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There are different types of beginners learners : the absolute beginner, the false beginner, the adult beginner, the young beginner, and the beginner without the Roman alphabet. It is importnat to not
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Cranberry Isles
I have only been familiar with teaching young learners, so this unit has given me a fantastic insight into the needs of other learner groups. I am particularly interested in teaching multilingual clas
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This unit is about Past tenses. There are four past tenses in English. Use them to talk about things that started and ended in the past or things that started in the past and continue to the present.
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This is one of the most useful units in the course. It is almost all about new knowledge for me and i am glad to have reached this far in my training. This is one of the materials i will always keep w
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This entire course has given me a wider perspective on what to expect when I teach non native speakers of English. This unit in particular has shown me possible ways of dealing with different classroo
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Cumberland County
There are different groups of students that require different skills. There are beginners,individuals , young learners, business english students and monolingual and multilingual groups. Teacher must
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The second unit of the course goes through the different parts of speech. It introduces every category of words at a beginner’s level and explain their functions in a grammatical context. Most peopl
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Chapter one explains the characteristics of a good teacher and student, their role and how to carry out their responsibilities respectively.It further explain how a teacher should cary out his/her res
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In unit six things are easier. It is mainly focused on the past tense which is easy. This unit looks a lot like the present simple unit. It starts with the past simple, how it is formed when it should
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In this unit I was aware of the different modals we use to make sentences but rarely think about the reason we use certain ones. I of course knew obvious reasons like requests use May, Can, Could Woul
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Teaching the English language to non-native speakers can be a crucial thing. As a teacher, I must put emphasis on grammar and vocabulary, for these aspects play an important role in student's learning
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This unit reveals the formation and use of conditional sentences and reported speech.Where,conditionals contain 'if' and 'when' expressions,reported speech is used to show any direct speech into the
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It is easy to understand the usages of modal verbs and their meanings. I really appreciate it. passive voice is little easy so I can understand. However, the problem is phrasal verb. I learned it last
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Deer Isle
This unit gives information about two productive skills which are speaking and writing. First part of the unit explain differences between accuracy activities and fluency activities. We can also learn
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I am utterly confused by Reported Speech. Or at minimum I do not have any confidence in the verbal choices I naturally speak in this manner. The rules and order make sense... but it seems I convert o
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In this unit it is stated "In many ways, writing is the most neglected skill in the TEFL world". This made me realize that, yes it may be a challenge to teach and that it may take up a large amount of
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Unit 17 goes through the most common teaching aids and equipment you will encounter as an ESL teacher. It talks about what to consider before you have class using an IWB, cassette recorder, video came
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Classroom management comprises both the physical management of the space and facilities available, and the control and management of the actions and interactions of the students with each other, and w
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Reading and Listening are vitally important skills that all language students need to develop but the type of material used should be appropriate to the level of the class. Exposure to written and spo
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This unit I can say is the continuation of the methodology. Here I learnt how it is easy and useful to explain the new words and grammar rules again making use of the ESA approach. While teaching voca
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This unit covers all types and ages of learners of English. Children absorb easily, but get bored quickly therefore need to be constantly stimulated. In order to keep control in the classroom the att
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This unit covered the tense system of the English language. While studying for this unit I was reminded of past, present and future tenses and the twelve tenses that are possible through different asp
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When teaching special groups teachers need to adapt their are many tools ad techniques that can be used in order to make a successful lesson. Just understand in the initial first lessons or for beginn
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Dyer Brook
Unit four maintains that it is practical that there are three different times in English (tense means time); the past, the present, and the future. Each of these times has four aspects; simple, contin
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Eagle Lake
In this lesson, I learnt that there are 7 different type of ways to express the future, it is very complex with the usage of expressing exact meaning. Here in unit 8, tenses have very specific usages
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East Machias
This unit discusses the different types of groups and students that you may encounter besides adult learners. These groups include beginners (of various ages), children, one-on-one lessons, and adults
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East Millinocket
The last unit easy I think. But again with great information. How to handle the first lesson especially the advice of not using of the course book. The different levels gave the suggestion to combinat
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This unit briefly summarized potential areas of difficulty in the classroom (especially when coming to a first class) and ways to use those to the advantage of the teacher as well as come in as prepar
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There is a lot of good stuff in this unit, especially as it launches the first time student into the classroom with a set of weapons for conducting a first lesson and beyond. Getting the class to have
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In my opinion, it is important to be trained to be able to teach not only groups of students but in a personalized way to a single student, or in turn to a group of professionals who wish to learn bus
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This unit informed me about the form, usage and the typical mistakes students make about all future tenses. Two present tenses can be future tenses as well (present simple and present continuous). I h
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This unit talks about various teaching aid or equipment than can be used in the classroom to make lessons more interesting and effective and not to depend entirely on textbooks. From this unit I have
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This unit provided great practice for making lesson plans. This unit had very little information and was more focused on myself (a learner) brainstorming how to plan lessons around 1) the present perf
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This is a unit on teachers and learners. The unit identifies the characteristics of a good teacher and learner in addition to their roles and responsibilities in the classroom. This unit also identifi
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Through this unit, I have learned different skills of teaching speaking and writing, especially the writing part. In different parts of EFL, the importance of accuracy and fluency are totally differen
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I have learned how to identify parts of the speech and the rules that apply to use them. I learned about Noun usage, types, and its plural forms. Nouns can be countable and uncountable. Adjectives
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In unit 16 we are back to grammar. This time it’s about conditionals and reported speech. It shows us how to you use the different conditionals (zero, first, second and etc.) and ideas of how to tea
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The unit enriches teaches with the basic usages of modal verbs. It also explore the application of active and passive voice. Passive voice in particular is used either; when the speaker is not certain
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This unit provide two videos of a real life English teaching lesson in a classroom with the aim of differentiating between an effective and ineffective teacher looking their teaching manner, style, be
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Because there are twelve distinct tenses in the English language, it can be very confusing and challenging to master the proper conjugations and usage for foreign students. Teachers must also be very
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Unit 13 is course books and lesson materials. The unit aids teachers by dividing materials into 2 different groups. The first group is authentic materials such as newspapers, songs, menus and brochure
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I thoroughly enjoyed unit 19; Teaching Special Groups. It gave me a good insight into what the teaching environment is like depending what group you are teaching. For me personally, I am interested in
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This unit taught modals, phrasal verbs, and the passive voice. As a native speaker, I already know about and use these things when speaking and writing, but I did not know their formal names and categ
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Unit 10 uses two different videos in conjunction with one another (a shorter video followed by a longer video), to exhibit effective versus ineffective classroom practices. In the first video, the tea
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This unit covered lesson planning. This is one aspect of teaching I did not have much experience or knowledge of. I found this unit helpful because it made me aware of what is expected for lesson plan
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Fort Fairfield
While teaching a teacher might face many different problems which he should be ready to deal with. It goes without saying teaching in a new group of students could be really challenging for any teache
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Fort Kent
unit 19 expresses about teaching special groups. Learners can be divided into levels as, beginners, young learners ,individual learners, business English learners and multilingual and monolingual lear
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This unit has helped me reflect and systematize my understanding of the different roles a teacher can have in a class. It helped me see more clearly how these roles are necessary for successfully guid
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I am so happy to see the IPA utilized and taught (though extremely briefly) in this course. I first encountered and studied it in undergrad as a theater student. It helped my analyze Shakespearian tex
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Franklin County
unit 19 teaching special groups starts with teaching beginners who can be absolute, false, adult, young or beginner without roman alphabet.tips for teaching beginners methodologies and techniques, pos
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