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Teaching New Language Teaching new language could be fun and enjoyable. It won't matter if your class of beginners is composed of adults or kids, because there will be a world of new material that you will share with them. Starting from a point where they move their mouth to say “hello, hi ” to you. Beginners are like sponges that sucks a volume of liquid. It would be fun to teach them a new language. There are some factors that you are going to clarify or consider in Teaching Vocabulary to the students. It includes the following: Similarity to the students language – it may create an influence in learning the new language. Similarity to English words already known by the students. Spelling and Pronunciation Appropriacy In selecting a vocabulary, teachers must use some criteria in order to make it good for the students. The criteria includes the following: Appropriacy to the students – If the vocabulary is really appropriate to the learners Appropriacy to the task – to ensure that it is appropriate to the task Frequency and coverage – that is how often the students will use the language Teachability – especially for beginners because they need to be taught slowly and clearly In choosing the vocabulary, the teacher should bare in mind about the purpose of choosing a vocabulary lesson because the students need to know: a. Meaning of the vocabulary, b. Use – when and how to use the vocabulary, c. Word Grammar – where it belongs, d. Interaction – how it interacts and affects other words, and lastly we have the Spelling – how the word or a certain vocabulary is written. There are so many ways and techniques on how to present a lesson that can handle and enhance the learning of the students especially if it is about learning a new language. One of the best way to do it is by using an ESA method. The following are some choices on how to make an ESA Lesson Plan. For an Engage Phase : Discussion, Scenario Building, Prompting, Question and Answer and also by using pictures, drawings and real objects For a Study Phase: Information and Pronunciation patterns, Gap - Fill, Information gaps and Sentence write order activities. For an Active Phase: Communication Games, Role-Play,Story Building and Debate or Discussion Therefore, the teacher must use the criteria in teaching a specific topic to the students. There are many factors that the teacher must bare in mind and follow in making a lesson. In return it would make the students more engaging because it is lively and the lesson is smoothly running. Aside form that if the teacher is using a proper way of making a lesson plan like using ESA it would be very nice because there will be a proper transfer of knowledge to the students.