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M.M. - U.S.A. said:
online tefl course vs Onsiteonline tefl courses and Onsite TEFL courses both have many benefits and are working to achieve the same goal in different ways. They are both geared to making someone the most effective and qualified teachers of english. Taking the Online TEFL course may be beneficial to someone who is working full time. Taking the online TEFL course you are able to work at your own pace and study when you have the free time. Taking the online course will also be beneficial for someone who is looking to save some money, because they won’t have the extra cost of traveling. Taking the Online course you are given a tutor to help you when needed, so it is almost like you are in a classroom setting. Taking the Online TEFL course you will still be learning the basic theoretical and practical knowledge as the onsite course. The Onsite TEFL course may be beneficial for people who are more ‘hands on’ learners. In an onsite TEFL course it is based on immersion with qualified teachers. You also have the benefit of peer to peer learning. The onsite course is designed to be a full time course for a certain number of weeks. It is a good learning experience for those that have the time to be a full time student including the time for traveling to and from the location. When deciding to take the onsite course, one needs to take into consideration the cost of the onsite course versus the online course. The onsite course tends to be more expensive due to the traveling and in class experiences you will receive. The onsite course has many tangible benefits. Onsite TEFL courses give you the opportunity to teach actual learners of english as part of the course. This could be one of the best benefits of the onsite course as it will help you gain more experiences and knowledge of teaching. Being immersed into a learning environment will provide many people with knowledge that they will not be able to receive in the online course. While the course content may be similar in both the online and onsite courses; the onsite will be more ‘hands on’ based while the online course would be more theory based. Both courses are reputable and will provide great learning experiences for teachers of english. If you have the extra time and money, taking the onsite course would be highly beneficial. You will be given the opportunity to work with your classmates as well as being able to teach learners of english while being observed. You should take into consideration the cost verse benefit of both courses to see which one benefits you the most. Taking the online course is beneficial for those that are working full time and don’t have the time to take the class full time, since you are able to work at your own pace. Deciding which course is best may take some research based on flexibility, cost and benefits that work for you. Because both the online course and onsite course have material that is similar and have the same goal, which is to make teachers more effective and qualified, they are both beneficial.