These are things used in the class
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In this unit, I have read materials about four present tenses and the froms, usage, errors students would make and some teaching ideas I may use in the class of these four tenses. Most of them are som
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The types of resources and teaching aids we use nowadays as teachers seems to be changing quite quickly and seems to be specific to the current circumstances of a particular region and language school
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The use of equipment and teaching aids in the classroom benefit with the students learning abilities, As long as you use them correctly and offer mixed media for learning. The correct use of these equ
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Unit 9 is about lesson planning. The main part of which is the Straight Arrow and ESA approach. So, as we already know the Engage Phase must engage pupils, the teacher should prepare the lesson in su
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There are two demonstaration classes in this unit, the lesson point of both of them is modal auxiliary verbs can and have. First lesson is an example of incorrect class in different ways such as: rude
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