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Modal aux verbs are ways of describing or adding meaning to other verbs, with different modal aux verbs denoting different degrees of certainty, importance, politeness or formality. Passive voice is u
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Teaching style has a profound effect on the effectiveness of the teacher and therefore on the success of the lesson overall. Teachers need to follow the ESA approach, beginning all lessons with an Eng
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This unit focuses on the teaching equipment that are widely used in the classroom to make lessons more interesting, effective and less independent on the text book. Some of the resources that are foun
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The unit takes a close look at teaching productive skills: speaking and writing, which are based on fluency and accuracy. The differences and appropriate activities for teaching accuracy and fluency a
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Mechanic Falls
Unit 20, TroubleShooting talks about common problem situations and how they can be handled. it starts with First lessons where the teacher can be faced with either New groups or Existing group. it is
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In my opinion, all the materials and resources that exist to use the moment to make the class a little more interactive in the teaching of a language is important to know and in which moment of the cl
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This unit reveals the usage of modal auxiliary verbs, phrasal verbs and passive voice along with their formation rules. Where modals are used to express a number of different ideas, such as obligation
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This unit is an introduction to english grammar. It classifies different parts of speech and their role in a sentence. Every part of speech is described according to its type, usage, function in a sen
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This unit reveals the most common problems that teachers have to face in the classroom and some relevant solutions.First of all teachers have to establish a good rapport ,during their first lessons,am
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This lesson highlighted the importance of having a plan for teaching, so that you can have a record for assessment, students and teachers can stay on task, and so another teacher could fill in for you
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In this unit, we’ve covered some important methods and techniques in teaching (Grammar-translation- audio-lingualism- presentation, practice, performance- task-based learning-communicative language
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In this unit troubleshooting is covered. Firstly "first lessons" is discussed, the categories of classes, namely; new group and existing group, how to establish rapport and activities that can help in
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This was an interesting and complex unit for me, as I have never previously studied the full formal overview of all the conditional tenses, though they come to me relatively naturally. It was interest
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This lesson discussed the various types of classes, students, and needs that an ESL teacher may encounter in a class that the teacher has been assigned to teach. It detailed the differences between ad
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Unit 11 is teaching receptive skills. The receptive skills are reading and listening. There are different reasons why people read and/or listen; for a purpose such as reading instuctions of a new game
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It was interesting to check modals and the use of passive voice. However, phrasal verbs are, along with the prepositions, one of the most difficult grammar points to teach students. it is mainly becau
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This unit, I have reviewed What I have learned long time ago- different parts of speech. But still , I have learned something new, like when there over two syllables in an adjective, we need to add mo
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In Unit 17, we looked at a variety of equipment and teaching aid that a teacher can use in the classroom. Different materials and technologies available were listed. The correct uses of these material
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The unit gave an introduction to many characteristics of a good teacher, explaining the different roles and interactions needed for the students to have a successful and motivated learning experience.
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This unit deals with a lot of facts that actually refer to common knowledge of the teacher because the teacher should be always prepared to handle difficult situations. I found the unit easy to unders
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Despite the fact that this unit is very short, it did include much important information. It is divided into three main points i.e. teaching vocabulary, Introducing grammatical structure, and teaching
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Moose River
This lesson was really useful, because it prepared me how to look at exercise books, and how to evaluate them. It also showed me the importance of authentic materials, because most of the time during
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Unit 20 presents the common problems that the teachers likely to face in the classroom. The unit starts off with the things a teacher should do in the first class of the course such as establishing ra
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Unit 11 is about how to teach reading and listening. It goes through different ways of reading and listening, like skimming and scanning. It also talks about why we read. Mostly the unit explains of t
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Mount Chase
I can not even decide what is considered as a difficulty, teaching groups or an individual student. Both can be challenging. If we talk about multilingual groups, here we have a bunch of cons and pron
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Mount Desert
The unit 19 presents how to teach different types of groups. The groups were divided in: 1) Beginners: real beginners, false beginners, adult beginner, young beginner, beginner who doesn't know roman
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Mount Vernon
I learnt that a good teacher needs to have good personality, good relationship with student. Teacher needs to play different roles with different situation,so that teacher could engage the student to
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There are certain situations and problems that are commonly encountered by EFL teachers and so it is helpful for teachers to preempt such issues by adequately preparing lessons and having relevant t
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New Canada
Unit 20 expresses the trouble shooting methods. When considering classes it can be a new class or an existing class.Students of an existing class know each other and fell comfortable while the new cla
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New Gloucester
Unit 1 consists of the basics e.g. the roles a teacher must fill, what qualities a good teacher and good student should have, age difference of learners, and levels of ability. From this unit I learne
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New Limerick
Unit five covers classroom management. Classroom management is, as stated in the opening paragraphs of unit five, the skill of organizing and managing the class, having a friendly, relaxed manner and
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New Portland
This unit was really useful because I could understand and learn the different roles of a teacher. Many English teachers of mine lacked the ability to make the teaching content relevant and interestin
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New Sharon
The last unit presents the common issues and gives some solutions or tips to follow to work on troubleshooting. I have learned I should not use the course book in the first lesson. Instead, the tips a
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New Sweden
In the final lesson, I learned about the many issues which can arise in a classroom. It's important for the instructor to establish rapport with students, as well as finding the students' English prof
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New Vineyard
This chapter is essential to further understand the different types of verb tenses especially the different forms of present tenses. It primarily helps the teachers explain more further in detail the
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Nowadays, teachers have a lot of resources for giving classes and make them more interesting and effective, for instance: - Whiteboard: use clear handwriting, adapt it to the size of the board and mak
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In addition to what we have learnt in the previous sections, we have gone through the teaching techniques for adult students. This unit looks at more specialized groups, such as beginners, individual
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This was an interesting unit, as it highlighted the need to consider the frequency of vocabulary items taught, as less frequently used words may be of less value to students. The Collins Cobuild dicti
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Basically class management is my biggest problem inside of the class. Through this unit, I have learned various methods to make the students behave, like classroom arrangement and grouping students. A
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Unit 19, Teaching Special Groups, explores how best a teacher can handle different groups of students or individuals that are not in conventional class. The teacher has to be dynamic and sensitive whe
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Unit 18 is another grammar lesson that covers modal and phrasal verbs, active and passive voice, and different clauses. I have a good understanding of most of what was covered in the lesson, though I
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In the unit 20, we look at some of the most common problem situation that theaters can face in the classroom. Many ways to deal with those problems are suggested. If there are students who are in the
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North Berwick
While in class, teachers do encounter a number of problems. For a first lesson, the teacher should not use the course book but rather, engage students in various activities so as to establish rapport,
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North Haven
For the first class, establishing the right atmosphere and good rapport with / among students is more important than learning new language content. I reckon class survey in one of the best options to
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North Yarmouth
In this unit, I know the difference between uses of placement tests, progress test, diagnostic test, practice test. It's good to know the purpose of these test, so that teachers could find the right f
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When people start learning a new language, they have some motivation for that. But sometimes, especially when it comes to children, one of the teacher’s roles is to motivate them to study. But this
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This chapter covers common difficulties that will arise for the TEFL teacher. These difficulties include reluctant students, difficulties with listening skills, large classes, students attempting to u
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This unit takes a look at the variety of materials that teachers can use in the classroom, the differences between authentic and created materials and provides with some examples of created materials
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So far we have examined past and present tense system and finally in Unit 8, the future tense system is explored. The seven most common usages in the present tense system are focused on and include th
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This was an intense unit due to the amount of content covered. For me, the most interesting thing was to have access to a phonetic chart with examples of words. While I have seen phonetic IPA spelling
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